Nos. I. and II. COMBINED.



1 Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 1. 3

Tune-S. S. & 8., No. 3. Ho, my comrades ! see the signal I AM so glad that our Father in Reinforcements now appearing, Tells of His love in the Book He has Victory is nigh!

given :
“Hold the Fort, for I am coming," Wonderful things in the Bible I see;

Jesus signals still!
Wave the answer back to heaven,

This is the dearest,thatJesus loves me. “By Thy grace we will."

I am so glad that Jesus loves me, 2 See the mighty host advancing,

Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, even me. Satan leading on:

2 Mighty men around us falling, Though I forget Him, and wander Courage almost gone!


Still He doth love me wherever I 3 See the glorious banner waving ! Hear the trumpet blow!

stray; In our Leader's name we'll triumph Back to His dear loving arms do I flee,

When I remember that Jesus loves me. Over every foe!

3 4 Fierce and long the battle rages, But our help is near :

Oh, if there's only one song I can sing,

see the great Onward comes our greatCommander, When in His beauty Cheer, my comrades, cheer!


This shall my song in eternity be, 2 Tune-S. S. & S., No. 2. THI THERE is a gate that stands ajar, “Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves

And through its portals gleamA radiance from the cross afar, [ing Jesus loves me, and I know I love Him;

The Saviour's love revealing.

Love brought Him down my poor soul
Oh, depth of meroy ! can it be
That gate was left ajar for me?

to redeem ;
For me, for me, for me, for me? Yes, it was love made Him die on the
Was left ajar for me?

tree: 2 That gate ajar stands free for all Oh, I am certain that Jesus loves me! Who seek through it salvation;

5 The rich and poor, the great and If one should ask of me, how can I tell;

Of every tribe and nation. (small, Glory to Jesus, I know very well! 3 Press onward then, though foes may God's Holy Spirit with mine doth frown,

agree, While meroy's gate is open; Constantly witnessing Jesus loves me. Accept the cross, and win the crown,

6 Love's everlasting token.

In this assurance I find sweetest rest, 4 Beyond the river's brink we'll lay Trusting, in Jesus, I know I am blest;

The cross that here is given, Satan, dismayed, from my soul now And bear the crown of life away,

doth flee,

[me. And love him more in heaven. When I just tell him that Jesus loves

me !"


Tune-S. S. & S., No. 4.

Go think of it calmly, when curtained Go work in My vineyard!” there's by night;

(right. plenty to do; [ers are few; Go tell it to Jesus, and all will be The harvest is great, and the labour, 2 Go tell it to Jesus, He knoweth thy There's weeding, and fencing, and grief;

[relief: clearing of roots,

Go tell' it to Jesus, He'll send thee And ploughing, and sowing, and

Go gather the sunshine He sheds on gathering the fruits.

the way ;

[one, pray. There are foxes to take, there are He'll lighten thy burden-go, weary

wolves to destroy, Allages and ranks I can fully employ:

3 Hearts growing a-weary with heavier I've sheep to bé tended, and lambs

[comfort them, go! to be fed ;

[ones led.

Now droop 'mid the darkness-go, The lost must be gathered, the weary

Go bury thy sorrow, let others be blest;

[Jesus the rest. Go work, go work, go work in My vineyard; there's plenty to do;

Go give them the sunshine, tell Go work, go work, the harvest is great, and the labourers are few.


Tune-S. S. & S., No. 6. 2“Go work in My vineyard !” I claim

OH to be over yonder, * thee as Mine; (that is thine, Where the angel voices mingle, and

In that bright land of wonder, With blood did I buy thee and all

the angel harps do ring ; Thy time and thy talents, thy loftiest To be free from care and sorrow, powers,

[hours :

And the anxious dread to-morrow, Thy warmest affections, thy sunniest To rest in light and sunshine in the I willingly yielded My kingdom for thee,

(the tree;

presence of the King !

