A Bachelor's Guide to Women, Sex, Love and Marriage

Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 160 sider
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Compiled and edited by Dan Woodard with the help of Zoila Tejada. This is an amalgam of different quotations, from all the great thinkers from B.C. to the present time.

The pros and cons of love and marriage. It is also interjected with humorous quotes to show the levity of love and marriage.

It also shows what a wonderful complex and beautiful thing, that woman are: as Onassis said what good is money without women. Women are in the forefront of all our plans and desires. Each one of us was born to a woman. We may not know who our father is, but it is a sure thing, we know who our mother is. Women have a strength that men do not have, in that they will quietly die for their child. Lord! What courage.

As another philosopher said cannot live with them cannot live without them. Maybe somewhere in these quotations a bachelor will find the right qualities he desires in a woman and stop being a bachelor. Or maybe he will see the single life is a happy life. Whichever way, don't worry be happy.

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