fronted" terriers. Such have been produced at a sacrifice of power and strength. Most of these very narrow-chested dogs move stiffly, are too flat in the ribs, they are deficient in breathing and heart room, and can never be able to do a week's hard work in the country, either with hounds or round about the badger earths or rabbit burrows. A sine qua non with some persons appears to be a long lean head, and jaw long enough, figuratively writing, to “reach to the bottom of a pint pot.” There is danger, too, in an exaggeration in this direction, for ninety-nine times out of a hundred the longest and narrowest heads, greyhound-like in shape, are found on that stamp of terrier fittest for coursing matches. All admirers of the fox terrier must give and take a little from each other, for only by so doing can their favourites be produced to that perfection we are all desirous of seeing attained. A general uniformity of excellence must be the guide in the show ring, and that man is the best judge who makes his awards most nearly in accordance with this rule, and is not led away by a long, narrow head, beautifully coloured, or abnormally straight fore legs; let him find terrier character first, and rummage out minor fanciers' points afterwards.

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H.R. we have the large. variety of the terrier admirers of the dog have yet produced, and big though he may be, our best spomens are now thoroughly terrier-like in type, and perfectly free from any of the hound-lose appearance which at one time appeared to prevail. How he was originally produced there is, as usual, no record to toll but tha he is a comparatively nodern institution is an undoubted fact. For forty or fifty years, perhaps more, the big terrios of this kind were found in some parts of Yorkshire, commonest in the valley of the Aire, and round about Bradford. Some of "e gainekeepers had them, the sporting innkeepers kept two or three, and generally they wore for to o os on the local ty.

Thev were strong and use, i, owl at vermin in


* the water, fond of hunting, and wore by no means quarrelsome even amongs themselves. fancy

that at one time or another they on produced

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