Regents’ Bulletin

No. 8 January 1893

29th University Convocation


State of New York, July 8-10, 1891.


Wednesday morning, July 8 Convocation was called to order at 10 a. m. by Chancellor George Wil Ham Curtis.

Welcome by the chancellor.

Report of the Convocation council by President D: J. Hill, chairman.

Report of committee on necrology, Principal 0. D. Robinson of the Albany high school, chairman. Only name, position, age and date of death were read, the notices being printed in full in the proceedings.

Report of examinations council and committee representing colleges.

The university study of philosophy: paper by Prof. J. G. Schurman, dean of Susan Linn Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell university. Discussion:

Prof. N: M. BUTLER, dean of School of Philosophy, Columbia

Prof. Frank S. HOFFMAN, Union university.

Pres. G. STANLEY Hall, Clark university.
Adjourned 12.30 p. m.

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