Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of Illinois, Volum 10

Office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1899

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Side 251 - Said directors shall, immediately after appointment, meet and organize by the election of one of their number as president, and by the election of such other officers as they may deem necessary. They shall make and adopt such by-laws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library and reading room as may be expedient, not inconsistent with this act.
Side 254 - ... such certificates shall contain the full name, age and place of birth of the recipient, and the length and nature of his previous service in or about coal mines.
Side 243 - ... superintendent or clerk, who shall accept, directly or indirectly, any fee or compensation from any applicant, or from his or her representative, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon...
Side 236 - This decision shall at once be made public, shall be recorded upon proper books of record to be kept by the secretary of said board, and a short statement thereof published in the annual report hereinafter provided for, and the board shall cause a copy thereof to be filed with the clerk of the city, town or village where said business is carried on.
Side 238 - Thereupon the circuit court or the county court (as the case may be) or the judge thereof, if in vacation, shall grant a rule against the party or parties so charged to show cause within ten days why such decision has not been complied with, which shall be served by the sheriff as other process.
Side 243 - To this end it shall be competent for such superintendents to advertise in the columns of daily newspapers for such situations as he has applicants to fill, and he may advertise in a general way for the cooperation of large contractors and employers in such trade journals or special publications as reach such employers, whether such trade or special journals are published within the State of...
Side 237 - As soon as may be after the receipt of said application, the secretary of said Board shall cause public notice to be given of the time and place for the hearing...
Side 238 - It shall be the duty of the mayor of every city, and president of every incorporated town or village, whenever a strike or lockout involving more than twenty-five employes shall be threatened or has actually occurred within or near such city, incorporated town or village, to immediately communicate the fact to the state board of arbitration stating the name or names of the employer or employers and...
Side 97 - ... this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars and imprisoned in the county jail or workhouse not exceeding thirty days.
Side 236 - ... to continue on in business or at work without any lockout or strike until the decision of said board, if it shall be made within three weeks of the date of filing said application.

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