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Sec. 1. Convicts sentenced to labor on Public Sec. 3. To be employed on W. & A. Railroad,
Works to be turned over to Justices

or other public works,
of Inferior Courts; how worked and “ 4. Governor to provide for safe keeping.
guarded ; provision for safe keep-“ 5. To appoint a general Superintendent of;
ing ; support and employment; may

his duties and powers.
be bound out to contractors on Pub-

lic Works.
2. In certain cases Inferior Courts to turn

over Convicts to Governor; guard
to be sent for them.

Convicts son



and guarded.

(No. 43.) An Act to regulu te the manner of Convicts laboring upon public Works,

and to define the powers and duties of the Inferior Court, und Governor of the State, touching the same, and for other purposes therein mentioned.

1. SECTION I. The General Assembly of this State do enact, That from and after the passage of this Act, in all cases where persons are sentenced by any Judge of this State to labor on the public conectar com works, or on the public roads, it shall be the duty of the Judge bored to belie pronouncing the sentence to cause said convicts to be turned over turned over to the Justices of the Inferior Court, of the county where the con-Infr. Courte viction is had, and it shall be the duty of said Justices to receive said convicts, place them in proper custody, and keep them diligently employed upon such public works in the county, in chain laterum gangs, or otherwise, and under such guards as they, in their judgment, may deem best.

The said Justices shall have power to provide suitable places for their safe keeping; shall also have power to make provisions for provincop their support by the county, and employ such guard or guards as emportement may be necessary for their safe keeping, and for their constant and diligent employment upon the public works, and shall also have

May be bound power to hire out, or bind out, such convicts to contractors on the out to eonpublic works, upon such bonds and restrictions as shall subserve the public works. ends of justice.

2. Sec. II. Where there are no public works in the county upon which convicts can be profitably employed, or where the Justices of the Inferior Court of any county prefer not to take charge of convicts for labor on works in the county, then, and in such cases, it In certain cashall be the duty of the Justices of the Inferior Court to turn over Collector convicts to the Governor of the State, to be employed by him upon Convictes to such public works in the State as he may deem best. And upon notice being given to the Governor, by said Justices, of their desire para notice to turn over such convicts, the Governor shall immediately send a boat for tilbered guard for them.

safo keeping,

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ses, Inferior



gward be

County Officers-Sheriffs, &c.


Such Con victs to be employed on W.& A.

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Governor to provide for

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3. SEC. III. All convicts sentenced to labor on public works, and turned over to the Governor, shall be diligenty employed by him at labor upon the Western & Atlantic Railroad, or upon such other

public woiks, or improvements, as he may judge to the best interother worka est of the State, and as shall best subserve the ends of justice.

4. SEC. IV. The Governor shall have power to employ such marfe keeping guards, and provide such places for the safe keeping of such con-

victs, as he may deem proper.

5. SEC. V. The Governor shall also have power to appoint & Jenerapost general Superintendent of such convicts, at a salary of one thousand perintendent dollars, removable at the pleasure of the Governor, and said Super

intendent, under the advice and direction of the Governor, shall

have entire control and management of all convicts thus sentenced and powers, to labor on public works, and sball have power to make all needful

rules and regulations touching their employment, government and
safe keeping

SEC. VI. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 20th March, 1866.



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Sec. 1. Sheriffs, &c., may make arrests for Sec. 5. County sending prisoner to secure jail
crlme in any county.

in adjoining county liable for fees.
" 2. Arresting officer to carry accused to ". 6. Jailor not bound to receive prisoner
county in wbich offence alleged to

from another county, unless fees have been committed.

paid in advance.
6 3. Warrant need not be endorsed.

7. Tax may be levied to pay cost.
4. Courts may order levying officer to " 8. Act of 1863 fixing Ordinaries' fees, re-
cause certain cotton to be sold,

pealed fees allowed in addition to
that has Ceen removed from his

those specified in Code.
custody, out of the county or State. • 9. Ordinaries 'may administer oaths and
Judge may allow reasonable ex-

charge fees for same.

