The National Archives. Hearings ... Jan. 17, 1936, Volum 7,Utgave 21 -Volum 13,Utgave 21

1936 - 35 sider
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Side 29 - Within six months after the approval of this Act each agency shall prepare and file with the committee a complete compilation of all documents which have been issued or promulgated prior to the date documents are required or authorized by this Act to be published in the Federal Register and which are still in force and effect and relied upon by the agency as authority for, or invoked or used by it in the discharge of, any of its functions or activities.
Side 28 - The limitations upon the effectiveness of documents required, under section 5 (a), to be published in the Federal Register shall not be operative as to any document issued, prescribed, or promulgated prior to the date when such document is first required by this or subsequent act of the Congress or by Executive order to be published in the Federal Register.
Side 28 - No document required under section 5 (a) to be published in the Federal Register shall be valid as against any person who has not had actual knowledge thereof until the duplicate originals or certified copies of the document shall have been filed with the Division and a copy made available for public inspection as provided in section 2; and, unless otherwise specifically provided by...
Side 29 - The committee shall within sixty days thereafter report with respect thereto to the President, who shall determine which of such documents have general applicability and legal effect, and shall authorize the publication thereof in a special or supplemental edition or issue of the Federal Register. Such special or supplemental editions .or issues shall be distributed in the same manner as regular editions .or issues, and shall be included in the bound volumes of the Federal Register as supplements...
Side 35 - May 16, 1944, the committee adjourned, to meet at the call of the chairman.) (The...
Side 10 - Brig. Gen. A. SCHOEPF, Commanding Fort Delaware, Del. : GENERAL: By direction of the Secretary of War you will please place Capt. WG Stewart, Fifth South Carolina Cavalry [Infantry), Company A, in close confinement in a cell, in retaliation for similar confinement of Capt. E. Frey, Eighty-second Illinois, by the rebel authorities at Richmond.
Side 1 - DC The committee met at 10 am, Hon. John J. Cochran (chairman) presiding. The CHAIRMAN.

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