Investigator to pull the beam out his own eye before he again troubles himself about the note that he discerns in his brother's. Investigator's complaint looks so much like the pharisees, we cannot but notice the striking resemblance. He tacitly tells us he prays, he attends to duties; but the Universalists do not. He pleads for a great deal of self-estimation ; for if a man think himself a vessel of wrath, he impeaches the goodness and despises the truth of God.' But if he believes others are left out of the plan of election, he does well. Another impropriety is very visible. If all men are not elected, and yet every man despises the truth of God that doubts of his own election, some men may despise the truth of God for believing the truth! How does a reprobate despise the truth of God, when he believes he is not elected ?

“Those,” says Investigator, “who flee for refuge to this doctrine, promise peace to the wicked, while

God saith there is no peace." No, Sir. We are better acquainted with our promises than you are. “God saith ; salvation is far from the wicked, they say it is near.”

Ans. We say, God will have all men to be saved, and Jesus came to do his will. “He (God) saith, they shall be destroyed and that without remedy; they promise an effectuai remedy.". Sir, we say you pervert scripture and apply that to a future estatē which belongs to worldly governments. Besides you have alluded to the word of Solomon for the word of God. “Christ saith the wicked shall go away into everlasting, or perpetual punishment; they say, it shall be limited, or not exist in another world." Great crime! The Universalists and St. Paul limit the word everlasting! The priesthood of Aaron and his sons was an everlasting priesthood ; St. Paul speaks of “the priesthood being CHANGED.” wicked man St. Paul was to pervert the words of Moses ! Just so the Univers lists pervert the words of Christ. Besides they are like the women the prophet Ezekiel speaks aboat. They tell lies. They strength

on the hands of the wicked that he should not return from his wicked way, by prontising him life.

Now, we coulu teli Investigator some things that Calvinists say

and do ; but we will not descend to the low inode of scandal he adopts. We prefer turning the other cheek, and let him smite that. We barely propose to investigator this question ; If those lying women that prophesied in Ezekiel's time, have No other children but Universalists, be so good as to describe the parentage of the long list of pharisees you before pointed out.



A number of brethren believing in the Abrahamia faith, met at the house of Br. T. Baldwin, in Palmyra, Portage County, Ohio, agreeable to previous appointment, for the purpose of forming an Association. The business of the evening was introduced by appropriate exhortations by brother T'imothy Bigelow, brother C. Rogers, brother N. B. Johnson, brother R. Jones ;devout prayer by brother N. B. Johnson.

1st. Made choice of brother T. Bigelow, moderator

pro tem.

2d. Made choice of brother N. B. Johnson, clerk

pro tem.

3d. Resolved, to form into an Association to be hereafter known by the name of the Northern Ohio UNIVERSALIAN Association.

4th. Voted to adjourn until Wednesday morning, at 7 o'clock : concluding prayer by brother C. Rogers.

Wednesday morning, 7 o'clock-met at Convention Hall, according to adjournment; Introductory prayer by brother Ebenezer Williams; proceeded to business. 4th. Proceeded to examine the letters from the several churches and societies composing this Association; and to hear the reports of our brethren from different parts, which inake our hearts to rejoice.

1st. Chose brother T. Bigelow, moderator.
2d. Made choice of brother N. B. Johnson, clerk.

3d. Made choice of brother E. Williams assistant clerk,

5th. Received eleven churches into fellowship. 6th. Received sixteen societies into fellowship.

7th. Received twenty-two representatives from different places where there are no regular societies.

After the close of the business of the morning, sang a hymn; and an appropriate prayer and giving of thanks for the visible, stately steppings of our common Lord and Master, in this part of his heritage, by brother Jones; then proceeded in solemn procession to the house of public worship.

