County Regulations- Echols, Effingham. by the people, which Act was, for the reason aforesaid, unknown to the Justices of the Inferior Court of Chatham county; and whereas, in consequence of such ignorance of the law, the said Justices did, in the manner usually pursued and required by the law, prior to the passage of said Act, appoint L. J. B. Fairchild, of said county, Treasurer thereof, who has, under said appointment, been qualified, and acting as such, and whereas, it is desirable that said appointment be confirmed, therefore,

2. Sec. I. The General Assembly do enact, That the said appointAppointment ment of the said L. J. B. Fairchild, as Treasurer, for the county of

Chatham, be, and the same is hereby legalized and confirmed, and Treasurer le-all his actings and doings as such, shall be as good, valid, and bind

ing, as if he had been regularly elected, as prescribed by said act..

Approved 21st March, 1866.

of L. B. Fairchild, as County



(No. 76.) An Act to regulate the distribution of the common school fund of the coun-

ty of Echols, and for other purposes. . WHEREAS, The manner of disposing of the common school fund: of Echols county, is unequal, and gives to the school at the Court House, in said county, the benefit of said fund, to the exclusion of the indigent children in those districts of said county, which are remote from the county site, and in which, on account of the sparseness of the population, and the distressed pecuniary condition of the people, no schools have been established, therefore,

3. SEC. I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, and it is hereby enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the com-

mon school fund of Echols county shall not be disbursed as here-to be divided tofore, but the same shall be divided among the several Districts ofi said county, in proportion to the number

of indigent children in each district, entitled to the benefit of said fund, and when any district, from any cause, fails to have the children entitled to the: , benefit of this fund, taught, the amount due said district, shall remain in the county Treasury, until such time as the same may be:

: required for the purposes contemplated by this act.

SEC. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 8th March, 1866.

School Fund

amoug Dis


(No. 77.) An Act to enable persons whose fences have been destroyed by the Federak

forces, in the county of Effingham, to build stock enclosures, and to make the intrusion upon said enclosures, a misdemeanor, and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, During the late war, the county of Effingham was. overrun by the Federal forces, and the fences, in many parts of said county, so completely destroyed as to render it impossible to


County Regulations-Effingham, Gilmer, Glyon.

of enclosures,

plant crops, except in open fields, without fencing in the same ; and 'whereas, the people of said county, in neighborhoods, have had to combine together, and build stock enclosures, for the confinement of their stock, in order to plant the crops necessary to subsist the people of said county, for remedy whereof, 4. SEC. I. Be it enacted, gc, That if any person shall maliciously Malicions

, enter any stock enclosure in the county of Effingham, and leave cesol stock the fences down, or shall wilfully, burn, remove, or destroy, any misdemeanor. part of said fences, so as to expose the crops planted in the neighborhood of such stock enclosure, to depredation or injury from said stock, such person so offending, shall be deemed and held guilty of a misdemeanor, and on indictment and conviction thereof, shall be Penalty. fined in a sum not less than five hundred dollars, or imprisonment, for not less than six months, or both, or either, in the discretion of the Court.

5. SEC. II. That this act shall remain in force for twelve months, 12 months and no longer.

Approved 6th March, 1866.

of force


(No. 78.) An Act to consolidate the offices of Receiver of Tax returns, and that of

Tax-Collector, for the counties of Effingham and Gilmer.

WHEREAS, most of the property belonging to the citizens of Effingham and Gilmer counties, has been destroyed by the ravages of war, and in consequence thereof, the remuneration to a receiver of Tax-returns, and that of a Tax-Collector, will be too small to induce proper persons to accept of these offices, for remedy whereof,

6. Sec. I. The General Assembly do enact, That the office of Receiver of Tax-returns and the office of Tax Collector, for tae counties of Effingbam and Gilmer, be, and the same are hereby consoli- Offices of dated and made one, and all the duties heretofore required of, and Collector performed by the Receiver, and Collector, for said counties, shall be required of, and performed, by the person elected under the provisions of this act.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 26th February, 1866.



(No. 79.) An Act to reduce the bond of the Sheriff for Forsyth County. 7. Sec. I. The General Assembly of the State of Georgia do enact, That from and after the passage of this act, the Sheriff of Forsyth Bond or Shop county shall execute his official bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars, instead of twenty thousand, as now required by law.

Approved 20th February, 1866.

iff reduced

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road duty,

(No. 80.) An Act to authorize the Inferior Court of the county of Glynn, to compet

the hands subject to Road duty, in any one district in said county, to perform Road duty in any other district in said county.

8. Sec. I. Be it enacted, That from, and after the passage of this Court may act, the Inferior Court of the county of Glyon, when sitting for son subject county purposes, may, in their discretion, compel any, and all perto work roado sons, subject to road duty, living in any district in said county, to

work the roads, in any district therein, when the change from one
district to another, may be necessary for the purpose of equalizing

the labor of working the roads aforesaid.

