Acts of Congress.

and authority to hear and determine all such ca- Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That nopital cases, in the same manner as the superior thing in this act shall be construed to prevent courts of such district have in their ordinary ses- any trade or intercourse with Indians living on sions: and when the offender shall be apprehend-lands surrounded by settlements of the citizens of ed, or brought for trial, into any of the United the United States, and being within the ordinary States, except Kentucky, it shall be lawful for the jurisdiction of any of the individual States; or President of the United States to issue a like com- the unmolested use of a road from Washington mission to any one or more judges of the Supreme district to Mero district, and of the navigation of Court of the United States, and the judge of the the Tennessee river, as reserved and secured by district in which such offender may have been treaty. apprehended, or shall have been brought for trial; Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That the which judges, or any two of them, shall have the President of the United States be and he is heresame jurisdiction in such capital cases as the cir- by authorized to cause to be clearly ascertained cuit court of such district, and shall proceed to and distinctly marked, in all such places as he trial and judgment in the same manner as such shall deem necessary, and in such manner as be circuit court might or could do. And the district shall direct, any other boundary lines between courts of Kentucky and Maine shall have juris- the United States and any Indian tribe which diction of all crimes, offences, and misdemeanors, now are or hereafter may be established by committed against this act, and shall proceed to treaty. trial and judgment, in the same manner as the Sec. 21. And be it further enacted, That all circuit courts of the United States.

and every other act and acts, coming within the Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That it purview of this act, shall be and they are hereby shall be lawful for the military force of the repealed : Provided nevertheless, That all disUnited States, to apprehend every person who abilities that have taken place shall continue and shall or may be found in the Indian country over remain, all penalties and forfeitures that have and beyond the said boundary line between the been incurred may be recovered, and all prosecuUnited States and the said Indian tribes, in vio- tions and suits that may have been commenced lation of any of the provisions or regulations of may be prosecuted to final judgment under the this act, and him or them immediately to con- said act or acts, in the same manner as if the said vey in the nearest convenient and safe route, to act or acts were continued and in full force and the civil authority of the United States, in some virtue. one of the three next adjoining States or dis- Sec. 22. And be it further enacted, That this tricts, to be proceeded against in due course of act shall be in force for the term of two years, law: Provided, That no person apprehended by and from thence to the end of the session of Conmilitary force as aforesaid, shall be detained longer gress next thereafter, and no longer. than ten days after the arrest and before removal. Approved, May 19, 1796.

Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That if any person who shall be charged with a violation

An Act relative to quarantine. of any of the provisions or regulations of this act, shall be found within any of the United United States be and he is hereby authorized to

Be it enacted, fc., That the President of the States, or either of the territorial districts of the direct the revenue officers and the officers comUnited States, such offender may be there appre- manding forts and revenue cutters, to aid in the hended and brought to trial, in the same manner execution of quarantine, and also in the execution as if such crime or offence had been committed of the health laws of the States respectively, in within such State or district; and it shall be the such manner as may to him appear necessary. duty of the military force of the United States, when called upon by the civil magistrate or any

Approved, May 27, 1796. proper officer, or other person duly authorized for An Act altering the compensation of the Accountant that purpose and having a lawful warrant, to aid

of the War Department. and assist such magistrate, officer, or other person authorized as aforesaid in arresting such of

Be it enacted, fc., That there shall hereafter fender, and him committing to safe custody, for be allowed to the Accountant of the Department trial according to law.

of War, the sum of one thousand six hundred Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That the dollars per annum, as a compensation for his seramount of fines and duration of imprisonment di- vices, in lieu of the compensation heretofore

allowed. rected by this act as a punishment for the violation of any of the provisions thereof, shall be

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all letascertained and fixed, not exceeding the limits ters and packets to and from the Accountant of prescribed, in the discretion of the court before the Department of War, shall be conveyed by whom the trial shall be had; and that all fines post, free of postage, under such restrictions as and forfeitures which shall accrue under this act

are provided by law in like cases. shall be one half to the use of the informant and

Approved, May 27, 1796. the other half to the use of the United States; except where the prosecution shall be first insti

An Act respecting the Mint tuted on behalf of the United States, in which Be it enacted, fc., That there shall be approcase the whole shall be to their use.

priated for the purchase of copper for the further Acts of Congress.

coinage of cents and half cents, a sum equal to An Act in addition to an act, entitled “ An act supthe amount of the cents and half cents which plementary to the act, entitled "An act to provide shall have been coined at the Mint and delivered more effectually for the collection of the duties on to the Treasurer of the United States, subsequent goods, wares, and merchandise, imported into the to the first day of January, one thousand seven

