Seen with enlighten'd eyes,
And once applied with power,
Would teach the need of other blood,
To reconcile an angry God. The Lamb, the Dove, set forth

His perfect innocence,1
Whose blood of matchless worth
Should be the soul's defence;
For he who can for sin atone,
Must have no failings of his own. The scape-goat on his head2
The people's trespass bore,
And to the desert led,
Was to be seen no more:
In him our Surety seem'd to say,
"Behold, I bear your sins away." Dipt in his fellow's blood,

The living bird went free;8
The type, well understood,
Express'd the sinner's plea;
Described a guilty soul enlarged,
And by a Saviour's death discharged. Jesus, I love to trace,

Throughout the sacred page,
The footsteps of thy grace,
The same in every age!
O grant that I may faithful be
To clearer light vouchsafed to me!

I Lev. xii. 6. 2 Lev. xvi. 21. 3 Lev. xiv. 51—53. XXI. SAEDIS. Rev. iii. 1—6.

"Write to Sardis," saiththe Lord,"And write what he declares,
He whose Spirit, and whose word,

Upholds the seven stars:
All thy works and ways I search, Find thy zeal and love decay'd;
Thou art call'd a living church, But thou art cold and dead.

"Watch, remember, seek, and strive,

Exert thy former pains; Let thy timely care revive,

And strengthen what remains: Cleanse thine heart, thy works amend,

Former times to mind recall, Lest my sudden stroke descend,

And smite thee once for all.

"Yet I number now in thee

A few that are upright;
These my Father's face shall see,

And walk with me in white.
When in judgment I appear,

They for mine shall be confest; Let my faithful servants hear,

And woe be to the rest."


Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth The gift of saving grace;
And let the seed of sacred truth Fall in a fruitful place.

Grace is a plant, where'er it grows, Of pure and heavenly root;
But fairest in the youngest shows, And yields the sweetest fruit.

Ye careless ones, O hear betimes The voice of sovereign love!
Your youth is stain'd with many crimes, But mercy reigns above.

True, you are young, but there's a stone Within the youngest breast;
Or half the crimes which you have done Would rob you of your rest.

For you the public prayer is made, Oh! join the public prayer!
For you the secret tear is shed, O shed yourselves a tear!

We pray that you may early prove The Spirit's power to teach;
You cannot be too young to love That Jesus whom we preach.


Sin has undone our wretched race, But Jesus has restored,
And brought the sinner face to face With his forgiving Lord.

This we repeat, from year to year, And press upon our youth;
Lord, give them an attentive ear, Lord, save them by thy truth.

Blessings upon the rising race!

Make this a happy hour, According to thy richest grace,

And thine Almighty power.

We feel for your unhappy state,

(May you regard it too)
And would awhile ourselves forget

To pour out prayer for you.

We see, though you perceive it not,
The approaching awful doom;

O tremble at the solemn thought,
And flee the wrath to come!

Dear Saviour, let this new-born year Spread an alarm abroad;
And cry in every careless ear,"Prepare to meet thy God!"


Gracious Lord, our children see,
By thy mercy we are free;
But shall these, alas! remain
Subjects still of Satan's reign?
Israel's young ones, when of old
Pharaoh threaten'd to withhold;1
Then thy messenger said, " No;
Let the children also go."

When the angel of the Lord,
Drawing forth his dreadful sword,
Slew, with an avenging hand,
All the first-born of the land ; 2
Then thy people's doors he pass'd,
Where the bloody sign was placed;
Hear us, now, upon our knees,
Plead the blood of Christ for these!

Lord, we tremble, for we know
How the fierce malicious foe,
Wheeling round his watchful flight,
Keeps them ever in his sight:
Spread thy pinions, King of kings!
Hide them safe beneath thy wings;
Lest the ravenous bird of prey
Stoop, and bear the brood away.

1 Exod. x. 9. 2 Exod. xii. 12.

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