His books shall be open at all times to the inspection of the executive committee, who shall at least once in every three months, carefully examine said books and accounts, the vouchers and documents connected therewith, and make a record of the result of said examination in a book provided for the purpose. The superintendent shall, with his subordinate officers, have charge of the inmates of the institution. He shall be a resident at the institution, shall discipline, govern, instruct, employ and use his best efforts to reform the children and youths under his care. He shall gather such statistics as may be deemed valuable. He shall at all times be subject to removal by the board for incapacity, cruelty, negligence or immorality.

§ 13. The board shall, after its organization, forthwith AtehiUsctproceed to secure the services of a suitable architect to prepare plans and specifications for such buildings as may be needed for the institution aforesaid, with proper estimates of their cost, which will be submitted to the governor for his approval. Such approval being given, the board shall, for three weeks, advertise in a daily newspaper in each of the cities of Chicago, Springfield and Cairo, for sealed proposals for erecting and completing the said buildings and inclosures, and shall make a contract for the same with the best bidder or bidders: Provided, such bidder or bidders shall give satisfactory security for the performance of said contract or contracts. Building

§ 14. Upon the opening of the aforesaid bids the board shall proceed to contract with the person or persons whose bid was deemed lowest and best for the erection of such building or buildings, as were indicated in the said plans and specifications, on such terms, subject to the approval of the governor, as they may deem just and proper; and provided also, That such plans are not estimated to cost, when finished, more than fifty thousand dollars; and the said board shall select a suitable person, who shall superintend the building of the said reform school in connection with the executive committee, with a view to a proper, safe and economical execution of the work.

§ 15. The treasurer of the state of Illinois is hereby Appropriation, directed, to pay to the said board on the warrant of the auditor, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, such sum or sums of money, as may, from time to time be required for the building of the said reform school, at such times as the same may be wanted by said board, in sums not exceeding five thousand dollars at any one time. The treasurer is also directed, as aforesaid, to pay in the aforesaid manner the sum of ($30,000) thirty thousand dollars, to feed, clothe and furnish the inmates, , pay the officers and provide for the economical working of the institution, which, in addition to the sums appropriated lor land and building, amounting to eighty-five thousand

[blocks in formation]

dollars: Provided, If there be donations to the reform school, they shall reduce the amount to the extent of said donations of land or money.

§ 16. All courts of competent jurisdiction are hereby authorized to exercise their discretion, in sending juvenile offenders to the county jails, in accordance with the laws made and provided, or in sending them to the reform school, provided that no person be sent, for a term that will detain him beyond the time, when he shall have arrived at the age of eighteen years; and provided fwther, That all such courts as are mentioned in this section, may, in all cases where such offenders shall be sentenced to or ordered to be sent to the reform school, fix a less time of his confinement than that at which he shall arrive at the age of eighteen years.

§ 17. When any person is committed by any court of competent jurisdiction, to the reform school, as an offender, or person destitute of proper parental care, or growing up in mendicancy, ignorance, idleness, or vice, the reform school board shall be constituted the guardian of his person, and said board may detain him until his reformation is deemed complete, or he shall have arrived at the age of eighteen (18) years; and they shall have power to bind out, under the most favorable conditions, with consent of said minor, if over 14 years of age, to any inhabitant of this state, and the said board, master or mistress, apprentice or servant shall respectively have all the rights, and be subject to all the duties set forth by the statute laws of this state, relative to apprentices, gardians and wards. Said board shall also have power to permil such persons in their guardianship as they shall judge fit subjects for such treatment, to be placed out under the care of any proper person or persons in this state, on " tickets of leave;" and such persons so placed out, may be kept and retained by such person or persons during the pleasure of the board, and subject at all times to their regulation and control.

§ 18. If the person convicted be a girl under sixteen years of age, she may be sent to the reform school of Chicago, subject to the consent of the guardians thereof, where a special department is already organized for girls; and the cost of her keeping shall be the average cost of girls in that institution, which shall be paid semi-annually from the funds of the reform school, as long as said girl shall remain in said school, in accordance with the laws of said school. The order of the president of the board of guardians and superintendent of the Chicago reform school, upon the reform board for the amount specified, will be their voucher for the immediate payment of the money.

§ 19. The costs of conveying children from the place of their conviction to the reform school, by the sheriff shall be rated at twenty cents per mile, by the shortest available route, for one convict, and ten cents per mile for each additional one, the money to be paid in the tame manner as sheriffs are paid for conveying prisoners to the penitentiary.

§ 20. Every writ which may be issued in any county of writs, how rethis state, or question which may arise concerning the turnablelegality of the commitment and detention of any person in the reform school, shall be made returnable to, and have a hearing before the circuit judge of the county in which said institution is located, where the alleged illegal detention is made, or, in case of his sickness or absence, the circuit judge of any adjoining district.

