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reports mess than, when the

quired and authorized to be printed, and the other to inde the bills, messages, blanks, certificates, circulars, or vertisements, which now are or hereafter may be required law to be printed by the general assembly, or by either inch thereof, or by, the governor, or by either of the ads of departments, in pursuance of law, and in the disirge of their official duties; and the printing authorized be done, under the provisions of this act, shall be let and arded in two contracts separately, as above provided, to ; lowest bidder or bidders: Provided, nothing herein Samo party

may take both ill be construed to prevent both contracts being taken by contracts.

same person or persons, when he or they shall be the vest bidder or bidders for each contract respectively : id provided further, that the trustees of the various ben- State instituciary institutions of the state may have printed, under employ other eir order, by such printer or printers as they may em- p. jy, the reports of said institutions, when the same can be ne at twenty per cent. less than the price paid for the nting of said reports made to this general assembly, to paid for out of the appropriations for said institutions. $ 5. Section five (sec. 5) of said act shall be amended to read Prices of work. follows: The maximum price of public printing shall be follows, to-wit: For plain work, seventy cents per thouad ems; for figure or rule work, one dollar and five cents r thousand ems; for figure and rule work, one dollar and ty cents per thousand ems, for composition; and seventy nts per token, of sixteen pages, for press work; for blanks any description, one dollar and fifty cents for the first ire, and for each additional quire of the same kind, dered at the same time, one dollar per quire, excepting nen said blanks are larger than a sheet of flat cap paper,

contain so much composition as to require additional mpensation; then the public printer shall be allowed to arge a reasonable advance upon the prices above speci. d for printing blanks, which said advance charges shall

passed upon by the officers authorized to settle the prinr's accounts, as hereinafter provided. The paper for such anks aforesaid, shall be furnished by the public printer at 8 own proper cost and charge, and shall not be charged

nor paid for by the state; and if any of said blanks presaid, shall, in the opinion of the officers ordering the me, be badly or inaccurately printed, or be printed on per of an inferior quality, the officers ordering them may fuse to receive them, and no work so rejected shall be id for by the state. “A quire of blanks," as used in this t, shall be construed to mean twenty-four blanks of the ze of a full sheet of flat cap paper, or forty-eight blanks

any smaller size, or twenty-four blanks of any smaller ze which are printed on both sides of the paper. For lvertising, the public printer or printers shall receive for ich line of nonpareil type, or each line of type of a smaller


Resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring herein, That each senator and the several elective officers of the senate be furnished with newspapers equivalent to fifty (50) copies of a daily paper, and that each member of the House of Representatives and its sereral| elective officers be furnished with newspapers equivalent to fifty (50) daily papers, to be paid for out of the contingent fund.

Speaker of the House of Representatives,


Speaker of the Senate


WHEREAS, the naval department has expended over one hundred thousand dolars for a navy yard at Mound City, Illinois, and has left it incompleted ; and whereas, the thirteen iron-clad monitors, now anchored at Mound City, together with the other interests of the western branch of our havy, require a western navy yard, which can be completed at Mound City for a small additional expenditure; therefore,

Resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring herein, That our senators in congress be instructed and our representatives earnestly requested, without delay, to use all honorable means to secure the passage of a bill through congress making such appropriations as may be found necessary to complete the navy yard at Mound City; and that the clerk of the house, immediately on the passage of this preamble and resolution, send a certified copy thereof to each of our senators and representatives in congress.


WHEREAS, the Des Moines rapids of the Mississippi seriously obstruct the navigation of said river, and it is proposed to overcome those obstructions by a canal, to be located and constructed by and under the authority of congress; there

Resolved, That our senators in congress be instructed and our representatives be requested, by all proper and legitiMate means, to have such a survey made of both the Iowa and Illinois sides of said river, on the Des Moines rapids, before the location of such canal, as to demonstrate clearly on which side of said river a canal can be constructed to the best advantage, taking into consideration the length of the canal, ease and expense of construction, advantages as well as obstructions to the free navigation of the river; that they also endeavor to obtain the location of said canal on this side of the river, if the same can be done at the same expense and will be of equal advantage to navigation as if constructed on the Iowa side of the river.

Resolved, That the secretary of state immediately forwar to each of our senators and representatives in congress a cop of the foregoing resolution.

WHEREAS, the contraction of the currency by the wit] drawal of legal tender treasury notes from circulation i the present financial condition of the country, would b injurious to the government, and oppressive to the ta: payers; and whereas, the interest of the government an people would be promoted by the withdrawal from circul tion of the notes issued by the national banks, and by th substitution therefor of legal tender treasury notes, and b the payment of interest-bearing legal tender treasury note at the earliest option of the government in non-interes bearing legal tender treasury notes; therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State 9 Illinois, the Senate concurring herein, That our senators b instructed and our representatives in congress be requeste to oppose all measures tending to the contraction of th currency by the withdrawal of the legal tender treasur notes, and to aid in all measures tending to the withdrawa of the national bank notes, and the substitution thereford legal tender treasury notes.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives o the State of Illinois, (two-thirds of the members elect to eac house agreeing thereto,) That the following amendment b and the same is hereby proposed to the constitution of th state of Illinois, as an amendment of section seven of th ninth article:

The general assembly shall have 10 power to release th Illinois Central Railroad Company from its obligation t pay into the state treasury either the tax or the per centun of the gross receipts of the Illinois Central Railroad an branches, as stipulated in its charter.

Resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives con curring herein, That our senators be instructed and ou members of congress be requested to use all honorable

means to secure the establishment at Cairo, Illinois, of a general depot for army supplies for the south and southtest, and that the secretary of state bu instructed to forward a certified copy of this resolution to each of our senators and representatives in congress.

WHEREAS, the rebellion inaugurated by misguided and wicked men, for the overthrow of republican government, and the substitution of despotisms in which essential natural rights were denied, has been suppressed by federal arms; and whereas, in the conflict thus ended, the soldiers of Illinois have always displayed dauntless courage, and unsurpassed devotion to the nation's cause, winning, by their heroism and great qualities, an enviable and enduring faine for themselves and their state, as the saviors of the republic; therefore, be it ..

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Ilinois, That the thanks of all the people of this state are due, and are hereby tendered, to the soldiers and sailors from Illinois in the federal service, for their distinguished services in behalf of constitutional liberty and self-government.

Resolved, That the sympathy of the people of Illinois be and is hereby tendered to the widows and orphans whose protectors have fallen in said service, and to all disabled soldiers and sailors of the state.

WHEREAS, the government of the United States has ever forborne to become parties to foreign wars, or attempted to obtain foreign territory by conquest, or mingle in their domestic struggles; and while believing our own form of government to be the best on earth, and that we have never yet attempted to propagate it by intrigue, diplomacy, or by force, and regarding it as our first duty to claim a like exemption from all foreign interference; and whereas, also, we believe in the principle announced nearly a half century since, by one whose virtues will never be forgotten, that the "American continents, by the free and independent conditions which they have assumed and maintained, are not to be considered as subject to future colonization by any European power;" therefore,

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