M. P. Quillian-Printing claims--Wellborn's Pampblet--President Johnson.

(No. 43.) Whereas, M. P. Quillian has, at considerable expense, put in op- Preatbike eration an establishment for the manufacture of brooms; And whereas, it is of great importance that manufactures should be fostered and encouraged within this State,

Be it therefore Resolved, by the General Assembly of the State of Allowing a Georgia, That the aforesaid M. P. Quillian be allowed to transporterrain prix brooms of his own manufacture over the Western and Atlantic Rail Road by weight as second class freight.

Approved 12th March, 1866.

P. Quillian iligen.

(No. 44.)

Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia in General Assembly met, That the Comptroller Comp. Ger General be and he is hereby authorized and required to audit all time to real claims for printing and publishing, which were contracted by or- priniing, &e. der of the Hon. James Johnson, late Provisional Governor of this Sate, when the same were osdered by him officially as such Gov

claime for


Approved 10th March, 1866.

(No. 45.)

thorized to



Resolved, by the General Assembly, that His Excellency, the Governor, be and he is hereby authorized and requested to purchase Corea and cause to be sent by mail or express as soon as published, one purbaper copy of Wellborn's pamphlet of Public Laws, &c., of the present Welbremse session, to each of the Clerks of the Superior and Inferior Courts, and to the Ordinaries of each county in this State, and that the Governor pay for the same at one dollar and fifty cents per copy, out of the printing fund, or any moneys not otherwise appropriated, Provided, the same be published and delivered to him within ten days from the adjournment of the Legislature.

Approved 16th March, 1866.


(No. 46.)


The Genera! Assembly of the Stale of Georgia do resolve, 1st. That in Audrew Jolinson, President of the United States, we recognize a statesman, wl ose wisdom and patriotism, lifting him above the strifes of faction, render it impossible for him to be identified with Endorues or appiopriated by any party, but that which, without regard to for- Sulznom. mer party divisions, shall be composed of men who devote themselves honestly ani carnestly to the maintenance of the Union upon the principles of the Constitution.

Deaf & Dumb Asylum-Penitentiary-Lunatic Asylum.


men who rally to the support of the President

2nd. That the only hope for the preservation of free government on this continent lies in the maiutenance of the Union upon

the principles of the Constitution, and as all rational basis for section

al parties has passed away with the extinction of slavery, we Peder tien ai pledge ourselves, irrespective of all former party designations, and

of the passions inspired by the recent lamentable war, to co-operate cordially and earnestly with all men, of all sections, who will lay down party considerations upon the altar of a common country, and rally to the support of the President in his noble, courageous and patriotic determination that by the exercise of wisdom, justice, moderation and magnanimity, the Union upon the principles of the Constitution shall be re established and enshrined anew in the hearts of the people.

3rd. That His Excellency, the Governor, be requested to forward a certified copy of these resolutions to the President of the United States.

Approved 21st March, 1966.


to examine
and report
pon wants of

(No. 47.) Resolved, That the committee on the Deaf and Dumb Asylum,

be, and they are hereby authorized to appoint a sub-committee of tee appoiuted three, who, acting in conjunction with a sub-committee of two mem

bers of the Senate, shall proceed to visit and examine the Deaf Dear & Dumb and Dumb Asylum, at Cave Spring, Floyd county, during the re

cess of the General Assembly, and report upon the management, condition and wants, of the Institution, to the next session of the General Assembly.

Approved 21st March, 1866.


(No. 48.)

Governor instructed to appoint Commissioners

Be it Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, of the State of Georgia, that his Excellency the Governor be, and he is hereby instructed to appoint three Commissioners to examine

and report upon the propriety of removing the present Penitentiarepojenereto ry, and locating it elsewhere, or of establishing an additional one. priety ofrena If in their judgment the same should be removed from its present tentiary, &c. location, that it shall be their duty to select some suitable and con

venient location, and to ascertain upon what terms the same can be purchased, and that said Commissioners report all the facts connected with the same, to the next meeting of this General Assembly.

Approved 21st March, 1866.

moving Peng

(No. 49.) Resolved, That the Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum, be, and he is hereby authorized to bave his accounts made by the Stew

W. & A. Railroad-Secretary of Senate, Clerk of House-Supreme Court Decisions. ard of the Asylum, and that his supervision of the same will be

Superintenconsidered a substantial compliance with the law, passed at this dunt of Lunasession, using the words “the Superintenderit shall account,” &c.

