The Life of Oliver Hazard Perry: With an Appendix, Comprising a Biographical Memoir of the Late Captain James Lawrence; with Brief Sketches of the Most Prominent Events in the Lives of Commodores Bainbridge, Decatur, Porter and Macdonough ... A List of the Officers of the Navy ... To which is Added a Biography of General Pike, and a View of the Leading Events in the Life of General Harrison ...

O. D. Cooke, 1821 - 384 sider

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Side 160 - Father, you have got the arms and ammunition which our great father sent for his red children. If you have an idea of going away, give them to us, and you may go and welcome, for us. Our lives are in the hands of the Great Spirit. We are determined to defend our lands, and if it be his will we wish to leave our bones upon them.
Side 225 - The Niagara being very little injured, I determined to pass through the enemy's line, bore up and passed ahead of their two ships and a brig, giving a raking fire to them from the starboard guns, and to a large schooner and sloop, from the larboard side, at half pistol shot distance.
Side 380 - He heaved a heavy sigh, and smiled. He was then carried on board the commodore's ship, where he lingered for a few hours. Just before he breathed his last, the British standard was brought to him ; he made a sign to have it placed under his head, and expired without a groan.
Side 317 - ... rushed up at the call for the boarders, but came just in time to receive his falling commander. He was in the act of carrying him below, when Captain Broke, accompanied by his first lieutenant, and followed by his regular boarders, sprang on board the Chesapeake. The brave Lawrence saw the overwhelming danger ; his last words, as he was borne bleeding from the deck, were,
Side 154 - Johnson's regiment, which was still in front, to be formed in two lines opposite to the enemy, and upon the advance of the infantry, to take ground to the left and forming upon that flank to endeavor to turn the right of the Indians. A moment's reflection, however, convinced me that from the thickness of the woods and...
Side 311 - yet he was equally convinced that Commodore Bainbridge could not swerve so much from the paramount duty he owed his country as to become an inactive spectator, and see a ship belonging to the very squadron under his orders, fall into the hands of the enemy.
Side 61 - Hunter, mounting 14 guns, but which afterwards proved to be the brig Caledonia, both said to be well armed and manned, came down the lake and anchored under the protection of fort Erie. Having been on the lines for some time, and in a measure inactively employed, I determined to make an attack, and if possible to get possession of them.
Side 129 - In this situation, she sustained the action upwards of two hours within canister distance, until every gun was rendered useless, and the greater part of her crew either killed or wounded.
Side 163 - O'Fallon and Captain Todd, of the line, and my volunteer aids, John Speed Smith and John Chambers, Esq., have rendered me the most important service from the opening of the campaign. I have already stated that General Cass and Commodore Perry assisted me in forming the troops for action. The former is an officer of the highest merit, and the appearance of the brave Commodore cheered and animated every breast.

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