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(No. 44.)
An Act to authorize any Sheriff, Constable, or other arresting officer, of

any county of this State, to arrest in any county wherever found, any
person charged with crime, under a warrant issued by any Judicial of-
ficer of the State, and to carry the accused to the county in which the
crime is alleged to have been committed, for examination.

1. Sec. I. Be it enacted, &c., That it shall be lawful for any Sheraptent in any jff, Constable, or other arresting officer of this state, to arrest any

person, charged with crime, under a warrant, issued by any Judi-
cial officer of the State, in any county of the State, without regard
to residence of said arresting officer.

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County Officers---Sheriffs, &c.

to carry


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2. Sec. II. That it is hereby made the duty of such arresting Arresting of officer to carry said accused, with the warrant under which he was accused to arrested, to the county in which the offence is alleged to have been which offence committed, for examination before any Judicial officer of said coun-ted. ty.

3. Sec. III. That it shall not be necessary to have any such We are need warrant backed or endorsed by any Judicial officer, upon its being ed. carried from one county to another.

Sec, IV. That this act shall take effect, and be of force, from, and immediately after its passage, any law, or usage, or custom, to the contrary notwithstanding.

Approved 17th March, 1866.

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(No. 45.) An Act to authorize certain sales to be made in other counties in this

Stute, than where such sales are now required by law, and when certain kinds of property have been removed out of the State, to authorize the sale: of the same, in the State where it has been removed.

WHEREA3, It has been made to appear to the General Assembly, that quantities of cotton have been removed from the custody of Sheriffs, and which had been levied on by such Sheriffs, to other counties in this State, and beyond the jurisdiction of this State, by officers of the Treasury department, of the United States, upon some supposed claim, and after said removal the claim has been de- Preamble. cided by said department, to be without foundation, and made subject to the orders of such Sheriffs ; and whereas, the re-transportation of such cotton to the place ot levy, would be burdensome and expensive to the parties in interest; for remedy whereof,

4. SEC. I. The General Assembly of Georgia do enact, That where it is made to appear to any Judge of the Superior Court that any cotton, after it has been in the custody of the Sheriff, or levying officer, by virtue of any levy, or under a decree of the Court, has Courts may been removed from the county in which the levy has been made, cotton under or decree rendered, or from the State, by authority of the United circainetanStates, and where it appears that said authorities have relinquish-oficers ed their claims upon the same, it shall, and may be lawful for the Judge as aforesaid, in term time, or in vacation, to order and allow the Sheriff, or other officer, as the case may be, to cause such cotton to be sold, at private sale, in the State or county, to which it may have been removed, and it shall also be within the


said Judge to allow such charges and expenses, as may seem to
him to be reasonable and just, in the sale of the same, and in the charges
execution of his orders ; provided, that such Sheriffs, and other offi- mong em
cers, may be ruled for the proceeds of said sales, and be subject to for sale
all the liabilities imposed by law, in cases where the sale was
made in the proper county, except as to stays of execution.

SEC. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 8th March, 1866.

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ces by levying

to allow sach

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County Officers' fees to be paid in advance.

jus prisoires

(No. 46.) An Act requiring cost to be paid in advance in certain cascs. 5. Sec. I. The Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Gcorgua do enact, That from and after the passage of this act, when

there is no secure jail in any county of this State, and any person County send-committing an offence in said county, shall be sent to jail in the 19 jail in adı nearest county having a secure jail ; the county where the offence fs liable for is committed, shall be primarily liable for jail fees and cost. 6. SEC. II. That the county so primarily liable, shall pay

said burung mere-jail fees and cost, monthly, in advance, and no jailor shall be bound eine prison- to receive a prisoner from another county, until jail fees and cost

are provided for, as aforesaid.

7. Sec. III. That for the purpose of raising funds to pay cost as Tax to pny aforesaid, the Inferior Court may levy and collect an additional tax

joining . fees

Jailor not

er from another county unless fecs are paid in advance.


for that purpose.

