of the parties applying for the same, respectively, in the various branches of learning they may have respectively Btudied during the attendance in the university; and every pupil who shall have attended upon instruction in the university for not less than one year, maintaining, meanwhile, a good character for faithfulness in study and correctness of deportment, and who may desire to cease such attendance, shall be entitled to receive such certificate of scholarships as is authorized by this section to be issued. All certificates of scholarships shall be in the English lan- scholarships guage, unless the pupil should otherwise prefer; and all names and terms on labels, samples, specimens, books, charts and reports shall be expressed, as nearly as may be in the English language. § 11. No member of the board of trustees shall receive compensation

0 ... ,. . ~ . of trustees.

any compensation tor attending on the meetings of the board. At all the stated and other meetings of the board of trustees, called by the regent or corresponding secretary, or any five members of the board, a majority of the members shall constitute a quorum: Provided, all the members have been duly notified.

§ 12. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees to Location, permanently locate said university at Urbana, in Champaign county, Illinois, whenever the county of Champaign shall, according to the proper forms of law, convey or cause to he conveyed to said trustees, in fee simple, and free from all incumbrances, the Urbana and Champaign Institute Urbana and buildings, grounds and lands, together with the appurte- ChamPaisnnances thereto belonging, as set forth in the following offer in behalf of said county, to-wit:

"The undersigned, a committee appointed by the board Report, of supervisors of Champaign county, are instructed to make the following offer to the state of Illinois, in consideration of the permanent location of the Illinois Industrial University at Urbana, Champaign county, viz: "We offer the Urbana and Champaign Institute buildings and grounds, containing about ten acres; also, one hundred and sixty acres of land adjacent thereto; also, four hundred acres of land, it being part of section No. twenty-one, in township No. nineteen north, range No. nine east, distant not exceeding one mile from the corporate limits of the city of Urbana.

"Also, four hundred and ten (410) acres of land, it being TMa1$jjadeatral part of section No. nineteen, township No. nineteen, range 8 "' No. nine east, within one mile of the buildings herein offered.

"Also, the donation offered by the Illinois Central Eail- <b^ffin °* road Company of fifty thousand dollars, worth of freight over said road for the benefit of said university.

"Also, one hundred thousand dollars in Champaign county bonds, due and payable in ten years, and bearing interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, and two thousand dollars in fruit, shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery, to be selected from the nursery of M. L. Dunlap, and furnished at the lowest catalogue rates, making an estimated valuation of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars Titles. ($450,000.) Titles to be perfect, and conveyance to the

state to be made or caused to be made by the county of
Champaign, upon the permanent location of the Illinois
Industrial University upon the said grounds, so to be con-
veyed as aforesaid, and we hereby in our official capacity
guarantee the payment of the said bonds and the faithful
execution of the deeds of conveyance, free from all incum-
brances, as herein set forth.



Military. § 13. The board of trustees shall, by and with the advice

and consent of the governor and adjutant general, procure all such arms, accoutrements, books and instruments, and appoint such instructors, as may, in their discretion, be required to impart a thorough knowledge of military tactics and military engineering, and they may prescribe a uniform dress to be worn by the pupils of the university.

Land scrip. § 14. That upon the organization of the board of trustees ana the appointment of said treasurer, and the filing with and the approval by said board of the bond of said treasurer, and all of said foregoing acts being duly certified to the governor, under the hand of said regent, countersigned by the said recording secretary, it shall then become the legal duty of said governor to deliver over to said treasurer the land scrip issued by the United States to this state, for the endowment of said university, and that thereupon it shall become the duty of said treasurer to sell and dispose of said scrip at such time, place, in such manner and quantities, and upon such terms as such board shall, from time to time, prescribe, or to locate the same as said board may direct. Said treasurer being in all respects pertaining to the sale of said scrip, and the reinvestment of the proceeds received therefor, and the securities when reinvested, subject to such order and control of said board as is not inconsistent with this act and the act of congress providing for the endowment of said university.

investment of § 15. That all the right, title and interest of the State title in scrip. 0f Illinois in and to said land scrip, is hereby invested in the Illinois industrial university, for the use and purposes herein contained; and said scrip shall be assigned to said university by the governor of the state of Illinois on each certificate, and attested by the secretary of state, under the seal of the state; and that the transfer of said scrip to purchasers by assignment on the back thereof, by the said officers of said university, under the seal thereof, in manner following, shall be deemed sufficient in law, to-wit:

State or Illinois, )"" Form of receipt

Illinois Industrial University, j' and sale

For value received, the state of Illinois hereby sells and assigns to.... the within scrip, and authorises.... to locate the same, and obtain a patent on such location.