9. SEC. II. That the Commissioners of Roads of the districts to

which hands subject to road duty may be transferred, in the terms Delinquent. of the first section of this act, shall have authority to punish all de

linquents in the terms of the road laws, now of force in this State.

SEC. III. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 6th March, 1866.



(No. 81.) An Act to allow Clerks of the Superior and Inferior Courts of McIntosh

county, to keep their offices more than one mile from the Court-House.

WHEREAS, The Court-House in McIntosh county was burned by the enemy, during the late war, and the place now used as the county site, is in a sparsely settled part of the county, there being but one inhabited dwelling house within a mile of said county site:

10. SEC. I. Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the passage of

this Act the Justices of the Inferior Court of McIntosh county, are Gothentiment authorized to grant permission to the Clerk of the Superior and In

ferior Courts, of said county, to keep their offices, and all things nerenthe belonging thereto, more than one mile from the Court-House, if herom. Court they deem it advisable, by giving public notice of the place or pla

ces designated.

Sec. II. Repeals conflicting laws.
Approved 10th March, 1866.


Clerks to keep offices



(No. 82.) An Act to allow the Ordinary of Polk county, to keep the records and

papers of his office at his residence, till the building of a Court House, for said county.

WHEREAS, The Court-House, and other public buildings of Polk county, have been destroyed by fire, therefore, the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, do enact,

11. Sec. I. That the Ordinary of said county of Polk, is bereby


County Regulations—Taliaferro.

may koep ree


allowed to keep the records and papers of his office, at his private Ordinary residence, till another Court House shall be provided for said coun-ords at resity; but nothing herein contained, shall authorize the holding of Courts at any other place than at the county site of said county.

Approved 2nd March, 1866.

(No. 83.) An Act to repeal an Act, entitled an Act, the better to regulate the liquor

traffic, in the counties of Taliaferro, Greene, Washington, and Henry, and for other purposes, assented to 12th Dec. 1860, so far as the said Act relates to the county of Taliaferro.

12. Sec. I. The General Assembly of Georgia do enact, That so much of Act repealed the above recited act as relates to the county of Taliaferro, and all of the other the provisions of the same, so far as they embrace, or relate to the said county of Taliaferro, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Approved 23rd February, 1866.


(No. S4.) An Act to repeal the 2nd section of an Act, entitled an Act to provide for

the payment of officers presiding at the polls, on elections hereafter to be held, in Taliaferro county, and for other purposes, therein mentioned, approved Dec. 20th, 1859.

13. Sec. I. Be it enacted, fr., That the second section of the Section proabove recited act, which provides for the payment of jurors in said paperentor county of Taliaferro, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

Approved 21st February, 1866.

viding Jurori ed.

Courts--to provide for the time of holding Supreme.



1. SUPREME COURT, (Nos. 85, 86, and 87.)
II. SUPERIOR AND INFERIOR Courts, (Nos. 88, 100, inclusive.)
III. COUNTY COURT, (Nos. 101, and 102.)
IV. COURT OF ORDINARY, (Nos. 103, 104, and 105.)
V. Ciry COURTS, (Nos. 106, and 107.)



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Section 1. Place and times of holding. Section 9. Written argument to be filed, when. 2. Writs of Error, &c, to be carried

Duty of Clerk. Of the Court. to Milledgeville,

10. Custs. 3. Cases now pending, term for.

11. Mode of carrying cases from Su4. All other cases.

perior Courts to apply to City 5. Cases sued out and not placed on

Courts. Duty of Judges, Clerks, the Dockets.

and Sheriffs of. 6. What cases may be reinstated.

12. Changes in mode, to apply to City 7. Court authorizod to make rules in

certain cases.
8. Attorueys may argue causes in wri.


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(No. 85.)

An Act to fix the times of holding the Supreme Court of this State,

and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, By the third paragraph of the first Section of the fourth Article of the Constitution it is provided that the Supreme Court shall sit at the seat of Government, at such time, or times, in each year as the General Assembly shall prescribe, therefore,

1. Sec. I. The Gencral Assembly do enact, That from and after

the passage of this Act, the times and place of holding the tanse tie sessions of the Supreme Court of this State, shall be at Milledge

ville, the first Monday in June and December, of each year.

2. Sec. II. That all Writs of Error, and Bills of Exception, heretoderes fore taken, or which may hereafter be taken, to any decision or 6. judgment of an inferior tribunal, be carried to Milledgeville.

3. Sec. III. That the cases now pending on the dockets of the Supreme Court at Milledgeville, Macon, Atlanta, or other places where the Court has heretofore been held, or which properly belong to the said Court, at said places, be placed on the docket for å hearing at the next June term of said Supreme Court.

4. Sec. IV. That all other cases determined in the different Circuits of this State be returned to the June and December terms

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