though they appear to be a trifle heavier and with more coat; the black and tans, or pepper, on the right and left resemble the good terriers that won on the bench and were bred from Worry and Crab. It is remarkable how most of these Border terriers have kept their good looks whilst they have been bred only for work—at least some of them have, and I do not care a jot whether a terrier has a white chest or not so long as he does his duty well. Indeed, a good dog cannot be a bad colour, and I am not certain whether one or two cherry or Dudley nosed terriers I have known have not been amongst the gamest of which I have had experience, and it does not require a man to have a particular eye for beauty to find out how ugly a red nosed dog looks.

I take it that these Border terriers have been running up and down Northumberland and other of the more northern counties from time immemorial almost. Of later years they have been taken in hand by some of the “hunting men” on the Borders, as more useful for their purpose than any of what may be called, without prejudice, fancy or fashionable varieties.

Mr. Jacob Robson, who has been connected with the Border Foxhounds all his life, and whose family, I need scarcely say, is one of the very oldest in the county, says:

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