8th. Order of public service on Wednesday: Introductory prayer by brother T. Bigelow; sermon by brother C. Rogers,—text, Matt. xxii. 29; concluding prayer by brother N. B.

hnson. 9th. Order of public service, Wednesday afternoon : Introductory prayer by brother Ebenezer Williams; sermon by brother N. B. Johnson, text, 2 Peter i. 20, 21; after which, brother Artemas Ruggles, brother Hiram Roundy, brother Caleb Wetmore, brother Isaac Wilcox, brother Seth Sinith, and brother Daniel Burroughs, were ordained as deacons in the several churches to which they belong : Consecrating prayer by brother T. Bigelow; charge by brother N. B. John

After the duties of the day, returned in order to the Convention Hall.

Received the request of brother T. Bigelow for the ordination of brother Ebenezer Williams and brother Chandler Rogers as ministers at large. · 10th. Appointed brother T. Bigelow, brother N. B. Johnson, and brother T. Cotton, a committee to examine the candidates for ordination ; ard likewise for letters of fellowship, if any there should be.

11th. Adjourned until 7 o'clock, Thursday morning. Concluding prayer by brother N. B. Johnson.

12th. Thursday morning, met according to adjournment; fervent and devout prayer by brotherT. Big


elow. Received the report of the committee in favor of the ordination of brother Ebenezer Williams and brotiier Chandler Rogers, which report was accepted.

13th. Appointed brother T. Ligelow, brother E. Williams, and brother T. Cotton, a standing committee.

14th. The committee appointed to grant letters of fellowship, reported in favor of giving brother Elder Lemuel Graham a letter of fellowship, as minister at large : the report was accepted.

15th. Voted, brother John T. Baldwin standing clerk, and brother Timothy Bigelow, his assistant clerk.

16th. Closed the business of the morning with singing and prayer; then proceeded in solemn procession to the house of public worship:

17th. Order of public worship: Introductory prayer by brother N. B. Johnson; sermon by brother Ebenezer Williams,-text, 2 Cor. iv. 5 ; concluding prayer by brother R. Jones.

18th. Order of service for Thursday afternoon : Introductory prayer by brother R. Jones ; after which, baptism was adıninistered to Mr. Porter and his wife; by brother T. Bigelow; ordination sermon by brother N. B. Johnson, text, John xxi. part of 17, Feed my sheep ;' consecrating prayer by brother N. B. Johnson ; charge and delivery of the scriptures by brother T. Bigelow ; likewise an address by brother T. Bigelow: 1st. To the brethren in the ministry;~2d. To the churches and societies ;-~3d. To the singers ; 4th. To the large and attentive congregation.

After the several duties of the day, the ministers, delegates, and representative, sreturned in order to the Convention Hall, and adjourned the Association, to meet again at Shalersville, Ohio, on the first Wednesday and Thursday of September next. Concluding prayer by brother N. B. Johnson.

TIMOTHY BIGELOW, Moderator. Attest, N. B. IOHNSON, Clerk. E. WILLIAMS, Ast. Clerk.

From the Universalist Magazine.

SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. The Southern Association of Universalists was attended at Milford, Mass. on the 12th of December last, by the Rev. H. Ballou of Boston, T. WHITTEMORE of Milford, and H. Ballou, 2d, of Roxbury. On ac count of the unexpected sewness of members present, the Association was not organized ; but public service was performed in the following order, viz.

Morning Service. Introductory prayer, by H. Ballou.

Sermon, by H. Ballou, 2d, from Matt. vii. 13, 14, Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat ; because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be which find it. Concluding prayer, by T. Whittemore.

Afternoon Service. Introductory prayer, by H. Ballou, 2d.

Sermon, by H. Ballou, from Gal. i. 11, But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me, is not after man. Concluding prayer, by T. Whittemore.

Evening Service. Introductory prayer, by H. Ballou, 2d.

Sermon, by H. Ballou, from Jer. xvii. 10, I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Concluding prayer, by T. Whittemore.

The assembly was numerous, respectable, and attentive.

It was thought advisable that the several Universalist Societies in the vicinity of the place where the Southern Association shall meet, be earnestly requested to send delegates to its next session ; which will

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