United States, and on the tonnage of ships or hundred and ninety-six ; which sum shall be pay

vessels." able out of any moneys in the Treasury not other- Be it enacted, fc., That, from and after the last wise appropriated.

day of June next, there shall be established the Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, from following new districts and ports of delivery, to and after the passing of this act, there shall be re- wit: in the State of Massachusetts, a district to tained from every deposite in the Mint of gold or be called the district of Ipswich, which shall insilver bullion below the standard of the United clude the waters and shores within the said States, such sum as shall be equivalent to the ex- town of Ipswich, which shall be the sole port of pense incurred in refining the same; and an accu- entry of the same; and a collector shall be aprate account of such expense on every deposite pointed to reside in the said town of Ipswich, shall be kept, and of the sums retained on account and thenceforward the office of surveyor for the of the same, which shall be accounted for by the said port shall cease. In the State of New JerTreasurer of the Mint to the Treasurer of the sey, a district to be called the district of Little United States.

Egg harbor, which shall comprehend all the Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That this shores, waters, bays, rivers, and creeks, from Baract shall continue in force for the term of two negat inlet to Brigantine inlet, both inclusively; years from the passing thereof, and from thence and the town of Tuckerton shall be the sole port until the end of the next session of Congress of entry for the said district; and a collector for thereafter holden, and no longer.

the same shall be appointed to reside at the said Approved, May 27, 1796.

town of Tuckerton, and thenceforward the office

of surveyor for the said port of Little Egg harAn Act altering the sessions of the Circuit Courts in bor shall cease. In the State of Maryland, a

the districts of Vermont and Rhode Island, and for district to be called the district of Havre de other purposes.

Grace, which shall include all the shores and Be it enacted, f-c., That, from and after the first waters of the Chesapeake bay; above Turkey day of June next, thé Circuit Court for the district point and Spes Utiæ island; and a collector shall of Vermont shall be held at Rutland and Wind-be appointed to reside at Havre de Grace, which sor alternately, beginning with the former, on shall be the sole port of entry for the same. In the seventh day of November and on the twelfth the district of Newbury port the town of Newday of May annually: Provided, when either of bury shall be a port of delivery. In the district those days shall be Sunday the court shall be of Dighton the towns of Berkley and Taunton held on the day following.

shall be ports of delivery. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the fall Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, from session of the Circuit Court for the district of and after the last day of June next, the district of Rhode Island shall be held on the nineteenth Hudson, in the State of New York, shall be conday of November, with the exception for Sun- fined to the limits of the city of Hudson ; and all day, as is provided in the preceding section. other places which were, by the act, entitled

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the “ An act supplementary to the act, entitled 'An District Court for the district last aforesaid, in- act to provide more effectually for the collection stead of the several days heretofore prescribed, of the duties on goods, wares, and merchandise, shall be held annually, on the first Tuesday of imported into the United States, and on the tonAugust, the third Tuesday of November, the first nage of ships or vessels,"” included in the said Tuesday of February, and the second Tuesday district of Hudson, shall be annexed to the disof May.

trict of New York. And the description of the Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all district of Waldoborough in the said recited act writs and processes, of whatever name or descrip- shall be so far altered as, instead of saying "a tion, which may have issued from either of the place called Duck-trap," to say," that part of a courts before mentioned, or which shall hereafter place called Duck-trap, which lies between the issue, the return of which will be interrupted by towns of Camden and Northport,” and, instead this act, shall be returned to the terms of the of saying, "all the shores and waters from the courts respectively next succeeding the terms to middle of Damarascotty river to Duck-trap," to wnich they were made returnable. And the said say, “all the shores and waters from the middle writs and processes before mentioned, together of Damarascotty river to the southwardly side of with all matters and business depending before the town of Northport.”. That in the State of either of the courts before mentioned, shall be Maryland the district of Cedar point shall be taken up and proceeded upon to final issue and called the district of Nanjemoy, which shall be determination, in the same manner and to the the sole port of entry and delivery for the said same effect as if no alteration had been made in district; and the collector shali reside at Nanjethe times or places of holding the said courts moy. And that in the district of Nantucket, in respectively.

the State of Massachusetts, the name of the port Approved, May 27, 1796.

of Sherburne shall be changed to the port of


Acts of Congress. Nantucket: Provided always, That no alteration say: "I, A B, collector of the district of D. do in the name or description of the said districts hereby certify that E F, an American seaman, shall be construed to affect the compensation of aged years, or thereabouts, of the heighth of the officers thereof.


