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Side 5 - FIRE. — Volcanoes and Volcanic Phenomena. — Earthquakes. PART VI. — LIFE. — The Distribution of Plants in the different Countries of the Earth. — The Distribution of Animals on the Earth. — The Distribution of Plants and Animals in Time. — Effects of Human Agency on Inanimate Nature. " The Book is both valuable and comprehensive, and deserves a wide circulation.
Side 13 - Indian Criminal Law and Procedure, Including the Procedure in the High Courts, as well as that in the Courts not established by Royal Charter ; with Forms of Charges and Notes on Evidence, illustrated by a large number of English Cases, and Cases decided in the High Courts of India; and an APPENDIX of selected Acts passed by the Legislative Council relating to Criminal matters.
Side 18 - Sketches of the most eminent Foreign Adventurers in India up to the period of that Capture. With an Appendix containing an Account of the Expedition from India to Egypt in 1801. By Colonel GB MALLESON, CSI Crown 8vo.' 10s. 6d. Malleson (Col. GB) History of the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1858, commencing from the close of the Second Volume of Sir John Kaye's History of the Sepoy War.
Side 13 - Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Third and Revised Edition. Pocket size. 5s. Precedents in Military Law ; including the Practice of CourtsMartial ; the Mode of Conducting Trials ; the Duties of Officers at Military Courts of Inquests, Courts of Inquiry, Courts of Requests, &c., &c. The following are a portion of the Contents :— 1. Military Law. 2. Martial Law.
Side 9 - The Russians At Home and the Russians Abroad. Sketches, Unpolitical and Political, of Russian Life under Alexander II.
Side 16 - Russian and Turk, From a Geographical, Ethnological, and Historical Point of View. 8vo. 18s. Laurie (Col. WFB) Our Burmese Wars and Relations with Burma. With a Summary of Events from 1820 to 1879, including a Sketch of King Theebau's Progress. With various Local, Statistical, and Commercial Information. By Colonel WFB LAURIE, Author of " Rangoon," " Narrative of the Second Burmese War,
Side 3 - Illustrations of Buildings near Muttra and Agra, Showing the Mixed Hindu-Mahomedan Style of Upper India Prepared at the India Museum under the authority of the Secretary of State for India in Council, from Photographs, Plans, and Drawings taken by Order of the Government of India. By HENRY HARDY COLE, Lieut.

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