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Card Factory-Executive Mansion-Request of President.

ters as the Government may furnish upon contract and compensa-
tion; and further to restrict the military to the management and
control of the troops, and the enforcement (if necessary) of the
laws of the United States, as expounded by civil tribunals, ap-
pointed and established in conformity to law; and to this end, we
earnestly invoke the restoration of the privilege of the writ of
"Habeas Corpus."

Approved 22nd January, 1866.

(No. 14.)

Resolved, That a committee, consisting of three from the House Committee of Representatives and two from the Senate, be appointed to take condideed to inso consideration that portion of the Governor's Message which est in Card relates to the State's interest in the Card Factory.

Approved 23rd January, 1866.

(No. 15.)

State's inter


condition of

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, That a Com- Committee to mittee of two from the Senate, and three from the House, be ap- enquire into pointed to inquire into the present condition of the Executive Man- Executive sion, and promptly to have such repairs, and such additions made to the furniture thereof, as will best contribute to the comfort and convenience of its inmates.

Approved 23rd January, 1866.

(No. 16.)

WHEREAS, Certain citizens of this State, owners of real estate on Wilmington, Whitmarsh, Skidaway, Sapelo, and all other islands, were driven by the fortunes of war from their homes in 1861, and their property seized by the military, and appropriated to the use of freedmen by an order from General Sherman, and though peace reigns supreme throughout the State, and all of said citizens have renewed their allegiance to the government of the United States, yet deprived of the possession and enjoyment of their property, they are forced to remain exiles from their homes;

Mansion, &


Governor to

ration of pro

tain citizens

Be it therefore resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, that His Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby request restoearnestly requested to communicate with His Excellency, the Presi-perty to cer dent, and inform him of the distressed condition of these our suffering citizens, and request a restoration of their property on said Islands, as well as all other property of other citizens of this State, which still is in the possession, or under the control of the Freedman's Bureau.

Approved 25th January, 1866.

Judges of Su

Election of Judges of Supreme Court-U. S. Senators-Banks to make returns, &o.

(No. 17.)

Resolved, That the General Assembly will convene in the Hall of Election of the House of Representatives on Friday next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., preme Court and proceed to elect two Judges of the Supreme Court of this State: the first for a full term of six years, and the other to fill the vacancy occasioned by the election of the Honorable Charles J. Jenkins to the office of Governor, and for the unexpired portion of the term for which he was appointed.

S. Senators.

Resolved further, That the General Assembly of the State of Blection of U. Georgia will convene in the Representative Hall, on Tuesday next, the 30th instant, at 11 o'clock, A. M., and proceed to elect two United States Senators: the first to be chosen for the unexpired term of six years, commencing the 4th day of March, 1865, and the other for the unexpired term of six years commencing the 4th of March, 1861.

Adopted 25th January, 1866.

(No. 18.)

Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, that His Excellency, the Governor, be requested to call upon the several Governor to banks of this State to make a return of their condition conformable to the law now existing, and that the same be returned within' ten days, and that the Governor be further requested to transmit said reports to the General Assembly when received.

call upon

Bank's to

make returns within ten



Approved 6th February, 1866.

(No. 19.)

WHEREAS, It appears by the message of His Excellency, the Governor, that in order to obtain proper redress,it is necessary for the State of Georgia, to prosecute her claim in the Court of Claims of the United States for cotton claimed as belonging to this State and lately seized by the Federal Army:

Be it therefore Resolved, by the General Assembly, That His Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorized and requested to employ a suitable agent or agents, and attorney or attorneys, Governor to to institute in the said Court of Claims such proceeding as may be necessary, and to prosecute in behalf of this State, said claim to its final completion, whenever in his judgment it may be considered proper to do so.

employ an Agent to prosecute claims.

Approved 6th February, 1866,

Devine, Jones & Lee-State Orphan Home -Aaron Thornby and Edwin R. Hardin.

(No. 20.)

meut in Card


Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State Committee to of Georgia, that His Excellency, the Governor, be authorized and make settlerequired to appoint a Commissioner whose duty it shall be, with manufactory His Excellency's consent and approval, to make a full, fair, equita-' ble and final settlement with the firm of Messrs. Devine, Jones & Lee, of all matters relating to, or in anywise connected with the late Card Manufactory established and carried on in the Penitentiary of the State.

Approved 6th February, 1866.

(No. 21.)

awarded to

Cotton Facto


Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, that the Commissioner appointed, or to be ap- Articles pointed, by his Excellency the Governor, to make final settlement State in Card of the State's interest, in the Cotton Card Factory, be, and he is tory case to be hereby authorized, by, and with the approval of his Excellency, to sell and dispose of all such articles as may be awarded to the State, in said settlement; Provided, said articles or things cannot Provino. be profitably used by the Penitentiary; in that event, said Commissioner shall turn over said articles to the Penitentiary, or such part thereof, as may be needed by the Penitentiary.

Approved 7th February, 1866.

(No. 22.)

