“All right,” said Hans. “I just want him for a little while, so I can show him to some smart people I know around here."

So everything was settled, the money paid, etc., and as the ventriloquist went out he turned and waved his hand to the dog and said:

"Well, good-bye, Jack. I'll come back soon."

“You mean son-of-a-gun, to sell me for $50 after all I've done for you! So help me, Moses, I'll never speak another word as long as I live !"

And he didn't.—“Philadelphia Times."


Hyperchlorhydria, A Symposium.-- The June issue of the “International Medical Magazine," E. B. Treat & Co., 241-243 W. 23d St., New York, will be devoted to a symposium on this most important gastric subject, than which none more important has ever been published in any American journal. More than half a dozen of the leading European specialists will contribute, among whom are: Prof. C. A. Ewald, Berlin; Prof. George Hayem, of Paris; Prof. Carl von Noorden, of Frankford; Dr. L. Kuttner, of Berlin ; Prof. Rosenheim, of Berlin.

The selection of contributors from this side of the Atlantic has been equally happy, and the following will take part: Prof. John C. Hemmeter, of Philadelphia, on "An Experimental and Clinical Study of the Etiology of Hyperchlorhydria.” Dr. Allen A. Jones, of Buffalo, on “The Effervescence Test for Gastric Acidity.” Dr. Boardman Reed, of Philadelphia, on “A Further Development of the Benedict Effervescent Test of Gastric Acidity." Dr. John A. Lichty, of Pittsburg, on “The Relation Between Hyperchlorhydria and Neurasthenia.” Prof. Fenton B. Turck, of Chicago, on "The Treatment of Hyperchlorhyoria." Dr. A. Robin, of Newark, Del., on “The Etiology of Hyperchlorhydria." Dr. Max Einhorn, and others.

THE ABBEY Press, of 114 Fifth avenue, New York, has just published a book by Miss Sarah Willard Howe, entitled “Oberammergau in 1900,” which is the result of her trip abroad in that year. It is fully illustrated by pictures representing those who actually took part in the Passion Play performed that year.-Will also shortly issue a collection of religious and philosophical poems entitled "Wreaths of Song,” by the Rev. T. J. O'Mahony, D.D., All Hallows College, Dublin, Ireland.

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Does the Practice of Medicine Pay? Geo. R. Patton, M.D., Lake City, Minn.

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Gastrojejunostomy with the McGraw Elastic Ligature for the Relief of Gastroptosis. H. O. Walker, M.D., Detroit, Mich. Gonorrhea. F. J. B. Cordeiro, M.D., U. S. Navy.

Hysterectomy in Puerperal Septic Infection. Chas. Jewett, M.D., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Hyoscine in the Treatment of Morphinists. George E. Pettey, M.D., Memphis, Tenn.

Inaugural Address, Medico-Legal Society. Clark Bell, Esq., New York.

Giant Magnet, The, in Ophthalmic Surgery. Leartus Connor, Detroit, Mich.

Influence of the Cervical Sympathetic Upon the Eye, with Two Cases of Paralysis. William Cheatham, M.D., Louisville, Ky.

Keys to Success, The. Lecture by Edward Bok, from “Modern Eloquence." John D. Morris & Co., Philadelphia.

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Perineal Prostatectomy. Parker Syms, M.D., New York.

Pelvic Deformity in New York City. James Clifton Edgar, M.D., New York.

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Some Problems of Preventive Medicine. Burnside Foster, M.D., St. Paul, Minn.

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