each other at inner, from peak to skull. When pendant, larger, hanging straight, lying flat, and close at front.

"3. Body.—Pre-eminently long and low. Shoulders broad, chest deep, ribs well sprung and oval-shaped, giving flattish appearance to sides. Hind-quarters and flank full and well developed. Back level and slightly declining from top of hip joint to shoulders. Neck long and gently crested.

4. Tail.—When hanging, upper half perpendicular, under half thrown backwards in a curve.

When raised, a prolongation of the incline of the back, and not rising higher nor curling up.

“5. Legs.--Short, straight, and muscular. No dew claws. Feet large and pointing forward.

6. Coat (Double).— An under, short, close, soft, and woolly. An over, long-averaging 5ðin.

. -hard, straight, flat and free from crisp or curl. Hair on head; shorter, softer, and veiling forehead and eyes; on ears, overhanging inside, falling down and mingling with side locks, not heavily, but surrounding the ear like a fringe, and allowing its shape to appear. Tail also gracefully feathered.

7. Colour (Any Variety).—Dark or light blue or grey, or fawn with black points. Shade of head and legs approximating that of body.”'

1.-AVERAGE MEASURE. Dog. Height, at shoulder, 9 inches.

Length, back of skull to root of tail, 22 inches ;

muzzle to back of skull, 8 inches; root of tail to

tip joint, 9 inches. Total length, 40 inches. Bitch. Half an inch lower, and two and a half inches shorter

than dog, all parts proportional; thus, body 21 inches, head 8, and tail 81; total, 372 inches.

2.- AVERAGE Weight. Dog, 181b. ; Bitch, 161b. No dog shall be over 20lb., nor under 16lb.; and no bitch should be over 181b., nor under 141b.

3:—Points, with VALUE. Height, with 10 inches high,

བྱ་ 1. Size. Length and 9

159 Proportions

Scale for bitches one-half inch lower throughout.
Skull and eyes

2. Head.
Jaws and teeth -


) Carriage, with shape, size, and feather,

Back and neck, 4. Body.

100) { Chest and ribs,

Carriage and feather, 6. Legs.

Straightness and shortness,

8. Colour and Condition,

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3. Ears.


5.5 15:

5. Tail.




ining in in

7. Coat.



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4.—JUDICIAL AWARDS. 1. Over extreme weight to be handicapped 5' per lb. of excess. 2. Over or under shot mouth to disqualify. 3. Doctored ears or tail to disqualify. 4. No extra value for greater length of coat than 5] inches.

Not to be commended under a total of 60'
Not to be highly commended

Not to be very highly commended

70 No specials to be given


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