Schools of pedagogy New York state normal college. Prof. Albert N. Husted (124); Mary A. McClelland (125); Anna E. Pierce (126); Edith Bodley (127)

Teachers college (N. Prof. John F. Woodhull (128).

Dudley observatory. Director Lewis Boss (129).

Library school. Walter G. Forsyth (130); Irene Gibson (131); Helen G. Sheldon (132).

Academy of the Sacred Heart (Syracuse). Prin. Rev. J. F.
Mullany (133).

Adams collegiate institute. Prin. O. B. Rhodes (134).
Albany academy. Maurice E. Viele (135), trustee.
Albany female academy. Anna Anderson (136).

Albany high school. Sup't Charles W. Cole (137); teachers, W. D. Goewey (138), J. H. Gilbert (139), Austin Sanford (140), Carl A. Meyer (141), Agnes R. Davison (142), Anna M. Halpen (143), Mary Morgan (144).

Albany public schools. Principals, J. L. Bothwell (145), Levi Cass (146), L. H. Rockwell (147); teachers, Nellie A. Fealey (148), Frances A. Gilborne (149).

Amsterdam academy. Prin. C. C. Wetsell (150).
Amsterdam union school, no. 8. Sup’t J. W. Kimball (151).
Amsterdam union school, no. II. Sup't J. G. Serviss (152).
Auburn high school. Prin. W. P. Thomson (153).
Batavia union schoolSup’t John Kennedy (154).

Bath-on-the-Hudson union school. Prin. G. H. Quay (155); trustees, A. J. Hutchinson jr (156), A. E. Roberts (157); teacher, Emily Ashton (158).

Canajoharie union school. Prin. S. McK. Smith (159); teachers, Emma P. Abell (160), M. Therese Sterling (161).

Canandaigua academy. Prin. J. C. Norris (162).
Canastota union school. Prin. G. H. Ottoway (163).
Cascadilla school. Ex-Prin. James E. Russell (164).

Cathedral academy. Sisters M. Gertrude (165), C. Bussino (166).

Cathedral school of St Paul. Head Master F: L. Gamage (167).

Catskill free academy. Sup’t E. S. Harris (168); Prin. Mabel Doolittle (169); teacher, Helen O'Brien (170).

Cazenovia seminary. Prin. I. N. Clements (171). .

Christian brothers academy. Rev. F. A. Ryan (172); Brother Doritheus (173).

Claverack academy. Prin. A. H. Flack (174).
Clinton liberal institute. Charles A. Merrill (175).

Clinton union school. Prin. W. S. Knowlson (176).
Cobleskill union school. Prin. W. H. Ryan (177).
Cook academy. Prin. A. C. Hill (178).
Cooperstown union school. Prin. Strong Comstock (179).
De La Salle institute. Brother Azarias (180).

Delaware academy. Prin. W. D. Graves (181); Preceptress Elizabeth M. Graves (182).

Delaware literary institute. Prin. C. H. Verrill (183).
Flushing public schools. Sup't E. H. Cook (185).

Fort Edward union school. Ex-Prin. T. S. Vickerman (186); Prin. F. D. Russell (187).

Glens Falls academy. Prin. D. C. Farr (188); Margaret A. Emerson (189).

Glens Falls public schools. Sup’t Sherman Williams (190); teachers, Alice Bake (191); Gertrude Goulding (192).

Gloversville public schools. Sup’t J. A. Estee (193).
Greenwich union school. Prin. C. L. Morey (194).

Hogansburg academy. Vice-Prin. M. Gabrielle Lahey (195); M. Ignatius ()'Brien (196).

Hornell free academy. Teachers, Mary F. De Voll (197); May R. Fitzpatrick (198).

Hornellsville public schools. Sup't W. R. Prentice (199).
Houghton seminary. Prin. A. G. Benedict (200).

Hudson high school. Prin. F. J. Sagendorph (201).
Jordan free academy. Prin. J. W. Chandler (202).
Kingston free academy. Prin. H: W. Callahan (203).
Lansingburg academy. Prin. C. T. R. Smith (204).
Lansingburg union school. Sup't G. F. Sawyer (205).
Liberty union school. Prin. A. W. Abrams (206).

Little Falls union school. Prin. Marcellus Oakey (207); Mary E. Vaughn (208).

Liverpool union school. Prin. W. S. Murray (209).
Lowville academy. Prin. L. E. Rowley (210).
Mechanicville union school. Prin. L. B. Blakeman (211).
Mexico academy. Prin. F. B. Severance (212).
Middleburg union school. Prin. Roland S. Keyser (213).

