Public health reports (1881). v. 37 pt. 1 no. 1-26, 1922, Volum 37,Del 1,Utgaver 1-26

Surgeon General, 1922

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Side 1242 - To pass all ordinances, rules, and make all regulations proper or necessary to carry into effect the powers granted to cities or villages, with such fines or penalties as the city council or board of trustees shall deem proper; provided, no fine or penalty shall exceed two hundred dollars, and no imprisonment shall exceed six months for one offense.
Side 1130 - Navy, and United States Public Health Service, for the prevention of venereal diseases. The minimum requirements of these rules are: (a) Venereal diseases must be reported to the local health authorities in accordance with State regulations approved by the United States Public Health Service.
Side 1131 - ... relative importance, and so that funds from the two sources may be correlated. 7. The State allotment shall be expended along general standard lines for all States and in accordance with an accounting system, to be forwarded by the interdepartmental social hygiene board, approximately as follows : (a) For...
Side 272 - With arms held straight, swing forward slowly, so that the weight of your body is gradually brought to bear upon the patient. The shoulder should be directly over the heel of the hand at the end of the forward swing. Do not bend your elbows. This operation should take about two seconds.
Side 1130 - Educational measures to include informing the general public, as well as infected individuals, in regard to the nature and manner of spread of venereal diseases and the measures that should be taken to combat them. (e) Cooperation with local civil authorities in their efforts to suppress public and clandestine, prostitution. The clinics referred to under...
Side 1240 - The constitutional guaranties that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, and that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, were not intended to limit the subjects upon which the police power of a state may lawfully be exerted.
Side 272 - This operation, which should take from two to three seconds, must not be violent — internal organs may be. injured. The lower part of the chest and also the abdomen are thus compressed, and air is forced out of the lungs.
Side 740 - States in 1920, and if the rest of the United States had as many deaths from this cause In proportion to the population, the total number of deaths from...
Side 269 - Carbon monoxide exerts its extremely dangerous action on the body by displacing oxygen from its combination with hemoglobin, the coloring matter of the blood which normally absorbs oxygen from the air in the lungs and delivers it to the different tissues of the body.
Side 1130 - ... (c) Extension of facilities for early diagnosis and treatment through laboratory facilities for exact diagnosis and scientific determination of condition before release as noninfectious, in accordance with the standardized procedure that will be prescribed by the United States Public Health Service.

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