inches, [describing the said seaman Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the as particularly as may be,] has this day produced collectors to be appointed in conformity with to me proof in the manner directed in the act enthis act, shall each become bound in the sum of titled "An act for the relief and protection of Ametwo thousand dollars, in manner as is by law rican seamen;' and, pursuant to the said act, I do provided in like cases, and the same duties, au- hereby certify that the said E F is a citizen of the thorities, and fees of office, with a similar distri- United States of America. In witness whereof, 1 bution thereof, shall appertain to those appoint- have hereunto set my hand and seal of office. this ments as are now in like cases authorized by day of —.” And it shall be the duty of law. And the collectors aforesaid shall each re- the collectors aforesaid to file and preserve the ceive two per centum on all moneys by them proofs of citizenship produced as aforesaid; and respectively received; and shall also respectively for each certificate delivered as aforesaid, the aid receive the allowance of one hundred dollars an- collectors shall be entitled to receive from the seanually, from and after the said last day of June man applying for the same the sum of twenty-five next.

cents. Approved, May 27, 1796.

Sec. 5. And, in order that full and speedy information may be obtained of the seizure or de

tention, by any foreign Power, of any seamen emAn Act for the relief and protection of American sea-ployed on board any ship or vessel of the United

States, Be it further enacted, That it shall, and Be it enacted, fc., That the President of the hereby is declared to be the duty of the master of United States, by and with the advice and con- every ship or vessel of the United States, any of sent of the Senate, be, and hereby is, authorized the crew whereof shall have been impressed or to appoint two or more agents: the one of whom detained by any foreign Power, at the first port shall reside in the kingdom of Great Britain, and at which such ship or vessel shall arrive, if such the others at such foreign ports as the President impressment or detention happened on the high of the United States shall direct. That the duty seas, or if the same happened within any foreiga of the said agents shall be, under the diretion of port, then in the port in which the same happenthe President of the United States, to inquire into ed, immediately to make a protest, stating the the situation of such American citizens, or others manner of such impressment or detention by sailing, conformably to the Law of Nations, un- whom made, together with the name and place of der the protection of the American flag, as have residence of the person impressed or detained; been or may hereafter be impressed or detained distinguishing also whether he was an American by any foreign Power; to endeavor, by all legal citizen, and, if not, to what nation he belonged. means, to obtain the release of such American ci- And it shall be the duty of such master to transtizens or others, as aforesaid ; and to render an mit, by post or otherwise, every such protest nade account of all impressments and detentions what- in a foreign country to the nearest Consul or ever, from American vessels, to the Executive of agent, or to the Minister of the United States the United States.

resident in such country, if any such there be; SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That if it preserving a duplicate of such protest, to be by should be expedient to employ an additional agent him sent, immediately after his arrival within the or agents for the purposes authorized by this law, United States, to the Secretary of State, together during the recess of the Senate, the Presideni with information to whom the original protest was alone be, and he hereby is, authorized to appoint transmitted ; and in case such protest shall be made such agent or agents.

within the United States, or in any foreign counSec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the try in which no Consul, agent, or Minister of the President of the United States be, and he is here- United States resides, the same shall, as soon by, authorized to draw annually out of the Trea- thereafter as practicable, be transmitted by such sury of the United States a sum not exceeding master, by post or otherwise, to the Secretary of fifteen thousand dollars, not otherwise appropri-State. ated, to be applied by him in such proportions as Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That a copy he shall direct, to the payment of the compensa- of this law be transmitted by the Secretary of tion of the said agents for their services, and the State to each of the Ministers and Consuls of the incidental expenses attending the performance of United States resident in foreign countries, and the duties imposed on them by this act.

by the Secretary of the Treasury to the several Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the col-collectors of the districts of the United States, lector of every district shall keep a book or books, whose duty it is hereby declared to be, from time in which, at the request of any seaman, being a to time, to make known the provisions of this law citizen of the United States of America, and pro- to all masters of ships and vessels of the United ducing proof of his citizenship, authenticated in States entering or clearing at their several otces. the manner hereinafter directed, he shall enter And the master of every such ship or vessel shall, the name of such seaman, and shall deliver to before he is admitted to an entry by any such collechim a certificate, in the following form, that is tol tor, be required to declare, on oath, whether any of Acts of Congress.

