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contribution to biographical and medical literature. announced for early publication.

THE ABBEY PRESS, Publishers, of 114 Fifth avenue, New York City, has been incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey, with a capital of one million dollars ($1,000,000). This has been found necessary, owing to the rapid growth of the business, and for the purpose of further development, and which, although founded only four years ago, has in this short space of time placed itself in respect to its output in the sixth position among the publishing houses of the United States.

It will also issue a new high class monthly magazine of international scope and character, the plans for which have been maturing for the past two years. The control of the business will remain in its present hands.

THE THEATRICAL SEASON, now at its height, has disclosed no more prosperous and popular combination of amusement enterprise and good business methods than are shown at the seven Proctor theatres, in New York, Albany, Newark and Montreal. High class amusement at extremely reasonable admission rates prevails, and the Proctor Stock Co. of 100 carefully selected artists has become recognized as one of the leading dramatic organizations of America.

The Fifth Avenue Stock Co. has Minnie Seligman as its leading lady. Presentations of the best works by popular dramatists are made with weekly changes of bill, and vaudeville of excellent class is engaged to keep the performances continuous.

The Twenty-third Street Theatre presents the best vaudeville in continuous performance, the leading stars of America and Europe finding place in the constantly changing and diversified programmes.

Proctor's theatres in Albany, Newark and Montreal are enjoying a season of unusual prosperity. Newark presents exclusive vaudeville bills, and continuous vaudeville is given at Proctor's Twenty-third Street, in New York. The Proctor Stock Co. has possession in Albany and Montreal.

BULLETINS, REPRINTS, ETC., RECEIVED. Dietary Studies in New York City in 1896 and 1897, by W. O. Atwater, Ph.D. Bul. 116, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.





MARINE HYGIENE OF PASSENGER VESSELS.—"Whoever will take the pains to become familiar with the unsanitary conditions of ocean travel for about fifty years previous to and at about the time when the modern sanitary movement took its rise in England, will be at first struck with the graphic descriptions of the proverbial "middle passage”—of human beings stalled, packed and shipped as merchandise...A ship of 1,000 tons measurement, and with only 500 tons steerage, could take steerage passengers for her whole tonnage: 400 instead of 200. This object was wholly a secondary consideration, and provided for extemporaneously, by the temporary filling up of superfluous space unsuited to merchandise; or, after all the merchandise obtainable had been taken on board—at the last moment before departure. Ten deaths for every hundred passengers during the voyage of such vessels was considered healthy; and from twenty to thirty, for every hundred, not uncommon. The Lark arrived at Quebec Aug. 12, 1847, from Sligo, whence she sailed with 440 passengers, of whom 108 died on the passage, and 150, sick at the time of arrival, almost all died soon after. The Virginius sailed with 496; 158 died on the passage, and 186 sick on arrival, nearly all of whom died within a month. Taking all the data accessible,” etc.-A. N. BELL, M. D., V, 145. Marine Hygiene and the Prevention of Epidemic Disease, by

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*Continued from previous number.

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Dis xlii, 165.

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