Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Arthur Samuel Peake, Matthew Black, Harold Henry Rowley
Routledge, 2001 - 1130 sider
Now available in paperback, this classic commentary, drawing on the expertise of over sixty scholars, gives students of the Bible a thorough grounding in the origin and meaning of all the books of the Bible.
Special attention is given to how the teaching of Scripture has been affected by archaeology, more accurate translations of the text, and the discovery of new manuscripts.
The General Editors had the help of over sixty contributors, each being an expert in his own subject, They are representative of every branch of the Prostestant Church in Europe and America. This Commentary is based on the revised Standard Version of the Bible.
Key Features include:
32 special introductory articles
Full bibliographies and an extensive index
62 contributors
Over 1000 double column pages
16 maps in full colour

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