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Side 9 - THE ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRIE of the most auncient Philosopher EUCLIDE of Megara. Faithfu'ly (now first) translated into the Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, Citizen of London. Whereunto are annexed certaine Scholies, Annotations and Inuentions, of the best Mathematicians, both of time past, and in this our age.
Side 103 - Dividendo, by division ; when there are four proportionals, and it is inferred, that the excess of the first above the second, is to the second, as the excess of the third above the fourth, is to the fourth.
Side 36 - If a straight line cut two straight lines so as to make the two interior angles on the same side of it together less than two right angles, these straight lines...
Side 23 - America, but know that we are alive, that two and two make four, and that the sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
Side 9 - Preface made by MI Dee, • specifying the chiefe Mathematicall Sciences, What they are, and wherunto commodious: where, also, are disclosed certaine new Secrets Mathematicall and Mechanicall, untill these our dates greatly missed.
Side 109 - Therefore, in a right-angled, &c. QED COR. From this it is manifest, that the perpendicular drawn from the right angle of a right-angled triangle to the base, is a mean proportional between the segments of the base; and also that each of the sides is a mean proportional between the base, and...
Side 33 - Whatever conclusions we may arrive at as to the original source of the first astronomical ideas current in the world, it is probable that to the Hindus is due the invention of algebra and its application to astronomy and geometry. From them also the Arabs received not only their first conceptions of algebraic analysis, but also those invaluable numerical symbols and decimal notation now current everywhere in Europe, which have rendered untold service to the progress of arithmetical science.
Side 44 - Vedyadhar, a native of Bengal, one of the most eminent coadjutors of the prince in all his scientific pursuits, both astronomical and historical. Almost all the Rajpoot princes have a smattering of astronomy, or rather of its spurious relation...
Side 45 - Upon the same base, and on the same side of it, there cannot be two triangles that have their sides which are terminated in one extremity of the base equal to one another, and likewise those which are terminated in the other extremity.
Side 15 - XI. PROBLEM. To draw a straight line at right angles to a given straight line, from a given point in the same. Let AB be the given straight line, and C a given point in it. It is required to draw a straight line from the point C at right angles to AB.

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