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By J. Seeley, Buckingham,


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THE substance of the following little volume was originally compiled for the use of an extensive Sunday School, Each section formed the subject of a monthly examination of the scholars, who were previously furnished by their teachers with the scripture proot's it contained, and expected to quote them in answer to questions put to them by the superiutendant. The plan has been pursued for three years, and has been found to promote their progress in religious knowledge more effectually than any method which had been previonsly adopted; as well as to have the bappy effect of increasing their attachment to the school, by rendering their pursuiis not only profitable but pleasing. The teachers have also participated in its advantages, and found the part which devolved upon them to conduce inuch to their mental improvement,

With such encouragensent from experience, the work is now submitted to the public, in the hope that similar benefits may result to other schools from allopting the same mode of instruction. It is eqnally calculated for general use, and will answer the purpose of a Manual of Divinity for young persons.

It will be by no means necessary that the whole of the Scripture references in each exanıination shonld be committed to memory. But as the passage which appears most striking to one person, may not seem equally so to another, a sufficient variety of texts has been inserted, to give every teacher an opportunlty of making choice of such as be considers most appropriate,

The references to the Prayer Book will, it is hc ped, be particolarly acceptable, being well calculated to familiarize the minds of youth with the doctrines and spirit of the church in which they are educa. ted, and to point out their accordance with Scripture; as well as to furnish them with proper expressions for their private devotions,

In one respect the present work will be observed to differ materi. ally from most other publications of the kind. Though the questions are such as may properly be proposed to children, the answers are not always those which they might be expected to return. This is occasioned by its being designed not merely to exercise the memories of young persons, but to supply their instructors with the means of

It is recomexamining them as to the extent of their knowledge. mended to those teachers who put the book into the hands of their scholars, to mark the portions to be committed to memory, which will of course vary with the age and proficiency of the pnpil.

The work has little claim to originality; but it possesses perhape

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