expected. It was gratifying also he, " we must make a stand someto reflect, that at the very moment where, and where can we do it betwhen our merchants were deprived ter than in defence of our seamen of their trade with Russia, so large and our trade, which the Ameria portion of the continent of Ame- cans unequivocally demanded ? If rica was thrown open to their enter- America prefer French alliance to prise. He hoped that we should British connection, it is not in your become independent of Russia for power to controul her choice, nor

If the legislature of these can you prevent that war which I kingdoms would grant a liberal do not wish to take place; but bounty to encourage the cultivation which, if it does take place, I am of hemp and flax, both at home and confident, if pursued by us with in the British colonies, we might judgment and reference to the yet live to greet the day of our American character and situation, quarrel with Russia, and even hail no man need to fear." But, lord with satisfaction the inauspicious Galloway observed, our chief con. treaty of Tilsit.

cern was with France; “ She proWith respect to the other powers claims, my lords, that she will of Europe, lord Galloway observed, not lay down her arms, but will that with the single exception of augment her force until she has Sweden, they were prostrate at the conquered the liberty of the seas, feet of France, and obedient to the the first right of all nations. In mandates of their domineering recommending to us an armed master. But the conduct and spirit truce, which she calls a peace, she of the independent monarch of says, < it shall endure until she Sweden merited every eulogium. chooses to proclaim anew the prinHe trusted that a British force ciples of her armed neutrality,' would aid him in the Baltic to defy when she permits you to proclaim his enemies, and that British grati- your principles of maritime law. tude would compensate any loss he is this what you are willing to acmight be obliged to suffer, by trans. cept as your peace? Have we al. ferring to him some of those colo- ready forgot the peace of Amiens? nies we could so well spare, and Do we wish to see the seamen of must soon take from our joint foes. France all restored, and the pendAs to our dispute with the United ants of her ships going up, while States of America, local knowledge ours will necessarily be coming obtained by him at the early periods down? My lords, although the of the French revolution had en- arms of Europe may appear on the abled him to form a very decided side of France, I cannot believe opinion with respect to that country, that her heart is against this counand he was sorry to say, he could try. If we remain firm and unapnot form a flattering one ; and he palled, as recommended by his was happy to learn by the tenour majesty, and exemplified by himof his majesty's speech, that it was selt, some balance may yet be prenot the intention of his majesty's served in Europe; if we yield, no government to concede one single man can foresee the consequences.” point more to that illiberal and pre- The earl concluded by moving an judiced people. “My lords," said address to his majesty, which, as,

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