Convocation ordinances

Established by the regents of the University

1 The University Convocation of the State of New York shall be held annually at the capitol in Albany on the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after July 4.

2 Its object shall be, by addresses, papers, discussions and resolutions to ascertain and formulate educational opinion ; to make such recommendations as experience may suggest ; and by the cooperation of all the institutions of the University to advance the cause of academic and higher education.

3 The membership of the Convocation shall embrace :
a The regents and all officers of any department of the University.

6 All trustees, instructors and other officers, in colleges, normal schools, academies, high schools and other institutions of the University.

c The officers of the New York State Teachers' association.

d Such others as may be elected by the regents or by Convocation council.

4. The officers of the University shall be the permanent officers of the Convocation.

5 Each Convocation shall choose a council of five to act as its representative during the year, and to arrange for and conduct the business of the next annual meeting. The secretaries of the University shall be ex officio members and secretaries of this council.

6 The chancellor shall annually appoint a necrology committee to collect notices and report to the next Convocation on members or other prominent educators deceased during the year.

7 Each Convocation shall choose an examinations council of five to confer with the examinations department, to study the workings of the entire system of regents' examinations during the year, and to report to the next Convocation.

8 The proceedings of the Convocation, with the papers and discussions, shall be included in the annual report of the regents to the legislature.

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Convocation rules

Established by Convocation council

1 Unless previous notice to the contrary be given, all persons engaged to present papers must be in readiness at the time assigned by the council, in default of which all remaining papers will be entitled to precedence.

2 In case of inability to be present, immediate notice should be gived to the secretary to whom the paper may be forwarded for use of the Convocation.

3 The author of each paper should furnish, in advance, a brief abstract for newspaper reports and, to prevent errors in the records, each person taking part in any discussion, should promptly give the secretary an abstract of his remarks.

4 All papers read before the Convocation belong to its proceedings and are to be handed to the secretary.

5 Any papers for the full reading of which there may not be time, may, by permission of the council, be read by title and published in the proceedings.


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