that thing. If then the foreknowledge of Gud be founded on his decrees, before he decreed all things, it would appear that he did not know them. If we account the decrees of God to be from all past eternity, it would seem he did not make them, because they are as old as Jehovah himself. And besides, what exists from all past eternity cannot be done, made or decreed ; for these terms as much imply a beginning, as they do an accomplishment of action. The phrase, therefore, that God decreed from all eternity every event, conveys to the huinan mind no distinct meaning. Thus we find difficulty on the plan' of endless decrees, established by the divine Author of our being.

(To be continued.)

ANECDOTES. A very strenuous opposer of the universal grace of God, remarked to a believer in this doctrine, that universal salvation is a very pleasing doctrine to the devil ;; that he preached it to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden ; and that he has always liked to have it preached ever since. To this the defendant replied; Now, Sir, you be proxy for the devil, and I will preach universal salvation to you, and we will see if it pleases you. Saying this, he addressed him as fol-lows : Mr. Devil, you are a big fellow. You have a great many folks, and it makes you feel very proud.. The ministers speak much in your praise by telling the people, you will have the major part of mankind at last; which flatters you very much. But I tell you, you will have to come down. Jesus Christ will deprive: you of your boasted property. He will deliver from your chains, the last son of Adam that is held in your dominion. He will bruise your head and be your destruction. Does all this please you? Does it gratify your feelings to think you must lose all your slaves and be destroyed yourself? On hearing this preaching, the man soon replied to his friend, I'U not be your devil any longer.

A liberal, sociable Clergynan, pleasantly invited a woman, whose husband was a Universalist, to join a “Female Cent Society," observing, it was "only a cent per week to send eternal life to the poor heathens, who are entirely destitute of all means of salvation." He asked her husband if he was willing she should join a society to save the poor créatures. When the minister made his report to the Missionary Board, having obtained about twenty-five dollars, they gave him thirty, as a reward for his extraordinary exertions. Soon after, a friend called on the Universalist, observing, "Well, Mr. — thé


which was raised for the benefit of the Heathens, never reached them; our Minister has got it all and inore too.” Indeed, replied the Universalist, then it come as' nigh reaching the character for whom it was intended, as it could and aniss. For what is more feathenish, than for a Minis. ter thus to accept of money, which he pretended was raised for the salvation of iinmortal souls !

Christian Intelligencer.

MISCELLANEOUS. We learn that a new society of eighteen persons, believing in universal benevolence, has recently been formed in Danville, Vt. May the Lord water this plant with the rain of his righteousness.

Br. Russell Streeter commenced, last September am quarterly periodical publication, in Portland, Ve, under the title of "The Christian Intelligencer, devoted to theoretical and practical religion.”. We have received the first number. We discern in it the fruits of that. lively genius and flowing eloquence, which distinguishied the labors of Br, Streeter in this part of the country,

We have heard of a Baptist preacher in Chelsea, in this State, by the name of Micaiah Colburn, who for about two years, has preached "good tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people," "and he followeth

not us." "But," we remember, "Jesus said, Forbid him not ; for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me."

We have no answer to Hyram's two Letters, published in our last. Of the Christian Messenger, we have received of no later date-than September. Novemer 23.

Character of Mr. John Tainter.-We learn from the Gospel Herald, (N. Y.) that a man by this name, whose character is proved to be notoriously bad, is imposing his labors upon the public ; sometimes as a preacher of universal salvation, and sometimes as a strenuous opposer. The General Convention never gave him a letter of fellowship, as he sometimes states. The public is cautioned to beware of his treachery.

OBITUARY.. Died in Woodstock, September 14, Mrs. Locy MONGER consort of Dr. Aaron W. Monger, aged 31.

At Cambridge, Mass. Oct. 8, Mr. CLARK. HULETT, son of Mr. John Hulett, of Reading, Vt. in the 230 year of his age.

At New-London, N. H. Nov. 5, WILLIAM HENRY HARRIson HARVEY, son of Mr. Levi Harvey, aged 7 years and 11 months.

At Cooperstown, Aug. 27th, Mrs. SARAU Munn, aged 60 years, wife of Mr. Joseph Munn. She sustained a long and painful illness, occasioned by a cancer under her left arm, with the utmost fortitude and resignation, and died, as she lived, a firm believer in God's Universal Love. It may be truly said of this excellent woman, that she was a pattern of piety and benevolence. Her death will be sincerely laciented by an aged husband, two daughters, and an extensive circle of relatives and friends.N Y. Gos. Herald.

At New-Haven, Vt. Br. CALEB Rich, aged 71. Long hashe been a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, in the ministry of uni.

The time of his death we have not heard, but hope to be able to communicate something more concerning bim in our next.

At Woodstock, Nov. 23, Mrs. Lucy DENISON, wife of Hon. Henry C. Denison, aged 36.

versal grace.


Death, the rude tyrant, with an awful frown,
Displays his power, and cuts our kindred down i
To his relentless hand all ages yield,
And bow submissive in the conquer'd field.
But tho, unconquer'd, with imperial sway,
He reigns and bears our many friends away,
His power must fail, himself a victim fall,
When Jesus reigns acknowledg'd Lord of all.


Come, brothers, sisters, who believe
That Jesus ev'ry soul will save,
And ransom from the silent grave

Earth's meanest son at last :
Hear what his lips pronounce to you
Bid all your carnal joys adieu ;
And deal with others kind and true,
As you'd have others do to you;
In this


shall be bless’d.
Bless'd are the poor, whose goods are spoil'd,
For which they have with labor toild,
That they might win the gracious smiles

Of heaven's eternal King:
Whose armor, laid beneath the dust,
In which they made their empty boast;
But now no longer slaves to lust,
They live with God among the just,

And of his merey sing

Bless'd all who weep in sin's dark vale,
Where persecuting storms prevail,
And Pharisees, with blinded zeal,

Deny the Prince of life;
For 1, the Savior of mankind,

Have come the broken heart to bind,
That mourners may true comfort find,
To consolate the troubled mind,

And end all sinful strife.

Bless'd are the humble, meek, and low,
Who at the feet of mercy bow,
Nor trust in ought that they can do,
To reach fair Canaan's shore

e ;
But on Almighty Love rely,
Who will their ev'ry want supply,
While on this earthly ball they stay,
And land them in eternal day,

When time shall be no more.

All hungty, thirsty souls are bless'd,
That hunger after righteousness:
They shall be fill'd with lasting peace,

And love before unknown.
All those that stoop at mercy's gate,
And on the Lord Jehovah wait,
While they forsake the scorner's seat,
Sball find in me their strength complete,

Shall full redemption own.

Bless'd are the merciful in deed,
Who clothe the naked ; hungry feed;
And in mild charity are clad,

A garment pure and white:
For they shall of the Lord obtain
Mercy and truth, which shall remain
Till Satan and his works shall end,
And ev'ry soul is born again,
To dwell in endless light.

To be continued.

Correction. In page 79 of this volume, line 14, read reverence for reterend. Line 27, read reverend for reverence.

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