A Full and Circumstantial Account of the Memorable Battle of Waterloo: The Second Restoration of Louis XVIII; and the Deportation of Napoleon Buonaparte to the Island of St. Helena, and Every Recent Particular Relative to His Conduct and Mode of Life in His Exile. Together with an Interesting Account of the Affairs of France and the Biographical Sketches of the Most Distinguished Waterloo Heroes. Embellished with Engravings

T. Kelly, 1817 - 509 sider

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Side 251 - I place myself under the protection of their laws, which I claim from your Royal Highness, as the most powerful, the most constant, and the most generous, of my enemies.
Side 50 - Three hundred cannon-mouths roar'd loud, And from their throats, with flash and cloud, Their showers of iron threw. Beneath their fire, in full career...
Side 51 - Sainte, as the detachment of the light battalion of the legion which occupied it had expended all its ammunition, and the enemy occupied the only communication there was with them. The enemy repeatedly charged our infantry with his cavalry, but these attacks were uniformly unsuccessful, and they afforded opportunity to our cavalry to charge ; in one of which, Lord E.
Side 351 - It must be obvious however to every officer, that from the moment the troops commenced their retreat from the neighbourhood of Burgos on the one hand, and from Madrid on the other, the officers lost all command over their men. Irregularities and outrages of all descriptions were committed with impunity, and losses have been sustained which ought never to have occurred.
Side 361 - His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to approve and confirm the finding and sentence of the Court.
Side 52 - Vanhope, commanding a brigade of infantry of the king of the Netherlands. General Pozzo di Borgo, general baron Vincent, general Muffling, and general Alava , were in the field during the action, and rendered me every assistance in their power. Baron, Vincent is wounded, but I hope not severely; and general Pozzo di Borgo received; a contusion. I should not do justice to my...
Side 50 - Prussian army maintained their position with their usual gallantry and perseverance, against a great disparity of numbers, as the 4th corps of their army, under General Bulow, had not joined, and I was not able to assist them as I wished, as I was attacked myself, and the troops, the" cavalry in particular, which had a long distance to march, had not arrived. We maintained our position also, and completely defeated and repulsed all the enemy's attempts to get possession of it. The enemy repeatedly...
Side 311 - Lisbon shall be given up to the commander in chief of the British army, who engages to obtain of the Spaniards to restore such French subjects, either military or civil, as may have been detained in Spain, without being taken in battle, or in consequence of military operations, but on occasion of the occurrences of the 29th of last May, and the days immediately following.
Side 308 - Portuguese cavalry, destined to turn the enemy's left, and penetrate into the mountains in his rear. The left, consisting of Major-General Ferguson's and Brigadier-General Bowes's brigades of infantry, three companies of riflemen, a...
Side 258 - All letters addn seed to the general, or to persons in his suite, must be delivered to the admiral or governor, who will read them before he suffers them to be delivered to those to whom they are addressed. Letters written by the general, or his suite, are subject to the same rule. " No letter that does not come to St. Helena through the secretary of state must be communicated to the general, or his attendants, if it is written by a person not living in the island.

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