Delia Webster and the Underground Railroad

University Press of Kentucky, 1996 - 259 sider

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Delia Webster and the Underground Railroad

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Runyon (French, Miami Univ.) has successfully extracted this very readable narrative of antislavery activities, clarifying and tying together a mass of disjointed and contradictory primary sources ... Les hele vurderingen


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A very bold and defiant kind of woman
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Side 10 - I was not at home when she came. I came in and found her in one of the cabins near the kitchen. She sprung and caught my arms, and seemed going to break them, and then said, "I'll fix you so they'll never get you!
Side 10 - ... base nature to her. When she would have nothing to say to him, he told her that she need not be so independent, for if money could buy her, he would have her. My mother told old mistress, and begged that master might not sell her. But he did sell her. My mother had a high spirit, being part Indian. She would not consent to live with this man, as he wished ; and he sent her to prison, and had her flogged, and punished her in various ways, so that at last she began to have crazy turns When I read...
Side 11 - Pennsylvania, he sold all my brothers and sisters at auction. I stood by and saw them sold. When I was just going up on to the block, he swapped me off for a pair of carriage-horses. I looked at those horses with strange feelings. I had indulged hopes that master would take me into Pennsylvania with him, and I should get free. How I looked at those horses, and walked round them, and thought for them I was sold ! It was commonly reported that my master had said in the pulpit that there was no more...

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