Tayler, Reuben A. 219
Taylor, Dora N. 32
Taylor, James M. 102
Terry, Charles T. 90
Thompson, Carrie M. 49
Thompson, James L. 339
Thomson, W. P. 153
Thurber, Charles Herbert, 99
Thwing, Charles F. 262
Tifft, W. Carleton, 235
Tomlinson, Edward M. 110
Trumbull, Mary, 275
Tucker, Willis G. 119
Turner, Alice G. 16
Upson, Anson J. 1
Van Derlip, Lena S. 24
Vanderzee, Minnie L. 37
Van Dusen, Fred, 222
Vaughn, Mary E. 208
Verrill, Charles H. 183
Vickerman, Thomas S. 186
Viele, Maurice E. 135

Wade, Nellie, 340 Walker, Lily A. 77 Warner, Hon. John De W. 341 Webster, H. E. 91 Weed, Ella, 106 Weis, Anna M. 57 Wemple, Lottie A. 56 Wensley, Emma J. 50 Wetsell, C. C. 150 Wheeler, Martha T. 74 Wheelock, Charles F. 10 White, H. S. 112 Wickes, W. K. 245 Wilber, T. C. 256 Williams, Sherman, 190 Wing, Anna A. 342 Woodhull, John F. 128 Woodworth, Florence, 70 Wright, A. M. 342a Wright, T, K, 215 Young, I. E. 217

The following summary shows 54 colleges and professional schools represented by 181 graduates, 107 being from New York
institutions :
New York
New York - (Concluded)

Outsido New York (Concluded)
Columbia college

4 Allegheny college
Union university

9 Oswego normal school 3 Bucknell university

1 Hamilton college 12 Potsdam 1 Pennsylvania college

Hobart college

Princeton college
University of the City of New York 1

Outside New York
Rutgers college

Colgate university
3 Bowdoin college

2 Antioch college St John's college (Fordham) 1 Colby university 1 Franklin college

2 University of Rochester 7 Dartmouth college 3 Oberlin college

1 St Stephen's college 1 Amherst college 6 Western Reserve university

1 Manhattan college 1

1 Boston university

2 Indiana university
St Lawrence university
1 Harvard university
3 University of Michigan

Alfred university
4 | Tufts college
1 Beloit college

Cornell university
14 Williams college

8 Montreal college
Syracuse university
8 Mt Holyoke college
2 Edinburgh university

1 N. Y. State normal college 17 Smith college 2


London university Vassar college 6 Wellesley college 5 Leipzig university

1 Albany medical college 1 Brown university

4 University of Buffalo, Med. dep't

181 1 Trinity college

2 Eclectic medical college 1 Wesleyan university

6 Rensselaer polytechnic institute 2 Yale university


6 Library school


The superior figure tells the exact place on the page, in ninths; e. g., 53* means

four ninths of the way down page 53.

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