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Second National Bank Building, Ninth and Main Streets., Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Local Unions are requested to make preparations for representation to the Thirty-second Convention, to be held in Memphis, Tenn., during the week of June 22nd, 1914. Information concerning railroad and hotel rates will be given later. Every effort should be made for a large representation to this convention. Read Article XIII of the International Constitution and By-Laws on representation for further information.

Progressive Memphis-Our Next Convention City.

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Memphis is the natural and logical center of one of the most opulent regions on the face of the earth. It lies in the very heart of Dixie, within whose borders are encompassed such boundless natural resources waiting only for the magic hand of industry to dig deeply from her plenty.

Every department of the public utilities of Memphis have been and are abreast of the time. The present utilities are sufficient for a city of half a million people. The public buildings of Memphis are her pride' and of which she is justly proud. The new Shelby County Court House, erected at a cost of one million, five hundred thousand dollars, is among the handsomest buildings of its class in the United States. The new City Hall is a marvel of architecture and is daily admired by thousands. The new Terminal Station, erected at a cost exceeding three million dollars, is the finest and most modern up-to-date depot in the entire South. All of her many buildings now under

course of construction are being modelled and patterned after the most modern ideas or architecture, and she is soon to have a massive new hotel erected at a cost of more than one million dollars.

Real estate activities of one of the richest and most productive areas in the world are directed from Memphis. Memphis real estate dealers are known over the entire country as being progressive, offering their clients and customers every possible facility and inducement and extending every reasonable accomodation, giving expert advice absolutely free.

The Memphis stores are not to be outdone anywhere in the United States, for they are always right down to the last minute in displaying the novelties and styles and the city's shopping district is a constant source of surprise to eastern tourists and visitors.

As a wholesale center, Memphis has advantages for trade and distribution that are perfectly obvious to the most casual observer. In the center of the most productive and fertile region in the United tates, with seventeen lines of steel which radiate from the city, and the greatest inland waterway in the world, the giant Mississippi, it creates no wonder that Memphis can quickly, easily and cheaply reach a greater extent of purchasing territory than any other city in the South.

Memphis is the third largest wholesale grocery market in the United States, and the wholesale grocery trade of the city would stagger the laymen with its enormousness. The retail merchants of West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and Alabama, Arkansas, North Louisiana, Northeast Texas, Oklahoma and portions of Kentucky and Missouri, as well as sections of other states, depend almost entirely upon the wholesaler of this city to supply their every need. Memphis is also a distributing depot for about ten states in produce, house products, grain and hay. It is impossible to get the exact figures of the city's wholesale trade. A conservative estimate by wholesalers places the figures at not less than one hundred and seventy-five million dollars per annum.

Memphis is also a financial city, her up-todate banks, their solidity, their facilities for doing a banking business and their connections

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