Approved 21st March, 1866.

may have his
made by the

(No. 50.)


of eral

ange contract for

cars W&

Resolved, By the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, that his Excellency the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorized to appoint an agent (if he thinks it proper to do so,) to urge before horiete no es the proper tepartment of the Federal government, and if necessary appointed great to test, before the proper Judicial tribunal, the following matter purposes. of controversy, between the two Governments, to-wit:

Sec. I. The right of the Federal authorities to change the con-Brightenment tract (in the manner of payment, and the addition of interest) made torent under instructions of the War department, between the Federal Purpose on Military authorities, and the autborities of this State, for the pur- A. Reilroad. chase of cars, engines, and other property for the W. and A. R. Road.

SEC. II. The right of said Road, and under the same instructions Right of Road to receive remuneration for all troops, supplies, and passengers, remuneration passing over the same, from the time it was taken possession of by one our order the military authorities of the United States, until it was restored same. to the State.

Sec. III. The right of the Federal Government to tax the gross Right of Fredearnings of the Road, the value of its cars, engines, &c. ; and any ment to tax other matters of controversy arising out of the action of the Fed- of Road, &c. eral authorities, touching said Road.

Approved 21st March, 1866.


for passing



(No. 51.) Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives, that the Secretary of Secretary of the Senate, and the Clerk of the House of Representa- Clerk of tives, be allowed ten days to bring up the unfinished business of eu ten daya to the session, and to index the Journals of the Legislature.

Approved 21st March, 1866.

House allow

bring up unfinished business.


(No. 52.) WHEREAS, A. O. Bacon, Esqr., of the City of Macon, is preparing a digest of the decisions of the Supreme Court, of the State of Georgia, from volume 21 to volume 32 inclusive, and whereas, it is desirable that the Judges and county officers should be supplied with such digests; be it therefore,

Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be, and he is hereby Governor to authorized to appoint a committee of three competent lawyers to mittee to ex examine said digest, upon its completion, and report thereon, to the of decisions of next session of this General Assembly.

Approved 21st March, 1866.

appoint com




Relative to adjournment of the Legislature.

(No. 53.) Rcsolrod, That a committee of five from the House, and three appointed to from the Senate, be appointed to inform his Excellency the Gov

ernor, that both branches of the General Assembly, having disposGeneral As ed of the business before them, are ready to adjourn sine die; and sembly are ready to adi, to ascertain from him whether he has any communication to make,

to either branch of the General Assembly.

Approved 21st March, 1866.

Governor that the

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Agriculture, &c,

51 Joint Stock Company-Mi-



9 Joint Stock Company-Mi-
Bonds of the State,

18 ning and Manufacturing, 182
Code, (civil) changes in, 201 Joint Stock Company-Med-
Congressional Districts,
36 ical College,


37 Joint Stock Company-Rail
County officers,


County Bonds, Taxes, &c., 41 Joint Stock Company-Shell
County Lines,
48 Road,

County Regulations,

51 Joint Stock Company-
56 Steamboat,

Courts—Superior and Inferior, 59 Judiciary,



Courts—of Ordinary,

72 Maimed Indigent Soldiers, 224
73 Married women,

74 Military

Deaf and Dumb,

Orphan Home,

76 Paupers,

76! Penal Code and Laws,


Persons of color,

80 Relief,

81 Roads and Bridges,

Executors, Admr's, &c.,

Salaries, Fees, &c.,

Health and Quarantine,

88 Seal of Secretary of State, 252
Joint Stock Companies--Banks, 89 Taxes,

Vendue Masters,

ing and Loan Associations, 103 W. & A. R. Road,

Joint Stock Company-Ca- LOCAL AND PRIVATE :-
nal, &c.,
105 Academies, &c.,

Joint Stock Company--Ex- Cities and Towns,


Exile Camp,

Joint Stock Company-Gas Exemptions,


112 Indian Spring Reserve, 300
Joint Stock Company-Insu-

Justices Courts,


114 Knoxville Camp Ground, 302
Joint Stock Company- Land


and Lumber,

Joint Stock Company--Man-


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