about nine months old, which he immediately began to train for the business. To induce a terrier to travel 100 yards underground is not such a very difficult task, but it must be remembered that at every 10 yards came the transverse supports, and it was necessary for her to jump over these every time until she could be depended upon to jump over every support without fail, else she was useless for the work in hand, and herein lay the great difficulty in her education. However, by patience and perseverance on the part of her master, aided by the naturally honourable disposition of Strip, perfection was reached, and she never makes a single mistake


Working in the dark culverts she can be implicitly trusted to assist the company in her department, and has laid many miles of wires both in London and Brighton. And the company, recognising the value of a good servant, pay her fair wages, which she receives every Saturday morning along with other employés of the company."

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JICH contained in the preceding chapter is applicable to the wire-haird fox terrier, 'for in colour, - tritke, and shape, the two ought to be identical, t's the one has a smooth close coat, the other

ne coat and somewhat rough This end be hard and crisp, not too long, nei r too short, but us a tough, coarse texture, finer und meath, all so close and dense that the skin cannot be seen or etin felt, and, is possible, so weather and water resistmg that the latter will stand on the side, like beds, and run off the whol.. body as it is saiu to do, and does, off d duck's tack. There must rot be the slightest sign of silkiness anywhere, not even on the head. A curly jacket, or ont inclined to be so, is far belier than

Indeed, some of the best coated dogs of this variety I have seen lad mon than an inclination to be curly--the crispest hair on the human head has usually a tendency to be se, and the

a Silky one.

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