Nature, Volum 69

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1904

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Side xviii - PUCKLE— AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON CONIC SECTIONS AND ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY. With Numerous Examples and Hints for their Solution ; especially designed for the Use of Beginners. By GH PUCKLE, MA New Edition, revised and enlarged.
Side 187 - Act, 1889, included a provision " to enable each university to admit women to graduation in one or more faculties, and to provide for their instruction.
Side 36 - They shall be affixed one at the front and the other at the rear of the transport unit, both perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the transport unit. They shall be clearly visible.
Side 57 - What is it that constitutes and makes man what he is? What is it but his power of language — that language giving him the means of recording his experience — making every generation somewhat wiser than its predecessor — more in accordance with the established order of the universe?
Side 219 - ROWE, STUART H. The Physical Nature of the Child. By Dr. Stuart H. Rowe, Professor of Psychology and the History of Education, Training School for Teachers, Brooklyn, NY Cloth.
Side 142 - ... follows more or less closely the general principles governing the educational system of the British Admiralty, which has been in operation more than sixty years, and, according to Sir William H. White, has produced the majority of the men who are now occupying the most prominent positions in the shipbuilding industries of Great Britain.
Side vi - To the architect and the schoolmaster alike it will prove an invaluable work of reference. Every type of secondary and elementary school is fully illustrated and adequately described." The School World. Demy 8v0, cloth, gilt. 7*. 6d. net. THE PLANNING AND FITTING-UP OF CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL LABORATORIES. With Notes on the Ventilation, Warming and Lighting of Schools.
Side 68 - They used before to work with a buoy to the cylinder, enclosed in a pipe, which buoy rose when the steam was strong and opened the injection, and made a stroke ; thereby they were capable of only giving six, eight, or ten strokes in a minute, till a boy, named Humphrey Potter, in 1713, who attended the engine, added (what be called коддая) a catch, that the beam always opened, and then it would go 15 or 16 strokes a minute.
Side 184 - Winter," by Monochrome; and, in a lighter vein, the " Walrus " gives an account of the weird inventions of " My Friend Choggles," and " Pettifer " prattles about hi» experiences of winter photography. THE report of the ninth meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, held at Hobart. Tasmania, in 1902, has now been published.

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