Justify the Means

iUniverse, 1. aug. 2003 - 160 sider
A Vigilante is on the warpath in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa.

The target: pedophiles.

Trouble is...nobody cares.

Enter Detective Maggie Bennigan, a busy, single mother who's on the prowl for some sizzle between the sheets. The last thing she wants is to lead the vigilante murder investigation.

A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do and Maggie finds herself working with FBI Agent Luke Foreman. Luke quickly slides into her bed as well as her heart.

As the murder count rises, the spider web dilemma Maggie is caught in challenges her morals and her code of ethics. Do pedophiles deserve their due? And as an officer, can Maggie uphold the law when everyone around her becomes a vigilante suspect?

The shocking conclusion will have readers debating, "Does the end Justify The Means?"

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