quested to

Relative to amount loaned by the Banks to the State and Confederate States.

Governor re-to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and to His forward copy Excellency Andrew Johnson, President, with a request that the to the Presi-same be laid before Congress.

of resolutions

deut and See retary of


Prearn ble.

General to

the amount,

Approved 15th February, 1866.

(No. 28.)

WHEREAS, The Banks of the State have applied to the Legislature for relief, and whereas, it is right and proper, that the Legisla-. ture should be informed as to the amounts loaned by the different Banks, to the State; the time when, and for what purpose loaned; be it therefore:

Resolved, That the Comptroller General be requested to commuComunicate nicate to this Legislature, at his earliest convenience, all the inforod mation in his possession, of the amount loaned by each of said Banks by each Bank to the State, the time of such loan, and for what purpose such loan was made, and in what currency paid.

to State.

And be it further resolved, That the Comptroller General be further requested to give to the General Assembly, all the information in his possession, of the amount loaned by each of the Banks The amount of this State, to the Confederate States, and the time when such So Confeder loan was made, and in what currency paid.

loaned, &c,

ate States.

General re

quested to have estab

isued a cor

Approved 21st February, 1866.

(No. 29.)

Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, of the Post-Master State of Georgia, that the Post-Master General be requested to have established, by law, a mail route from Doctor town (No. 5, Atlantic and Gulf Rail Road,) in Wayne county, via Felix Eason's, Paul Carter's, Seaborn Hall's and Dent's steam mill, to Ocmulgeeville, Coffee county, and that his Excellency the Governor, cause a copy of this resolution to be forwarded to the Post-Master General. Approved 20th February, 1866.

dain mail zonte.


Committee appointed to awaino


(No. 30.)

WHEREAS, There is an accumulation of surplus books in the State Library, to so great an extent that it is a difficult matter for the Librarian to find room for the proper disposition, and arrangements of valuable works now on hand, and being weekly received, and whereas, the greater portion of said surplus books are now of no practical utility, and greatly in excess of any demand for their use, and should be disposed of; therefore be it

Resolved, That a committee of three from the House, and two from the Senate, be appointed to examine the State Library, and report as soon as practicable, as to the propriety of authorizing the distribution of said surplus books, either to the several counties of this State, or to recommend such other disposition of the same, as may be deemed most advisable.

Approved 23rd February, 1866.

Hon. A. H. Stephens-Act of Congress, of July 2nd, 1862-Cotton seizures.

(No. 31.)


address of

Resolved, That the General Assembly do hereby express their cordial endorsement of the sentiments contained in the able and pa-of sentiments triotic address of the Honorable Alexander H. Stephens, delivered Hon. A H. in the Hall of the House of Representatives, on the 22nd instant, Gaueral As and that a copy of the same be spread upon the Journal of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Approved 24th February, 1866.

(No. 32.)

WHEREAS, The Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled did pass an Act donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide Colleges for the benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. approved July 2nd, 1862, provided, That the State or Territory should signify its acceptance within two years from the date of its approval by the President, And Whereas, an Act extending the time within which, States and Territories may accept this grant of lands, was passe and approved April 14th, 1864, by which the time of acceptance was extended to April 14th, 1866:

Stepheus by




its acceptance

gress, of July

2nd, 1862.

Therefore be it resolved, by the Senate and House of Representa- State of Geortives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, That the State of Georgia does hereby signify its acceptance of the benefits and provisions of this Act. Resolved further, That His Excellency, the Governor, be author- Governor to ized to forward a copy of these resolutions to the President of the forward to United States.

Approved 28th February, 1866.

(No. 33.)

of resolutions

WHEREAS, The Special Agents of the Treasury of the United States are in the habit of seizing cottons on the pretext that such Preamble. cottons have been subscribed to the Confederate loan, And whereas, - such seizures materially embarrass the movement and sales of cotton in which the United States have no interest nor claim:


Be it therefore resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, That the Governor be requested to memorialize the Sec-Relative to retary of the Treasury to direct the agents of his Department not to seize any cotton on the ground that it was subscribed to the Confederate loan unless the same has been paid for, or delivered, and that where such seizures have been made and it shall be made appear that the same was not paid for by the Confederate States, or delivered by the subscribers to the Confederate States, or its agents, then in such cases the same shall be returned to the owners of said cottons.


Approved 2nd March, 1866.

Gov'r. to di

rian to make

of surplus


Librarian to destribute surplus books-Mail routes-Common schools.

(No. 34.)

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is hereby authorized and rerect Libra quired to direct the State Librarian to make such distribution distribution among the present members of the General Assembly, for the use of their respective counties, of such surplus and useless books in the State Library, as he may deem advisable for the best interest of said Library, and in default of any demand being made upon the Librarian as aforesaid, within a reasonable time, that His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is hereby authorized to direct such other distribution or disposition of said surplus books, by said Librarian, as he may, in his judgment, determine fit and proper.


son to clean up rooms.

And be it further Resolved, That His Excellency, the Governor, be Templer and he is hereby authorized and empowered to employ a suitable person, at a reasonable compensation, to clean up the rooms now used as depositories for the surplus books of the State Library. Approved 22nd March, 1866.

(No. 35.)

Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, P. M. Gen'. That the Post Master General of the United States is requested to recommend recommend that the following mail routes be established by the certain mail Congress of the United States, to-wit: A mail line for weekly ser

requested to


vice from Reidsville, in Tatnall county, by the way of Brewton's Mills, William Deloach's Mills, Bengal, Statesboro', Mill Ray, and thence to Halcyondale on the Central Rail Road. Also a mail line for weekly service from Reidsville, Tatnall county, by the way of Cobb Town to Swainsboro' in Emanuel county.

Resolved, further, That His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is hereby requested to transmit a copy of this resolution to the Post Master General of the United States.

Approved 5th March, 1866.

(No. 36.)


rep't com'n.

Whercas, The school system of this State is very defective, and it being of the highest importance that the advantages of educa-tion should be provided for all the citizens of this State,

Be it therefore Resolved, by the Senate and House of RepresentaCom apo tives in General Assembly met, That a committee of sixteen be ach'ol syst'an appointed by the presiding officer of each body, ten from the House and six from the Senate, to digest and report at the next session of the General Assembly a common school system for the State.

Be it further Resolved, by the authority aforesaid, That the State

p'nted sohool

Joint Committee-Sec. State allowed a Clerk-Epsy Wood--Stock gaps on W. & A. R. Librarian, in conjuction with his now prescribed duties, be and he Librarian apis hereby constituted and appointed School Commissioner for the com'n'r. State of Georgia, to whom all reports belonging or appertaining to public education shall henceforth be made. Said School Commissioner shall hereafter be elected at the same time and in the Time of elecsame manner as now provided by law for the election of State House officers.

Approve 1 7th March, 1866.

(No. 37.)


made jotnt.

Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, That the Senate committee of (5) five, and the House committee of (5) Committee five, to whom the Governor's Message has been referred, in relation to providing corn for the destitute, act as a joint committee. Approved 7th March, 1866.

(No. 38.)

Whereas, In consequence of the destruction of a number of Preamble. maps in the office of the Surveyor General; And whereas, it is necessary that the loss should be replaced at as early a day as practicable; be it therefore,

Sec'y. of State


Resolved, That the Secretary of State be allowed a Clerk in his allowed a office, for, the purpose of replacing said maps; Provided, That the Proviso. Secretary of State shall supply certain district maps now missing in the Surveyor General's office, to be supplied without further

cost to the State.

Approved 8th March, 1866.

(No. 39.)

Whereas, Epsey Wood, a convict from the county of Franklin, and now confined in the Penitentiary of this State, was sentenced Preamble. to imprisonment for eight years, and she having served five years imprisonment, and being the only female in said Penitentiary,

Epsey Wood.

Be it Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Geor- Relative to gia, That His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is hereby earn- pardon of estly requested to pardon and permit to go free the said Epsey Wood.

Approved Sth March, 1866.

(No. 40)

Whereas, There has passed both branches of the General Assembly, an Act granting to persons living near to and owning land up- Preamble. on the line of Western and Atlantic Rail Road, the privilege of

R.R to give

stock gaps.

Mail route over G. R. R.-Stock of State in A. & G. R.

building stock gaps; And whereas, such Act has been approved by His Excellency, the Governor; therefore, in order that the farmers and such other persons living near to, and owning lands upon the line of said Rail Road may receive the benefits of the above recited bill,

The General Assembly do Resolve, That His Excellency, the Governor, immediately upon the passage of this resolution, be and he Sup. W. & A. is hereby respectfully requested to instruct the Superintendent of aid to secure the Western and Atlantic Rail Road to give such aid to the farmers and other persons owning land upon said Rail Road, as will enable them to complete, in time to secure their crops for the present year, the "stock gaps" contemplated in the above recited Act. Approved 8th March, 1866.



(No. 41.)

Whereas, A large portion of Southern and South-Eastern Georgia are without mail facilities whatever, from the fact that since the close of the war no post-offices have been established or mails distributed along the line of the Atlantic and Gulf Rail Road; therefore,

Resolved, That the General Assembly of the State of Georgia do President respectfully request that the President of the United States will requested to have the mail route over said Rail Road, or as much thereof as route over may be in operation, resumed at as early a day as practicable, and over all other mail routes not yet in operation.

establish mail

Gulf R. R. and elsewhere.

Gov'r. re

Resolved, That His Excellency, the Governor, be requested to quested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to President Johnson immediof resolution. ately.

transmit copy


Approved 10th March, 1866.

(No. 42.)

Whereas, The State of Georgia is a large stockholder in the Atlantic and Gult Rail Road, and has by resolution of the General Assembly hitherto passed, had her stock represented in the elections of said Company, by certain persons therein named, most of whom are either dead or have resigned; And whereas, it is important that she should always be represented at said elections; therefore,

Be it Resolved, by the General Assembly, That the Hon. William B. Fleming, of Chatham, and J. R. Alexander, of Thomas county, Voters ap'd be and they, together with any of the persons originally appointstock of Stated, who may be now capable of acting, or either of them, are

to represent


hereby authorized and empowered to cast such vote in all elections held by said Company as the State may be entitled to, by reason of her stock so held therein; and shall hold their appoint-pointment. ments until otherwise ordered by the Legislature.

Term of


Approved 10th March, 1866.

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