Munro collegiate institute. Prin. C. S. Palmer (214); trustee, T. K. Wright (215).

New Hartford union school. Prin. A. M. Scripture (216).
New Rochelle public schools. Sup't I. E. Young (217).

Niagara Falls union school, Sup't N. L. Benham (218); Prin. R. A. Tayler (219).

North Cohocton union school. Prin. M. C. Plough (220).
Nyack public schools. Sup't I. H. Lawton (221).
Ogdensburg free academy. Prin. Fred Van Dusen (222).
Oneonta union school. Sup't N. N. Bull (223).
Oswego high school. Prin. C. W. Richards (224).
Ovid union school. Prin. L. H. Clark, jr (225).
Owego free academy. Prin. E. J. Peck (226).
Phænix union school. Prin. A. W. Dyke (227).
Port Jervis union school. Sup’t J: M. Dolph (228).
Rome public schools. Sup’t M. J. Michael (229).
St Patrick's academy. Prin. W: J. Finneran (230).

St Peter's academy. Prin, Sister M. Odilia (231); Sisters Antonia (232), Sacred Heart (233).

Sandy Creek high school. Prin. W. C. Tifft (235).

Saratoga Springs union school. Sup't T. R. Kneil (236); Annie M. Spence (237).

Sauquoit academy. Prin. B. F. Miller (238); Emma P. Miller (239).

Seymour Smith academy. Prin. Abraham Mattice (240).
Sodus academy. Prin. L. H. Clark (241).
S. S. Seward institute. Prin. A. J. Clough (242).
Stillwater union school. Prin. W. U. Hinman (243).
Suspension Bridge union school. Prin. T. B. Lovell (244).

Syracuse high school. Prin. W. K. Wickes (245); Prof. W. A. Brownell (246).

Tarrytown union school. Prin. G. E. Atwood (247).
Temple Grove seminary. Pres. C. F. Dowd (248).
Troy academy. Prin. F. C. Barnes (249).

Troy public schools. Sup't E. E. Ashley (250); May L. McKanna (251).

Utica catholic academy. Prin. J. S. M. Lynch (252). Walden union school. Prin. D. C. Dominick (253). Walton union school. Prin. J. R. Fairgrieve (254). Waterford union school. Sup't Alexander Falconer (255).

Waterloo union school. Prin. T. C. Wilber (256); Adelbert Hamilton (257).


Universities and colleges Indiana university. Joseph Swain (Indiana university) (259). Trinity college (North Carolina). Pres. John F. Crowell (260). University of Wisconsin. Richard T. Ely (Columbia) (261).

Western Reserve university. Pres. Charles F. Thwing (Harvard) (262).

Normal schools Cortland normal school. Prin. Francis J. Cheney (Middlebury college), (263).

Oneonta normal school. P. I. Bugbee (264); Alice G. Bothwell (Wellesley) (265).

Plattsburg normal school. Prin. E. N. Jones (Hamilton) (266). Academies Colby academy. Head Teacher La Roy F. Griffin (Brown university) (267).

McDonogh school. Prin. J. T. Edwards (Wesleyan university) (268).

New York preparatory school. Prin. Warren W. Smith (Yale) (269).

Rutgers preparatory school. Head Master E. R. Payson (Hamilton) (270).

St Agnes school. Ellen W. Boyd (271), principal.
St Patrick's school. Prin. Sister M. Laurentine (272).
Vermont episcopal institute. W. J. Snyder (Hobart) (273).

High schools Brooklyn boys high school. Prof. C. H. J. Douglas (Columbia) (274).

Worcester English high school. Mary Trumbull (275).


Elementary schools
Bridgeport (Conn.) public schools. Sup’t Eugene Bouton
(Yale) (276).

Cleveland public schools. Sup’t Andrew S. Draper (277).
East Albany public school. Minnie Bates (277a).
Elba district school. Prin. H. H. Snell (277b).

School for girls (Albany). Prin. Sarah E. Curry (Oswego normal school) (278).




C: W: Bardeen (Yale) (279), Syracuse.
F. W. Barthel (Williams) (280), West Troy.
G. H. Beattys (281), New York.
J. H. Berns (282), Cohoes.
H. M. Briggs (283), Lansingburg.
Eugene Burlingame (284), Albany.
Frank Chamberlain (285), Albany.
Mary C. Chamberlain (286), Albany.
Emma Champenoi (287), Albany.
H. W. Childs (288), Syracuse.

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