The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance

This new edition of this bestselling guide offers an integrated approach to process improvement that delivers quick and substantial results in quality and productivity in diverse settings. The authors explore their Model for Improvement that worked with international improvement efforts at multinational companies as well as in different industries such as healthcare and public agencies. This edition includes new information that shows how to accelerate improvement by spreading changes across multiple sites. The book presents a practical tool kit of ideas, examples, and applications.

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Om forfatteren (2009)


GERALD J. LANGLEY is a statistician, author, and consultant, and co-founder of Associates in Process Improvement (API), consulting firm that specializes in the improvement of quality and productivity.

RONALD D. MOEN is a statistician, consultant, and teacher to industry, government, and education. He is co-founder of API.

KEVIN M. NOLAN is a statistician, author, and consultant at API, where he focuses on developing methods and assisting organizations to accelerate their rate of improvement in quality and productivity.

DR. THOMAS W. NOLAN is a statistician, author, and consultant, and co-founder of API.

CLIFFORD L. NORMAN is a consultant with API whose work has emphasized the psychology of change.

LLOYD P. PROVOST is a statistician who advises to organizations as an API associate.

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