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Society of Public Analysts,


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Abnormal samples of milk, C. W. Heaton

and others ... ... lto6

Acetone, Volumetric estimation of,

Robineau it RoI.LIN

„ The solubility of rosin and mineral
oils, or their mixtures, in, F.


Acidimetric and alkalimetric solution?.

Standardizing of, Parsons, Acido-butyrometry, N. Gkrbeb ... Acts, Defects in the Food Adulteration ... ,, Suggested improvements in the working of the Food Adulteration Acts, On the results of the working of, in Dublin, Sir C. Cameron Alcohols, The detection of monovalent, B.

V. Bitto

,, Methyl and ethyl, C. A. Lobby Debbuyn Alkaline liquids containing hypochlorite,

Titration of, C. Uixmann Alumina and ferric oxide in mineral phosphates, Determination of, Mabiani &


Alumina and ferric oxide, Separation of, H.


Ammonia, Presence of, in zinc dust,


Ammonia, The Nessler reaction for, B.


Ammonium thiocyanate in manures, P. L.


Analysis, Electolvtic methods of, Oettel
Analytical Chemists, Formation of Italian

Society of ...
Aniline oil, The analysis of, H. Reinhabdt
Annual meeting of the Society
Annual address, President's
Annual dinner
Antimony from arsenic, Separation of, L,


Apparatus for the estimation of insoluble

fatty-acids, C. E. Cabsal

Apparatus, New distilling, for the Stock

nitrogen process. W. F. K. Stock Apparatus for the estimation of free and

albuminoid ammonia in water-analysis,

A. H. Out

Appointments :—

Mr. John White to West Bromwich ...

Mr. W. W. Fisher, as District Agricultural Analyst for the County of Oxford Appointments, Joint, of Medical Officer of

Health and Public Analyst undesirable... Arsenicalis liquor, New volumetric method

for the valuation of, S. Gyoby ... Arsenic from antimony, Separation of, L.

Gabnieb ^. ... 259


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308 31

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Ash in mineral lubricating oils, Determination of, A. Stephanow


Babcock machine, On some modifications

of, C. R. C. Tichrobne

Basic slag, The determination of lime in, A.

F. Hollemann

Beer, Boric acid a natural constituent of, J.


„ Detection of saccharin in, F. Gaknteb Beeswax, The examination of, G. Bucnnek Boiling-point of salt solution, H. D. RichMond ..

Boric acid a normal constituent of hops and

beer, J. Brand

Boric acid, On a method of titrating, R. T.


Boric acid, Methods for the determination

of, A. K. Reischleb

Borofluoride of potassium, Acidimetric estimation of, F. Stolb A

Boron, The determination of, II. Moissah

Butter, Average composition of, during 1892

„ The volatile fatty acids of, H. Krkit

,, Mixtures of, with margarine, or

other fata, The recognition of,

A. M. Houzeau

,, Note on a new method of examining,

C. E. Sohn

„ Distinguished from margarine, F.


,, The content of leicithin in, K.


Butter analysi°, comparison of Reichert

Wollny and Leffmann

Beam processes

„ ,, On the (so-called) Penne

tier's method of, A.


,, ,, by polarized light, A.


„ ,, Use of crysotile fibre in ...

„ „ Ereis' modification of the

Reichert-Meissl process

,, ,, sulphuric acid as a hydro

lyzingagent, S. Rideal

Butter-fat, Sulphuric acid hydrolysis of, S.


Butyric acid, The distillation of, H. D. Richmond

"Caccio-Cavallo," The analysis of, G. SabTobi

Cadmium from copper, Separation of, by the iodide method, P. E. Browning ...

Canada, Particulars as to public analysts in

Carbolic acid, Assay of crude, G. Sen Achbbi.



