A Summer in the Wilderness: Embracing a Canoe Voyage Up the Mississippi and Around Lake Superior

D. Appleton, 1847 - 208 sider
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Side 24 - SWEET day, so cool, so calm, so bright, The bridal of the earth and sky, The dew shall weep thy fall to-night, For thou must die. Sweet rose, whose hue angry and brave Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, Thy root is ever in its grave, And thou must die. Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, A box where sweets compacted lie, My music shows ye have your closes, And all must die.
Side 207 - And rocked about in the evening breeze ; Some from the hum-bird's downy nest ; They had driven him out by elfin power, And pillowed on plumes of his rainbow breast, Had slumbered there till the charmed hour ; Some had lain in the scoop of the rock, With glittering ising-stars inlaid ; And some had opened the four-o'clock, And stole within its purple shade. And now they throng the moon-light glade, Above, below, on every side, Their little minim forms arrayed In the tricksy pomp of fairy pride.
Side 1 - Sewell. — Gertrude : A Tale. By the Author of Amy Herbert. Edited by the Rev. W. SEWELL, BD New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 6s. Sewell.— Laneton Parsonage : A Tale for Children, on the Practical Use of a portion of the Church Catechism. By the Author of Amy Herbert.
Side 201 - And I am glad that he has lived thus long, And glad that he has gone to his reward ; Nor can I deem that nature did him wrong, Softly to disengage the vital cord. For when his hand grew palsied, and his eye Dark with the mists of age, it was his time to die.
Side 112 - ... canoes, that at first we took them to be large trees, which threatened to upset us. We saw also a hideous monster; his head was like that of a tiger, his nose was sharp, and somewhat resembled a wildcat ; his beard was long ; his ears stood upright ; the color of his head was gray ; and his neck black. He looked upon us for some time, but as we came near him our oars frightened him away.

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