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irppularity of the foox terrier is undoubted. is seen running at large in the streets of our cities and wns; in country ;164s he turunds; and

you will half a diversi fox terrie: Are to be toe ! forech specimen of other varis of the Cl; ra... Clubs are estaini: 'red to pri his

ciency and to aid to his intuity. There is a Sold par club and then a dozein iro talis of the same kind, local and therwise. The innie's has a journal sulely *, luok after its Lests for in the Fox Terri (liruicle the tims of thun litrie deg are supporteat

. Then the frin tercer has a special ,11141 book; mi a volume Buttheted entirely to this dog's history anu ('scription las foron published, and met with usude success; pie for rent! ired by Mr. High Dalziel and publined at iro, Strand, the later in its second · Hin—"A History and Description, with Remiriscences, of the Fox Terrier," published by Horace Fox. Breann's Buildings, E.C.




The popularity of the fox terrier is undoubted. He is seen running at large in the streets of our cities and towns; in country places he abounds; and go where


will half a dozen fox terriers are to be found for each specimen of any other variety of the canine race.

Clubs are established to promote his efficiency and to add to his beauty. There is a so-called parent club, and there are a dozen minor affairs of the same kind, local and otherwise. The fox terrier has a journal solely to look after its interests, for in the Fox Terrier Chronicle the claims of the little dog are supported. Then the fox terrier has a special stud book; and a volume devoted entirely to this dog's history and description has been published, and met with unusual success; the former edited by Mr. Hugh Dalziel and published at 170, Strand, the latter in its second edition—"A History and Description, with Reminiscences, of the Fox Terrier,” published by Horace Cox, Bream's Buildings, E.C.

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