Castor-oil, Oxidized or soluble 228

Centrifugal milk-testers, Note on, F. Vieth 201
Centrifugal separator, Rapid determination

of crude fibre by, W. Tbobner 138

Centrifugal milk-testers unfitted for use by
unskilled per-
sons ... 202, 237
» „ Apparatus for heat-

ing, E. H. Wil-
Kinson ... 292
Certificates on adulterated samples, Note

on, A. W. Stokes 287

Cheese, The analysis of "Caecio-Cavallo,"

G. Sartobi 17

„ Chemical researches on Sicilian,

Si'ica & De Bi.asi 94

„ Use of crysotile fibre in the

analysis of ... ... ... 77

,, Manufacture of, from sheep's milk,

C. Bksana 248

Chlorides, A source of error in estimating

by Mohr'a method, W. S. Yotino ... 125
Chlorine in water, Note on the estimation

of, F. Faiblky 222

Chromium in ferro-chromium, The deter-
mination of, Spulleb & Kalmann 251, 252
Cod-liver oil, Acidity of, due to use of old

livers 197

Coffee, Use of crysotile fibre in the analysis of 81

Coffee glazing, F. Felsingeb 147

Condensed milk, Points in the analysis of,

Richmond & Boseley - ... 170

Consistency of semi-solids, Simple appliance

for testing the, C. E. Sohn 218

Copper sulphate, On the examination of, J.

RrrpLE 279

Copper from cadmium, separation by the

iodide method, P. E. Browning ... 304

Copper sulphate, Rapid detection of iron in,

G. Gbiogi 305

Correspondence :—

LetterTrom Mr. A. W. Stokes 24

„ from Dr. Morgan 187

„ from Messrs. Stokes and Bod-

mer 212,260

„ from Messrs. Richmond and Bose-

ley 236

„ from Mr. W. F. K. Stock ... 96

Cotton-seed-oil in lard, Detection of, F.

Gannteb ... 183
„ ,, Detection of

heated, W. G.
Crook ... 221

Cream, Average amount of fat in, during

the year 1892 52

„ Rising of, in churns during delivery 51
Crysotile fibre, On the use of, in proximate
organic analysis, T. Macfablane ... 73

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Definitions of vinegar, Various

Electrolytic methods of analysis ...
Electrolytic separations, The use of definite
voltages in, H. Frundenbeiki ... 257


Fat, Note on an abnormal melting-point
of, E. J. Bkvan ... 286

Fat in the milk of Mecklenburg herds,
Amount of, P. Vieth 301

Fats and oils, Use of crysotile fibre in the
analysis of... ... ... 78

Fats, Hydrolysis of, by concentrated sul-
phuric acid, Pbaoeb & Stebn 280

Fats by strong sulphuric acid, Saponification


Fatty acids, Estimation of insoluble, C. E.
Cassal 44

Fatty oils, The oxidation of, W. Fahbion 233

Ferric oxide and alumina in mineral phos-
phates, Determination of, Mabiani &
Tasseli 90

Ferro-chromium, The determination of
chromium in, Spolleb & Kalmann 251, 252

Ferric oxide and alumina, Separation of, If.
Bobntbaobb 146

Fibre, Rapid determination of, crude by
centrifugal separator, W. Tbobneb ... 138

Food Act of Dr. Cameron, Strictures on the 30

Fowler's solution, New volumetric method
for the valuation of, S. GYiiRY ... ... 259


Gas dissolved in potable waters, Observa-
tions on the methods in use for the deter-
mination of, G. Mtjsaio 67

Ginger, with special reference to the dis-
crimination between genuine and "ex-
hausted" specimens, Dyer & Gilbard 197

Glue, Valuation of leather, F. Ganntek'... 284

Gunpowder, Use of crysotile fibre in

analysis of... ... ... ... ... 83

Hops, Boric acid a natural constituent of, J.

Brand 135

Hydrazines with lignin, Reactions of, E.

Nickel 283

Hydrolysis of fats by concentrated sul-

phurio acid, Pbaoeb & Stern 230

Hydroxylamine, Quantitative precipitation

in presence of, Jannasch & Mai ... 255

Hypochlorite, Titration of alkaline liquids

containing, C. Ullmann 255


Drugs, Unsatisfactory condition of the

analysis of ... ,.

Dublin, On the results of the working of

the Adulteration Acts in, Sib C. Camebok 213


Indiarubber surrogates, Contributions to

the chemistry of, R. Henbiques ... 228

Indiarubber goods, The analysis of, R.

Henbiqces 227

Indiarubber goods, The analysis of, D.

Holde 147

Indiarubber, Recovered, R Henhiques ... 258
Inland Revenue, Extract from the report>f

the Commissioners of 259


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