the crew of the ship or vessel under his command duty any carriage usually and chiefly employed have been impressed or detained in the course of in husbandry, or for the transportation or carryhis voyage, and how far he has complied with the ing of goods, wares, merchandise, produce, or comdirections of this act. And every such master as modities. shall wilfully neglect or refuse to make the decla- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the rations herein required, or to perform the duties duties aforesaid shall be levied and collected upon enjoined by this act, shall forfeit and pay the sum all carriages usually and chiefly employed for the of one hundred dollars. And it is hereby declar-conveyance of persons, by whatever name or deed to be the duty of every such collector to prose- scription the same have been, or shall hereafter cute for any forfeiture that may be incurred under be known and called. And in cases of doubt, any this act.

carriage shall be deemed to belong to that class, Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the to which the same shall bear the greatest resem: collector of every port of entry in the United blance, (to be determined in manner hereinafter States shall send a list of the seamen registered provided,) and shall be subject to duty accordunder this act once every three months to the Se- ingly. cretary of State, together with an account of such Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the duimpressments or detentions as shall appear by the ties aforesaid shall be levied, collected, received, protests of the masters to have taken place. and accounted for, by and under the immediate

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the direction of the supervisors and inspectors of the first, second, and third sections of this act shall be revenue, and other officers of inspection ; subject in force for one year, and from thence to the end to the superintendence, control, and direction of of the next session of Congress thereafter, and no the Department of the Treasury, according to longer.

the authorities and duties of the respective officers Approved, May 28, 1796.


Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That every

person having or keeping a carriage or carriages, An Act laying duties on carriages for the conveyance upon which a duty or duties shall be payable

of persons ; and repealing the former act for that according to this act, shall yearly, and in every purpose.

year, in the month of September, or within sixty Be it enacted, fc., That, from and after the days previous thereto, make and subscribe a true last day of August next, the duties laid by the and exact entry of each and every such carriage; act, entitled " An act laying duties upon carria- therein specifying distinctly each carriage owned ges for the conveyance of persons,” shall cease, or kept by him or her for his or her use, or for and shall not thenceforth be collected; but in lieu hire, with the description and denomination therethereof, there shall be levied, collected, and paid, of, and the rate of duty to which each and every the following yearly rates and duties upon all such carriage is liable; which entry shall be carriages for the conveyance of persons, which lodged with the officer of inspection for the disshall be kept by, or for any person, for his or her trict in which such owner or person liable for the own use, or to be let out for hire, or for the con- payment of such duty shall reside: And that it veyance of passengers, to wit: For and upon every shall be the duty of the officers of inspection to coach, whether driven with a box, or by postillion, attend, within the month of September in each the yearly sum of fifteen dollars ; forand upon eve-year, at one or more of the most public and conry chariot, post-chariot, and post-chaise, the yearly venient places in each county within their respecsum of twelve dollars; for and upon every phæ- tive districts, and to give public notice at least ton for the conveyance of one or more persons, one month previous to such day, of the time and with or without a top; and for and upon every place of such attendance, and to receive such coachee, or other carriage, having panel work, entry made in the manner before directed, at such with blinds, glasses, or curtains in the upper divi- place, or at any other, where he may happen to sion of the sides, front or back thereof, the yearly be within the said month of September; and on sum of nine dollars; for and upon every four tender and payment being made of the duty or wheel carriage having framed posts and tops, and duties therein mentioned, io grant a certificate hanging on steel springs, (whether drawn by one for each and every carriage mentioned in such or more horses,) ile yearly sum of six dollars; entry; therein specifying the name of the owner, for and upon every four wheel top carriage hang- the description and denomination of the carriage, ing upon wooden or iron springs or jacks (whe- and the sum paid, with the time when, and the ther drawn by one or more horses); and upon period for which such duty shall be so paid: And every curricle, chaise, chair, sulkey, or other two the forms of the certificates to be so granted shall wheel top carriage, and upon every two wheel be prescribed by the Treasury Department; and carriage hanging or resting upon steel or iron such certificates, or the acknowledgments of the springs, the yearly sum of three dollars; and for officer of inspection, by a credit in his public acand upon every other two wheel carriage, the counts, shall be the only evidence to be exhibited yearly sum of two dollars; and upon every four and admitted, that any duty imposed by this act wheel carriage having framed posts and tops, and has been discharged: Provided nevertheless, That resting upon wooden spars, the yearly sum of two no certificate shall be deemed of validity any dollars: Provided always, That nothing herein longer than while the carriage, for which the said contained shall be construed to charge with a certificate was granted, is owned by the person

Acts of Congress.