2 The song of archangels—to hang on

Oh to be over yonder ! In pain and temptation, in anguish

My longing heart grows fonder and shame,

[I claim. Of looking to the far-off east, to see I paid thy full ransom: My purchase

the day-star bring 3 “Go work in My vineyard !” oh,

Some tidings of the awaking, [ing:

Of the cloudless, pure day breakwork while 'tis day!

My heart is yearning-yearning fonthe The bright hours of sunshine are

coming of the King. hastening away, And night's gloomy shadows are

3 Oh, to be over yonder! gathering fast; [ever be past.

Alas! I sigh and ponderThen the time for our labour will Why clings this poor weak heart Begin in the morning and toil all the of mine to any earthly thing ? (wages I'll pay;

For each earthly tie must sever, Thy strength I'll supply, and thy

And pass away for ever : And blessed, thrice blessed, the dili. There's no more separation in the pregent few,

[them to do. sence of the King. Who finish the labour I've given 4 Oh, when shall I be dwelling 5 Tune-S. S. & S., No. 5.

Where angel voices, swelling Go bury thy sorrow, the world hath its share;

Copyright. By Miss Florence Armstrong.

[care. From The King in His Beauty," by special Go bury it deeply, go hide it with



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In triumphant hallelujahs, make the vaulted heavens ring ?- [ing,

Where the pearly gates are gleam-
And the Morning Star is beam-

ing !- [sence of the King ? Oh, when shall I be yonder in the pre5 Oh, when shall I be yonder ?

The longing growing stronger To join in all the praises the redeemed ones do sing,

Withir hose heavenly places,

Where the angels veil their faces In awe and adoration in the presence

of the King. 6

Oh, I shall soon be yonder,

All lonely as I wander, Waiting for the welcome summons, longing for the bird's fleet wing. Though the midnight may be


And the way be long and weary, There's no more shadow yonder in the

presence of the King. 7 Tune-S. S. & S., No. 7. STANDING by a purpose

true, Heeding God's

command, Honour them, the faithful few !

All hail to Daniel's Band !
Dare to be a Daniel! Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make

it known!
2 Many mighty men are lost,

Daring not to stand,
Who for God had been a host,

By joining Daniel's Band.
3 Many giants, great and tall,

Stalking through the land,
Headlong to the

earth would fall,
If met by Daniel's Band !
4 Hold the gospel banner high !

On to victory grand !
Satan and his host defy,

And shout for Daniel's Band ! 8 Tune--S. S. & S., No. 8. HAVE you on the Lord believed ?

Still there's more to follow;

Of His grace have you received r

Still there's more to follow;
Oh, the grace the Father shows!

Still there's more to follow !
Freely He His grace bestows,
Still there's more to follow.
More and more, more and more,

Always more to follow;
Oh, His matchless, boundless love!

Still there's more to follow.
2 Have you felt the Saviour near?

Does His blesséd presence cheer ?
Oh, the love that Jesus shows!

Freely He His love bestows! 3 Have you felt the Spirit's power?

Falling like the gentle shower ?
Oh, the power the Spirit shows!
Freely He His power bestows!

Tune-3. S. & S., No. 9. THERE'S a land that is fairer than

And by faith we can see it afar,
For the Father waits over the way,
To prepare us a dwelling-place there.

In the sweet by-and-by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore;

In the sweet by-and-by,
We shall meet on that beautiful shore.

2 We shall sing on that beautiful shore

The melodious songs of the blest; And our spirits shall sorrow no moreNot a sigh for the blessing of rest.

3 To our bountiful Father above

We will offer the tribute of praise, For the glorious gift of His love, And the blessings that hallow our

days. 10

Tune--S. S. & S., No. 10.

HEAR Thy welcome voice

That calls me, Lord, to Thee, For cleansing in Thy precious blood That flowed on Calvary.

I am coming, Lord!

Coming now to Thee!
Wash me,

cleanse me, in the blood,
That flowed on Calvary.

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