The following Parodies and burlesque Ode,

written in IMITATION of three of Mr. Gray's justly-admired pieces, it is hoped will prove an agreeable Entertainment to the Reader.

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V E dazzling lamps, ye jocund fires,

That from yon fabric shine,
Where grateful pleasure yet admires
Her * Lacy's great design :
. .

[H 2]


* Mr. Lacy, formerly one of the managers of Drury-lane theatre, is said to have first planned Ranelagh,

And ye, who from the fields which lie
Round Chelsea, with amazemeni's eye,

The gardens and the dome survey,
Whose walks, whose trees, whose lights among,
Wander the courtly train along
· Their thought-dispelling way.

Ah, splendid room ! ah, pleasing shade!

Ah, walks belov'd in vain
Where oft in happier times I ftray'd,

A stranger then to pain :
I feel the gales, which from you blow
A momentary bliss bestow,

As waving fresh their gladsome wing,
They seem to footh my famish'd soul,
And, redolent of tea and roll,
To breathe a second spring.

Rotonda, Rotonda, fay, for thou hast feen

Full many a sprightly race,
In thy bright round with step serene,

'The paths of pleasure trace"; Who chiefly now delight to lave Green hyfon, in the boiling wave,

The fable coffee, which distil ?

What longing progeny are found,
Who stroll incessant round and round,

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Like horses in a mill?

While some on earnest business dream;

And, gravely stupid, try
To search each complicated scheme

Of public policy:
Some ladies leave the spacious dome
Around the garden's maze to roam,

[H 3]


And unknown regions dare defcry: Still as they walk they look behind,

Left fame a secret foe should find

From some malicious eye.

Loud mirth is theirs, and pleasing praise.

To beauty's shrine address’d;
The sprightly songs, the melting lays,

Which charm the soften'd breast;
Theirs lively wit, invention free,
The sharp bon mot, keen reparteer

And ev'ry art coquets employ;
The thoughtless day, the jocund night,

The fpirits brisk, the sorrows light,

That fly th' approach of joy.


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