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Side 132 - An Act to establish agricultural experiment stations in connection with the colleges established in the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto.
Side 11 - Sharp, Independence, Lawrence, Randolph, Greene, and Clay, in the State of Arkansas, from the infected area described in said regulations, and the quarantine line established by said regulations is hereby changed so as to place these counties north of said line; provided, that nothing...
Side 26 - ... many pounds of each in a barrel containing 250 Ib. of the mixture ? - 4. A cubic foot of Bordeaux mixture weighs 63 Ib. From the statements made in Ex. 3, find the number of pounds of copper sulphate and unslaked lime in a tank that is 6 ft. long, 4 ft. wide, and 1 ft. 6 in. deep. 5. Half of a peach tree was sprayed with Bordeaux mixture and the other half was not. From the sprayed half 284.8 Ib. of fruit were taken, and from the other half 95% less. How many pounds were taken from the tree ?...
Side 132 - Agricultural Experiment Station," a sealed quantity of such commercial fertilizer, not less than one pound, sufficient for analysis, accompanied by an affidavit that the sample so furnished is a fair and true sample of a commercial fertilizer which the said person or company desires to sell in this State, and said affidavit shall also state the name and address of the manufacturer, the...
Side 132 - No manufacturer, firm, association, corporation or person shall sell, offer or expose for sale in this state any commercial fertilizer or any material to be used as a fertilizer, the selling price of which exceeds...
Side 72 - ... than when used during a drought. We not only saw greater injury when a rain followed spraying within two or three days, but secured the same results by spraying, soon after treatment, with pure water. This also accords with the view that the injury comes from the presence of soluble arsenic. Fourthly, It would seem that spraying soon after the foliage puts out is less harmful than when it is delayed a few days, or better, a few weeks.
Side 132 - Sample." 3. Open the packages that have been weighed, and mix well together the contents of each, down to one-half its depth, emptying out upon a clean floor if needful, and crushing any soft, moist lumps in order to facilitate mixture, but leaving hard, dry lumps unbroken, so that the sample shall exhibit the texture and mechanical condition of the fertilizer. 4. Take out five (5) equal cupfuls from different parts of the mixed portions of each package.
Side 73 - Lime added to a mixture of white arsenic in water will greatly increase the injury that this poison would otherwise do to foliage. If the arsenic is all in solution, the lime will then lessen the injury, as in the case of London purple or Paris green.
Side 132 - Apparently in good health and fair butchering condition. The ' fat caul' seen on first opening the abdomen as a large sheet, was dotted with black spots and streaks. Lymphatic glands on the concave surface of the liver were much swollen and black in color. The liver itself was enlarged and darkened on the surface, with a number of prominent elevations, some appearing like blisters, and some more or less solid, and varying greatly in size. A longitudinal section showed the presence of many cavities,...

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