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Sir Henry Ellis
Harding, Triphook, & Lepard, 1824

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Side 89 - VIII, c. 10 (Egyptians, 1530), as "outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians, using no craft nor feat of merchandise, who have come into this realm and gone from shire to shire and place to place in great company, and used great, subtle and crafty means to deceive the people ; bearing them in hand, that they by...
Side 233 - N'a c'y de moi que la moitié: Une part te reste , elle est tienne ; Je la fie à ton amitié Pour que de l'autre il te souvienne.
Side 30 - Mi' cheas whom thou wilt hate, because I must tell thee truly that this marriage is unlawful ; and I know I shall eat the bread of affliction and ' drink the water of sorrow ; yet because our Lord hath put it into my mouth, I must speak it.
Side 42 - quoth he, rehearsing his name once or twice ; and with that clapped his hand on his thigh, and gave a great sigh. 'Sir', quoth I, 'if your Grace could or would take all things in good part, it should be much better for you. Content yourself for God's sake, and think that God and your friends have wrought for you, according to your own desire.
Side 54 - She said that she was come to die, as she was sentenced, by the law : she would accuse none, nor say any thing of the ground upon which she was judged. She prayed heartily for the king...
Side 171 - ... is but imprisonment for a short time ; and, if they will refuse to say mass, for fear of that imprisonment, they may do therein as they will ; but none of your new service (said she) shall be used in my house, and, if any be said in it, I will not tarry in the house.
Side 24 - Lee cited to appear by a day, she utterly refused the same, saying, that inasmuch as her cause was before the pope, she would have none other judge; and therefore would not take me for her judge.
Side 204 - Commonwealth than he which may be born of me, considering that the issue of the best princes many times degenerateth. And to me it shall be a full satisfaction, both for the memorial of my name, and for my glory also, if when I shall let my last breath, it be engraven upon my marble tomb: Here lieth Elizabeth, which reigned a virgin and died a virgin.
Side 69 - He wasse acustomyd to schew many prety relyks, among the wiche wer (as he made reportt) the holy dager that kylled Kinge Henry ; and the holy knyfe that kylled Seynt Edwarde. All thees w...
Side 136 - For the face, I graunt, I might wel blusche to offer, but the mynde I shall neur be ashamed to present. For thogth from the grace of the pictur, the coulers may fade by time, may giue by wether, may be spotted by chance, yet the other nor time with her swift winges shall ouertake, nor the mistie cloudes with their loweringes may darken, nor chance with her slipery fote may overthrow.

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