WHEREAS, There is great distress among the orphan poor of the State, and whereas, the late Convention has made it the duty of this Legislature to adopt measures for the relief of them; it being Preamble. not more the duty than the pleasure, of this body, to comply with the benevolent wishes of the Convention :


Be it Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Assembly met, that a joint committee, consisting of four State Orphan from the Senate, and seven from the House, be appointed by the presiding officers of each body, to act as said committee to draft a proper bill, authorizing and establishing a state Orphan Home or Homes, for the reception of indigent Orphans. Approved 9th February, 1866.

(No. 23.)

Bond given

Thornby and

Harden to

Resolved, By the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, That the penalty of the bond given by Aaron Thornby and principal, and by Aaron Edwin R. Harden security, for the appearance of said Aaron Edwin R. Thornby, at the October term of the Superior Court, of the coun-mean Confed ty of Whitfield, in the year 1863, and upon which, judgment was currency. rendered, at the Spring term of said Court, in the year 1864, be

erate States

Disabled Soldiers-Commissioners on Finance.

held and taken to mean Confederate States currency, and the parties are hereby permitted and authorized, to settle the same, by the value of said penalty, in specie, or its equivalent, in United States currency; and the presiding Judge of said Court is hereby five demands. required to make such order as justice and equity demand, in the premises.

Judge to make such

order as Jus

Approved 9th February, 1866.

(No. 24.)

WHEREAS, The fortunes of war have disabled many of our citizens, rendering them wholly unable, by the loss of a leg or legs, or Preamble. arm or arms, to gain an honorable support, and whereas, it is the duty of the State to care for and protect her disabled soldiery; therefore be it,

Resolved, That, with a view to provide every assistance to those thus unfortunately deprived of their limbs, by furnishing artificial ones, to the needy and dependent, the Comptroller General of the State of Georgia, be, and he is hereby required, in his general cirTax Receir cular to the Tax-Receivers of the State, to require them to return turn a list of a list of every man in their counties, who has lost a leg or legs, or arm or arms, by the casualties of war, and that he report the same Emb in war to this General Assembly, at its next annual session.

ers to be re

quired to re

every man in Counties



ers of Finance,

sult of inves

Approved 9th February, 1866..

(No. 25.)

WHEREAS, By a resolution of the Convention, authorizing, the Governor to appoint three Commissioners for the State, to enquire into the Finances of the State, from the first of January 1861, and report the result of such investigation to this Legislature; And whereas, under said resolution, the Honorable Thomas P. Saffold, O. A. Lochrane, and Charles S. Jordan, were appointed to make such investigation, and report; And whereas, it is important that the General Assembly should be fully informed upon the matters, said Commission are investigating, as well as the financial operation during the time aforesaid; be it therefore,

Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, that said Commissioners do communicate the result of the investigation to Commission- the Legislature; giving all information in their possession, as to to report re- the Financial operations of the State, covering the time of their intigation. vestigation, so that the Legislature may come to a conclusion as to whether or not it is allowable or necessary, to continue said commission; if no necessity exists for its further continuation, that the same may be dissolved, and thereby save an immense expense to the State.

Governor to

Resolved further, That his Excellency the Governor, be requested Communicate to communicate this to said commissioners.

resolution to



Approved 9th February, 1866.

W. & A. Railroad-U. S. Revenue tax.

(No. 26.)

WHEREAS, Under the orders of the Secretary of War, and Major General George H. Thomas, the late Provisional Governor of Georgia appointed five Directors to receive the Western and Atlantic Rail Road from the military authorities of the United States; and whereas, that duty was performed by said Directors, or a part of Preamble. of them, and other valuable services rendered to the State by them; and whereas, said Directors may be in possession of information of much value to the people of Georgia, relative to the terms upon which said road was received, and the management and condition. of that important interest; therefore,


Committee to

Board of Di

& A. Railroad for informa

Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, that a joint committee, of two from the Senate, and three from the House call upon of Representatives, be appointed, whose duty it shall be to call up-rectors of W. on said Board, for a report of their actings and doings, as Directors of said Road, and such other information as they possess, touching the management and condition of said Road, and report the same to each brauch of the General Assembly as early as practicable.

Approved 9th February, 1866.

(No. 27.)

WHEREAS, By an act of the Congress of the United States, passed August 5th, 1861, providing for the raising of Internal revenue; the direct assessment upon the State of Georgia, is five hundred and eighty-four thousand, three hundred and sixty-seven, and onethird dollars, ($584,367.33-100.): WHEREAS, The process of collecting said sum, has commenced in Georgia, and no opportunity has been afforded this State, to assume the collection and payment of the amount required of this State: WHEREAS, The Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, declines, without express legislation by Congress, to permit this assumption by the States lately hostile to the United States:



Secretary of

requested to

1st, Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, of, the State of Georgia, that the Secretary of the Treasury of the the Treasury United States is respectfully requested to suspend the collection of suspend colGeorgia's quota of the Internal revenue tax, from the people, un- Revenue tax, til the question shall be submitted to Congress.

lection of

quested to


2nd, Resolved, That the Congress of the United States is re- Congress requested to consider the just claims of the people of Georgia, who, make a direc on account of their present exhausted condition, should be relieved levy upon the from the payment of Federal tax, by a direct levy upon the people at this time, and that this State should be permitted to assume its collection and payment.

3rd, Resolved, That His Excellency Charles J. Jenkins, Governor, is requested to forward a copy of this preamble and resolutions,

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