Given under our hands and the seal of said university this .... day of A. D. 186

A. B., Regent.
C. D., Treasurer.

Countersigned by

E. F., Recording Secretary.

§ 16. That upon said treasurer making sale of any of Funds to bei»said scrip, he shall at once 'Invest the fund so received, veste<1, report the same to the said board, stating amount sold, price obtained and how the same was by him invested; which report shall be filed with the recording secretary, who shall transmit a copy of the same to the governor of said state, and he to the Congress of the United States, in accordance with said act of Congress.

§ 17. That the said board shall order upon its minutes securities, which of the several kinds of securities mentioned in the fourth section of said act of congress said treasurer shall invest proceeds of sales in.

§ 18. The bond required to be given by said treasurer Treasurer's shall be conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties Sites! *nd*e*" as treasurer of the "Illinois Industrial University," and for any breach thereof suit may be instituted, in the name of the "Illinois Industrial University;" and it shall be deemed a criminal offense for any person or persons holding in trust any part of the funds of said university knowingly or negligently to misapply or misappropriate the same, indictable in any court having jurisdiction, in the same manner as other crimes are punishable, by fine or imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, according to the nature of the offense.

§ 19. This act shall be a public act and take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 28, 1867.

In force March AN ACT supplemental to an act entitled "An act to provide for the organ8, 1867. ization, endowment and maintenance of the Illinois Industrial Um'Ter


Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That if the Champaign Co. legal authorities of the county of Champaign shall not, by or before the first day of June, 1867, convey or cause to be conveyed, to the board of trustees of the Illinois Industrial University, by a good and unincumbered title, in fee simple, all the real estate mentioned and contained in the propositions of said county, and whicb real estate is described and set out in the act to which this act is supplemental, amounting to nine hundred and eighty acres of land, and if said county shall not also pay over and deliver to said trustees by said day, all the bonds and other property so offered by said county, mentioned in said act, then said board of trustees or a majority of them shall proceed without delay to permanently locate and establish said Illinois Industrial University in McLean, Logan or Morgan county, such county s0 selected shall in like manner be required in all things to fulfill and comply with the conditions and provisions of the offer heretofore made by such county, as an inducement for the location of said university in sucb county.

§ 2. This act shall be deemed a public act, and be in force from and after its approval.

Approved March 8, 1867.


In foroe Feb. 14, AN ACT for the transfer of a portion of the surplus of the interest fund to 1867. the revenue fund.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That two surpiusMnter- hundred thousand dollars of the surplus of the interest "n(" fund, now in the treasury, be transferred, on the warrant of the auditor, to the revenue fund. ^beSfer- § 2- Tnat a11 tlie surplus of the interest fund remaining red- in the treasury after the payment of the installment of

interest falling due on the first Monday of January, in each and every year, in excess of fifty thousand dollars, be, in like manner, transferred, on the warrant of the auditor, to the revenue fund.

§ 3. This act shall take effect, and be in force from and after its passage. Approved February 14, 1867.

AN ACT regulating the payment of interest on the school, college and In force Februseminary funds. ary 21, 1867.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Distribution payment of all interest accruing on the school, college or an warran' seminary funds, shall be made from the proceeds of the taxes levied for interest purposes, whether the same be made by distribution to the several counties or by warrants drawn on the state treasury.

§ 2. The provisions of the foregoing section shall apply as well to the interest for the year 1866, payable January 1,1867, as to all payments hereafter to be made, until otherwise provided by law.

§ 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 21, 1867.


AN ACT to provide for the sale of a tract of land belonging to the state In force Feb-28, of Illinois, lying in Shelby county, and to amend an act entitled "An act 1867to provide for the sale of the state lands, and liquidation of the state indebtedness, and to grant the right of pre-emption to settlers on state lands," approved February 14,1853,

Whereas, it appears from the records in the office of the Preamble, auditor of public accounts', that the south half of the northeast quarter of section number twenty-five (25), in township number twelve (12), north, of range number four (4), east of the third principal meridian, containing eighty (80) acres, and Bituated, lying and being in the county of Shelby, and state of Illinois, remains unsold and belonging to the state of Illinois, and that by mistake it has not been properly appraised in accordance with the provisions of an act of the general assembly of this state, entitled "An act to provide for the sale of the state lands, and liquidations of the state indebtedness, and to grant the right of pre-emption to set

« ForrigeFortsett »