Applied Mechanics (An Elementary Manual On).: Specially Arranged for the Use of First-year Science and Art, City and Guilds of London Institute, and Other Elementary Engineering Students

Charles Griffin, 1894 - 268 pagina's

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Pagina 28 - With fine Portrait on Steel, Plates, and Diagrams. " No more enduring Memorial of Professor Rankine could be devised than the publication of these papers in an accessible form. . . . The Collection is most valuable on account of the nature of his discoveries, and the beauty and completeness of his analysis. . . . The Volume exceeds in importance any work in the same department published in our time.
Pagina 22 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — Chemical Technology of the Textile Fabrics — Water — Washing and Bleaching — Acids, Alkalies, Mordants — Natural Colouring Matters — Artificial Organic Colouring Matters — Mineral Colours — Machinery used in Dyeing — Tinctorial Properties of Colouring Matters — Analysis and Valuation of Materials used in Dyeing, &c. . &c. " This authoritative and exhaustive work ... the MOST COMPLETE we have yet seen on the subject.
Pagina 33 - Typical Metallurgical Processes.— The Micro-Structure of Metals and Alloys. — Economic Considerations. " No English text-book at all approaches this in the COMPLETENESS with which the most modern views on the subject are dealt with. Professor Austen's volume will be INVALUABLE, not only to the student, but also to those whose knowledge of the art is far advanced.
Pagina 12 - There is no question that, given the PERFECT GROUNDING of the Student in his Science, the remainder comes afterwards to him in a manner much more simple and easily acquired. The work is AN EXAMPLE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT of a Science over the fragmentary style so generally followed. BY A LONG WAY THE BEST of the small Manuals for Students.
Pagina 28 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — Introduction — Historical Review of the Cement Industry — The Early Days of Portland Cement — Composition of Portland Cement — PROCESSES OF MANUFACTURE — The Washmill and the Backs — Flue and Chamber Drying Processes — Calcination of the Cement Mixture — Grinding of the Cement — Composition of Mortar and Concrete — CEMENT TESTING — CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of Portland Cement, Lime, and Raw Materials — Employment of Slags for Cement Making — Scott's Cement,...
Pagina 35 - Adapted for all who are interested in the Gold Mining Industry, being free from technicalities as far as possible, but is more particularly of value to those engaged in the Industry."— Cape Timet.
Pagina 8 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — The Materials of the Earth — A Mountain Hollow —Down the Valley — Along the Shore — Across the Plains — Dead Volcanoes —A Granite Highland— The Annals of the Earth— The Surrey Hills— The Folds of the Mountains. "The FASCINATING ' OpEN-AlK STUDIES' Of PnOF. OOLE give the subject a GLOW OF ANIMATION . . . cannot fail to arouse keen interest in geology."— Geological Magazine.
Pagina 27 - A MECHANICAL TEXT-BOOK : A Practical and Simple Introduction to the Study of Mechanics. By Professor RANKINE and EF BAMBER, CE With Numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, 9s. FOURTH EDITION. %* The " MECHANICAL TEXT-BOOK " was designed by Professor RANKINK tu an blTmoDUCTIOH to (he above Series of Manuals.
Pagina 12 - GREAT INTEREST to the numerous practical engineers who have to make themselves familiar with the motor of the day. . . . Mr. Donkin has the advantage of LONG PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, Combined With HIGH SCIENTIFIC AND EXPERIMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, and an accurate perception of the requirements of Engineers.
Pagina 10 - Large 8vo. Handsome Cloth. 12s. 6d. BLEACHING & CALICO-PRINTING. A Short Manual for Students and Practical Men. BY GEORGE DUERR, Director of the Bleaching, Dyeing, and Printing Department at the Accrington and Bacup Technical Schools ; Chemist and Colourut at the Irwell Print Works.

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