Approved 17th March, 1866.

(No. 47.)

Act of De


Fees allowed.

An Act to repeul an Act entitled an Act to allow the Ordinar ies of this

Stute to charge und riccire certain fees, assented to Dec. 14th, 1863, and to authorize them to charge, and receire, the following fees, in addition to those specificd in the Code.

8. Sec. I. The General Assembly of Georgia do enact, That from

and after the passage of this act, the before recited act, be, and the cember 14the same is hereby repealed, and the Ordinaries of this State, be, and

they are hereby allowed to charge, and receive, the following fees,
in addition to the fees specified in the Code, to-wit :
For signing probate of will or codicil,...

...$ 1.25 Each case litigated before the Ordinary, where no fees are prescribed,..

3.00 Issuing commissions to examine witnesses,.

1.25 Commission to have one year's support set apart to widow, minor or minors,.

1.25 Recording the same,

1.00 Examining books and giving extract,.

1.00 Every order passed where no fees are prescribed.. Every service required and performed, for which no fees

are specified by law, the same fees as are allowed Clerks of
the Superior Courts, for similar services, or for a like

amount of labor.
Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 17th March, 1866.

50 Taxes in Bartow county. --Issue of Bonds authorized, &c.

(No. 48.) An Act to authorize the several Ordinaries of this State to administer oaths

and to receire compensution therefor. 9. SEC. I. The General Assembly of the State of Georgia do enact, That the several Ordinaries of this State, be, and they are hereby authorized to administer oaths, in all cases where the authority is Ordinary not specially delegated to some other officer, and receive the same ter oaths and fees therefor, that are allowed Justices of the Peace.

SEC. II. That this Act shall take effect from the date of its approval, and that all conflicting laws be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Approved Sth March, 1866.

may adminis

charge fees for.




Sec. 1. Inferior Court authortzed to compro- Sec. 13. Tax authorized to pay indebtedness,

mise bonds now due, issue new bonds for provisions purchased for soldiers
for amounts, proviso.

* 2. Courty bonds anthorized to pay jurors, LUMPKIN CO. (No. 58 )
build bridges. &c., proviso.

14. Tax authorized for building jail, aBULLOCH CO. ¡No 51.)

mount to be raised, Grand Jury to re3. Inferior Court authorized to impose tax conimend, duty of tax collector, comfor building court house and bridges.

missioners appointed, no compensa4. May issue bonds to obtain loans.

CLARK CO. (No. 52.)

RANDOLPH CO. (No. 59 )
5. Extra tax authorized, objects, proviso. 16. Bonds authorized to pay for treat.
6. Inferior Court may issue bonds.

ment of small-pox and other expenses;
EARLY CO. (No. 53.)

receivable for county dues. • 7. Tax authorized to pay for provisions RICHMOND CO. (No. 60.) purchased for p‘or, &c.

17. Extra tax authorized for county pur-
ELBERT CO. (No. 54.)

8. Tax for county purposes authorized, SCRIVEN CO. (No. 61.)

18. Inferior Court may levy tax for snp.
9. How assessed and collected, compen-

port of widows and orphans of soldiers.
sation to collector, bond of.

TERRELL CO. (No. 52 )
in. Tax laws in 1860 to govern assessor 19. Inferior Court may levy tax to com-
and collector.

pensate for attention to small-pox ca-
GREENE CO. (No. 55 )
11. Extra tax anthorized for building and TWIGGS CO). (No. 63.)
repairing bridges.

20. Inferior Court authorized to borrow
HEARD CO. (No. 56.)

money to pay indebtedness.
12. Tax may be levied to compensate for 21. Special tax authorized to repay loan:

attention to cases of small-pox.

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(No. 49.)
An Act to authorize the Justices of the Inferior Court of Bartow County

to settle or compromise the bonds of said County that are now due and
w.paid, and to issue new bonds for the same.
WHEREAS, The Justices of the Inferior Court of the County of

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