mentioned in such certificate, unless such certifi- shall be made, shall forthwith present to such cate shall be produced to the officer of inspection officer of inspection, a full and exact descripugn by whom it was granted; and an entry shall be of the carriage or carriages, on which the daties thereon made, specifying the name of the then demanded shall have accrued, with a statement owner of such carriage, and the time when he or of the cause, matter, or thing, whereby an entire she became possessed of the same.

exemption from duty is claimed, or whereby a Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That any right is claimed, under this act, to a remission of and all persons, who shall commence the having a part of the sum demanded, such description or keeping of any carriage, subject to duties, after and statement being first subscribed and verified the month of September, and before the month on oath or affirmation, before some competeni of September in the next succeeding year, shall magistrate, by the person, by, or for wbom, the and may, at any time during the month in which sanie shall be presented ; then and in such case, they shall so commence the having or keep the officer of inspection shall receive such descriping of such carriage, make like entry in man- tion and statement, and shall, furthermore, forner before prescribed ; and on payment of such bear to collect the duties and sum demanded. proportion of the duties laid by this act on such Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the carriage, as the time at which he shall commence officers of inspection who shall receive the statethe keeping of such carriage to the end of the ments and allegations of persons claiming, either month of September then next ensuing shall an entire exemption, or a remission of any part of bear to the whole year, shall be entitled to, and any duty, or sum demanded under authority demay demand like certificates; subject, nevertheless, rived from this act, which may be presented to to the conditions before and hereinafter provided. them, in manner and form before prescribed, shall

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the forth with transmit the same to the supervisors of duties payable by this act shall, in respect to any their respective districts, for their consideration and all persons who shall have or keep carriages and decision, with such proofs and evidence in during the month of September, be deemed to relation thereto, as they shall judge proper. And commence, and shall be computed from the last the supervisors shall forthwith, on receiving the day of the said month: And in respect to persons statements and allegations before mentioned, with who shall commence the having or keeping of the proofs and evidence accompanying the same, carriages after the said month of September, the decide thereon, according to the true intent and said duties shall be deemed to commence, and meaning of this act. shall be computed from the last day of the month Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, that the in which they shall so begin to have or keep such decisions of the supervisors in the cases referred carriages; conformably to which, the certificates to them, in manner before prescribed, shall be before and hereinafter mentioned, shall be issued forth with communicated to the officers of inspecand granted.

tion, whom the same may concern; and such deSec. 7. And be it further enacted, That any cisions shall be final and conclusive when renperson having or keeping any carriage subject to dered against the demand of any officer of inspecduty, who shall make an unirue or defective en- tion for any duties imposed by this act: And in try, to evade the whole or any part of the duty cases where the said supervisors shall decide, that justly and truly payable, according to this act, the duties in question, or any part thereof, are shall lose the sum paid pursuant to such untrue justly payable according to this act, the proper or defective entry; and where such untrue or de-officer of inspection shall forthwith collect ihe fective entry hath been made, or where no entry same by distress and sale of the goods and chatshall be made, or where there shall be a neglect tels of the persons charged with such duties : of payment after entry, such person shall, more-Prorided, nevertheless, That any person aggrieved over, in addition thereto, at any time thereaftec, by the decision of a supervisor, may, within two on personal application and demand, at the house, months, by application in writing to such superdwelling, or usual place of abode of such person, visor, require that the statements and proofs on by the proper officer of inspection, be liable, and which such decision was founded, be transmitted shall pay the duties by this act imposed, with a to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall have further sum, for the benefit of such officer, of power to determine thereon, and, if he judge protwenty-five per centum: which duties, with the per, to direct the duty or duties which shall have said addition, shall be collected by distress and been collected, in consequence of such decision, to sale of the goods and chattels of the person, by be returned; and if any such person shall be ag. whom the same shall be due and payable : Pro- grieved by the decision of the Secretary of the vided always, That such application and demand Treasury, he shall be allowed, withio four months shall not be made until sixty days after the day to institute a suit in the proper district court of on which any duly shall commence; and if entry the United States against the supervisor of the and payment shall be made, within the said sixty district, for the recovery of any duties collected days, ai the office of inspeciion of the district, or in pursuance of any decision rendered in manger at any other place where the inspector may hap- aforesaid, but the parties maintaining such suits pen to be, the owner of the carriage shall be ex- shall, in all such cases, be confined to the assigaempted from the payment of the said sum of twen- ment and proof of such facts and matters as may ty-five per centum : Provided, nevertheless, That if have been previously stated to the said superviany person of whom such application and demand sors, in manner before provided.

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