Life of Sir Thomas Munro

J. Murray, 1849 - 368 sider

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Side 318 - When we reflect how much the character of nations has always been influenced by that of governments, and that some, once the most cultivated, have sunk into barbarism, while others, formerly the rudest, have attained the highest point of...
Side 141 - Chinnoor, but I was not to be prevailed upon to stop, and even went so far as to threaten to hang a great man sent to show me the road, who manifested an inclination to show me a good road to a different place.
Side 315 - We have, in our anxiety to make every thing as English as possible in a country which resembles England in nothing, attempted to create at once, throughout extensive provinces, a kind of landed property which had never existed in them ; and in the pursuit of this object, we have relinquished the rights which the sovereign always possessed in the...
Side 318 - We should look upon India not as a temporary possession, but as one which is to be maintained permanently, until the natives shall in some future age have abandoned most of their superstitions and prejudices, and become sufficiently enlightened to frame a regular government for themselves, and to conduct and preserve it.
Side 262 - This gentleman, whose occupations for some years must have been rather of a civil and administrative than a military nature, was called early in the war to exercise abilities, which, though dormant, had not rusted from disuse. He went into the field...
Side 251 - ... beyond this mere animal state of thriving in peace — none of them can look forward to any share in the legislation or civil or military government of their country.
Side 141 - Chinnoor, and was marching to the westward with the intention of passing between the Mahratta and Mogul cavalry and me. He drew up, however, in a very strong position as soon as he perceived me, and the victorious army stood for some time with apparent firmness.
Side 294 - We are trying an experiment never yet tried in the world ; maintaining a foreign dominion by means of a native army, and teaching that army, through a free press, that they ought to expel us, and deliver their country.
Side 317 - There is one great question to which we should look in all our arrangements — What is to be their final result on the character of the people ? Is it to be raised, or is it to be lowered ? Are we to be satisfied with merely securing our power and protecting the inhabitants, leaving them to sink gradually in character lower than at present ; or are we to endeavour to raise their character...
Side 183 - The reason for which he was detained till that day was, that I might have the benefit of the assistance of his surgeons to dress my wounded soldiers, many of whom, after all, were not dressed for nearly a week, for want of the necessary number of medical men. I had also a long and difficult negotiation with the Nizam's sirdars, to induce them to admit my wounded into any of the Nizam's forts; and I could not allow them to depart until I had settled that point. Besides, I knew that the enemy had passed...

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