United States Reports: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court, Volum 257

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1922

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Side 189 - a case involving or growing out of a dispute concerning terms or conditions of employment,—between employer and employees, or between employers and employees, or between employees, or between persons employed and persons seeking employment. There was no
Side 232 - as may be provided and defined by acts of the Philippine Legislature, and, where necessary to anticipate taxes and revenues, bonds and other obligations may be issued by the Philippine government or any provincial or municipal government therein, as may be provided by law and to protect the public credit. . . ." The Act of Congress, approved June
Side 221 - suit has been brought . . . that such suit does not really and substantially involve a dispute or controversy properly within the jurisdiction of said district court . . . the said district court shall proceed no further therein, but shall dismiss the suit . . . and shall make such order as to costs as shall be just.
Side 494 - or possess any intoxicating liquor except as authorized in this Act, and all the provisions of this Act shall be liberally construed to the end that the use of intoxicating liquor as a beverage may be prevented. . . . Provided, That nothing in this Act shall prohibit the purchase and sale of warehouse receipts
Side 495 - 25. It shall be unlawful to have or possess any liquor or property designed for the manufacture of liquor intended for use in violating this title or which has been so used, and no property rights shall exist in any such liquor or property. ... No
Side 582 - (3) The Commission shall from time to time determine and make public what percentage of such aggregate property value constitutes a fair return thereon, and such percentage shall be uniform for all rate groups or territories which may be designated by the Commission. In making such determination it shall give due
Side 543 - No officer shall be discharged or dismissed from the service except by order of the President or by sentence of a general court-martial; and in time of peace no officer shall be dismissed except in pursuance of the sentence of a court-martial or in mitigation thereof.
Side 496 - within . . . the United States ... for beverage purposes " shall be prohibited. And, as we have said, the act declares (§ 3) that all of its provisions shall be liberally construed " to the end " to quote its words, " that the use of intoxicating liquor as a beverage may be prevented." The method of appellants, we think, tended to the opposite
Side 242 - following the common law, will not work material prejudice to the characteristic features of the general maritime law, nor interfere with the proper harmony and uniformity of that law in its international and interstate relations. Southern Pacific Co. v. Jensen, supra.
Side 285 - Whenever a commodity has begun to move as an article of trade from one State to another, commerce in that commodity between the States has commenced. The Daniel Ball, 10 Wall. 565. But this movement does not begin until the articles have been shipped or started for transportation from the one State to the other. Coe v. Errol, 116 US 517,

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