§ 21. "When the board shall have made suitable arrange- Penitentiary ments to accommodate the inmates of the reform school, oonTlot"and communicate the fact to the governor, in accordance with the provisions of this act, they shall receive all the convicts in the penitentiary under eighteen years of age, who shall be delivered to them by the warden thereof, and detain them in custody until the expiration of the term for which they were sentenced; and any children sentenced to the county jails of the state, whose unexpired "term shall not be less than six months, shall be transferred to the reform school.

§ 22. The first, fifteen, and eighteen sections of this I**tgS* act shall take effect and be in full force from the date of its force, approval by the governor, and the remainder shall take effect, and have full force of law when the board shall officially notify the governor that the buildings and equipments are ready for the accommodation of its inmates, at which time the governor shall issue his proclamation to the people of the state, announcing the completion of the institution; whereupon, the secretary of the board shall officially notify the circuit judges of the several judicial districts that the institution is open and ready to receive and properly detain such persons as may be committed to their care.

§ 23. Upon the discharge of any inmate from the reform Transportation school, the superintendent shall procure transportation for ; furnl*h' the said convict to his home, if resident in the state, or to the county in which he may have been convicted, at his option, and the costs thereof shall be paid from the said reform school funds.

§ 24. If any officer, or other person procure the escape penalty for aidof any person Committed to the reform school, or connive BmK e80ap8, l at, or aid, conceal or assist in such escape, or conceal or assist any person after such escape, he or they shall, upon conviction thereof, in any court of competent jurisdiction, be sentenced to hard labor in the penitentiary for any term not less than two, or more than five years, or, if under eighteen years of age, to the reform school.

§ 25. So much of section one hundred and sixty-eight »°»atute.s of the criminal code of the revised statutes of 1845, as allows of a punishment in the penitentiary, of persons under the

age of eighteen, who are convicted of the crime of burglary, arson or robbery, is hereby repealed.

cook county to § 26. That as Cook county has a reform school in ope

ration, the pro rata amount of taxation for the purposes of
this act, shall be deducted therefrom, and the auditor of
state is authorized to draw his warrant in favor of the
guardians of the Chicago reform school for said amount, to
be ascertained by him, as the share of Cook county, for
reformatory purposes.
Approved March 5, 1867.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Henry G. C. Moritz be allowed the sum of four hundred and ninety-five dollars, due him from the state for uniforms furnished to company K, of the ninth regiment of Illinois volunteers; and the auditor of public accounts be and he is hereby authorized and directed to draw his warrant on the treasurer in favor of the said Henry G. C. Moritz, for the amount.

§ 2. This act to take effect from and after its passage. Approved February 28, 1867.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

sum of two hundred dollars be allowed to Martin I. Lee, for bibles furnished to the convicts of the Illinois penitentiary; and that the auditor of public accounts be, and he is hereby authorized to draw his warrant upon the treasurer for said sum, in favor of said Martin I. Lee.

§ 2. This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 8, 1867.

In force Feb.28, 1867.

AN ACT for the relief of Henry G. C. Moritz."

In force March 8,1867.

AN ACT for the relief of Martin I. Lee.


AN ACT for the relief of Samuel Stookey. In force May

J 8,1867.

Whereas, the state of Illinois is justly indebted to Samuel Stookey in the sum of two hundred and twelve dollars preambie and twenty-nine cents, ($212 29) and the statutes of 1861 debar him from procuring said money, not from any fault of his, he being unavoidably detained and out of the state at the time when his claim should have been presented; therefore,

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the warrant to isauditor of the state of Illinois be authorized to draw his sue' warrant on the state treasurer, in favor of said Samuel Stookey, for the sum of two hundred and twelve dollars and twenty-nine cents, payable out of any money not otherwise appropriated.

Approved March 8, 1867.

AN ACT for the relief of Fielden B. Roberts. In force March


Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That whereas, APPr°PriahonFielden B. Roberts was employed by Col. Jacob Fry, of the sixty-first regiment of Illinois volunteers, to erect barracks, while said regiment was forming, at an expense of one hundred and fifty dollars, for which he has not received any compensation; therefore, be it enacted, That the said Fieldon B. .Roberts be paid, out of the treasury of the state of Illinois, out of any money not otherwise appropriated, said sum of one hundred and fifty dollars; and that the auditor be directed to draw his warrant upon said treasurer tor said amount, in favor of said Fielden B. Roberts.

§ 2. • This act to be in force and take effect from and after its passage.

Approved March 9, 1867.

AN ACT for the relief of William H. Broekman. In'force March

% 1867.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Appropriation, sum of three hundred and fifty dollars be and the same is hereby allowed and appropriated to William H. Broekman, out of the state treasury, to reimburse him for money expended by him in arresting and bringing from Philadelphia,

« ForrigeFortsett »