Verses written at Bath, on finding the Heel of a Shoe... 215

An Ode, on reading Richardson's History of Sir Charles

Grandison 217

An Epistle to Robert Lloyd, Esq, ... .... 218

The Fifth Satire of the First Book of Horace 222

The Ninth Satire of the First Book of Horace..„, 229

ATale, founded on a Fact, which happened in Jan. 1779 235

To the Rev. Mr. Newton, on his Return from Ramsgate. . 237

Love abused 237

A poetical Epistle to Lady Austen 238

The Colubriad 242

On Friendship 244

On the Loss of the Royal George 251

In Submersionem Navigii, cui Georgius Regale Nomen

inditum 252

Song. On Peace 254

Song—" While all within is peace" 254

Verses selected from an occasional Poem entitled Vale-

diction 255

In Brevitatem Vitse Spatii Hominibus concessi.. 257

On the Shortness of Human Life 258

Epitaph on Dr. Johnson 259

To Miss C , on her Birthday 259

Gratitude *. 260

Lines composed for a Memorial of Ashley Cowper, Esq. 262

On the Queen's Visit to London 263

The Cockfighter's Garland 266

To Warren Hastings, Esq 269

Verses to the Memory of Dr. Lloyd 270

The same in English 271

To Mrs. Throckmorton 272

To the immortal Memory of the Halibut, on which I dined 273

Inscription for a Stone 274

Another 275

To Mrs. King .' ,275

Translation of an Epigram of Homer 277

In Memory of the late John Thornton, Esq 278

The four Ages 280

The retired Cat 282

The Judgment of the Poets 286

Yardley Oak 288

To the Nightingale 294

Lines written in an Album of Miss More's........ 295

Sonnet to William Wilberforce, Esq 295

Epigram—" To purify their wine some people bleed"... 296

To Dr. Austin, of Cecil Street, London 299

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