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CHILDREN think; they cannot help thinking. Children try to express their thoughts through language; they cannot help expressing themselves. Children have strong preferences ; some things they like and seek, other things they dislike and shun. Children delight in thinking about the things they like, the things that interest them; they delight in the feelings that accompany and stimulate their thought about these things. Children are eager to know more of the things that interest them; they are eager to know what other people think, and how other people feel about these things. They are also eager to make known to others their thoughts and feelings; often to make others think and feel as they think and feel. These characteristics of children are as natural and almost as unavoidable as breathing.

The Aldine Language Books take advantage of these strong natural characteristics of children; they provide and suggest rich and diverse thought material in which children delight — true stories of varied experiences, games, fables, myths, fairy tales, rhymes, and poems; they stimulate and guide the

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